Adventurer's Guide

Transfer Enhancement

[Black Desert Mobile Guide]

1. Transfer Enhancement

If you obtain a better equipment after you have enhanced your current gear, you can transfer the enhancement value.

- Place the new gear to the slot ①, place the enhanced gear to slot ②.

- Press [Transfer] to complete the transfer.

- Once the enhanced gear is transferred, it will be gone and cannot be restored.

- Equipment that has an enhancement of +4 or more cannot be used as transfer material.

- Transfer rate changes depending on the grade of the gear.

- You can increase the rate through Cron Stones.

※ Only the same part of equipments can be mutually transferred or used as a material.


2. Using Cron Stone

If you transfer enhanced equipments between different grade of equipments, the transferred EXP might vary.

Ex) [Unique] equipment → [Epic] equipment

[Epic] grade requires more EXP, the expected transferred EXP will be different.


You can use Cron Stone in order to increased the transferred EXP.

Once you choose Cron Stone, you might be able to see the EXP value increases as many as you choose.