Adventurer's Guide

Rune Enhancement

This is a guide on how to enhance "Rune" from Black Spirit's Influence UI.

■ Rune Enhancement

- Abyssal to Primal Elion/Hadum Runes can be enhanced.

- Combined the "Equip Runes" and "Fuse Runes" options from the Black Spirit's Influence UI and added an "Enhance Rune" option.
- You can enhance Elion/Hadum Runes with 100 Luminescent Crystals and a certain amount of Silver per attempt.
- Only a Primal Rune is required for attempting enhancement from +5 to +6, with a 100% Success Rate.

- The types of currency required to restore failed Rune enhancements are as follows:
ㆍElion Rune: Silver or Edana's Coin
ㆍHadum Rune: Restoration Scroll
ㆍThe enhancement level will reset upon canceling restoration.

- Abyssal Runes can be enhanced up to +5, and Primal Runes can be enhanced up to +10.
- Different enhancement stats will be applied based on Rune slots, and stats will grow stronger with higher enhancement level.
Elion Runes
Rune of War PvP Damage Dealt
Rune of Volition PvP Damage Reduction
Rune of Branches Branch Damage Reduction
Rune of Companionship Pet Special Skill Level


Hadum Runes
Rune of Force AP
Rune of Protection DP
Rune of Energy AP Against Monsters
Rune of Experience Holy Vial Cost Reduction

- You can obtain [Luminescent Crystal] required to enhance Runes from the following content:
ㆍTorme difficulty Outlaw Zone Evonatt Chests
ㆍTorme difficulty Outlaw Zone enemies and Black Rock Altar Offering
ㆍShahzad difficulty enemies and Black Rock Altar Offering
ㆍShahzad difficulty Outlaw Zone Evonatt Chests
ㆍPurchase from the Wandering Merchant
ㆍDefeat monsters in Field of Valor levels 6 and 7.
The "Holy Vial Cost Reduction" effect of [Rune of Experience] is only applied when defeating enemies in Hadum and Chaos zones.

■ Rune Enhancement Transfer

- You can transfer enhancement levels of the Runes in your possession over to the Runes of the same type.
ㆍ5,000,000 Silver cost for Abyssal → Primal transfer
ㆍ1,000,000 Silver cost for Abyssal → Abyssal transfer

- Transfer requirement for branch Runes are as follows:
ㆍIf they are of different branches, Runes can be transferred regardless of stat difference.
ㆍIf they are of the same branch, the branch damage of the base Rune must be higher than the transfer material.

Base Rune Transfer Material Result
[Abyssal] Rune of Aal 7.2% +4 [Abyssal] Rune of Serrett 7.6% +4 [Abyssal] Rune of Aal 7.2%
[Primal] Rune of Aal 8.8% +5 [Abyssal] Rune of Ahib 7.5% +5 [Primal] Rune of Aal 8.8%
[Primal] Rune of Aal 8.4% +10 [Primal] Rune of Ahib 8.8% +10 [Primal] Rune of Aal 8.4%
ㆍBranch Runes can be transferred to Runes of different branches even with lower stats.
ㆍThe base Rune must not have any enhancement levels.

■ Equipping Runes
- Improved the readability of the Rune stat total UI.
- Improved Rune Resonance stats to be viewable not only from the "Equip Rune" menu but also from the Resonance info window.