Adventurer's Guide

Path of Glory



Table of Contents
01. How to Enter Path of Glory
02. Preparing for Path of Glory
03. Playing Path of Glory
04. Path of Glory Reward
05. Tips and Pointers
06. Tus' Nest

In Path of Glory, you can have up to 6 characters from your Family fight the invading monsters coming out of the rift.

As a reward, you'll obtain an [Emblem] accessory that benefits your Family and [Badge of Glory] that can be used to enhance an emblem.

You can play Path of Glory once every day. You can also use an extra entry pass for additional entries.

Path of Glory is season-based and available every quarter for Adventurers to enjoy.

※ Starting from [Path of Glory] Season 3, [Path of Glory Extra Entry Passes] are available during corresponding Season only.


✅ Requirements to Join

You must complete [The Council's Announcement] Family questline in order to participate in Path of Glory.

The family quest [The Council's Announcement] will be accepted automatically once you meet the requirement. Once you complete the quests, you'll be able to enter Path of Glory.

① Rift (Difficulty) / Gate Durability

You can adjust the difficulty by tapping on +/-.

The [Family CP] listed here is the total CP of all characters participating as shown in Current Party section ②.

Required CP will increase at higher difficulties, but you'll obtain better rewards.

Also, the durability of the gate is equivalent to your Family CP.

You can check your Family CP by going to My Info through the main screen or opening your inventory.


② Current Party / Pre-Battle Formation

You can use [Change Characters] to assign up to 6 characters, including the character you are currently playing, to participate in Path of Glory.

※ However, each character must have at least 4 skills equipped to participate.

[Pre-Battle Formation] gives you the option to place your character where you want upon entering Path of Glory.

If [Pre-Battle Formation] is not checked, Path of Glory will start using the most recently set battle formation.



③ Remaining Entries/Extra Seasonal Entries/Multiplier

You can play Path of Glory multiple times if you have any entries left on [Remaining Entries] or if you have any [Extra Seasonal Entries].


You'll get one entry to Path of Glory at 00:00 each day.

Upon completing the first wave of Rift 10 and receiving Venerable Family title, you can accumulate up to 7 entries.
※ You cannot accumulate more than 7 entries and it will reset with the start of a new Season.


Upon using an extra entry pass, all passes will be consumed to give a multiplier based on the number of passes.
Your obtained rewards will be based on the listed multiplier.

✅ Camera Angle

Free Camera: You can freely maneuver the camera within Path of Glory.

Fixed Camera: The camera will be fixed on a selected character.


✅ Formation

You can use the formation function while playing to freely place a character in any of the 18 locations on Path of Glory, however, incapcitated characters cannot be placed.

After the initial placement, you can reposition characters 2 more times at any time. After that, there will be a 30 second cooldown before you can reposition your characters again.


✅ Wave

You'll face waves of different monster types, each with unique attack patterns, and powerful bosses in Path of Glory.


You'll face a total of 10 waves. Use the power of the spirits and Family Skills to gain an edge over the invading monsters.

Each wave last for up to 180 seconds. Once the time expires, the next wave of monsters will appear.


✅ Family Skill

Family Power is used to cast Family Skills, which can turn the tide of battle.

You'll obtain 6 Family Power at the beginning of each successive wave.

Family Skill Details Required Family Power Cooldown
Spirit's Wrath Increase all allies' AP by 300 for 15 seconds 3 20
Quagmire Decreases all monsters' movement speed by 80% for 5 seconds in the area of effect 3 30
Air Raid Unleashes 3 rounds of artillery at a specified range 5 50
Spirit's Hand Recovers all allies' HP by 30% 5 5
Restoration Energy Revives 1 fallen ally 5 50
Guardian Statue of Elion Empowers the Elion Guardian Statue 15 30
Ancient Call Annihilate enemies in the battlefield 20 30

✅ Spirits

These spirits will appear when the third, sixth, and eighth wave starts. The spirits will provide effects which can greatly enhance your power.

Refer to the following table for the types of spirits that appear and the beneficial effects they provide.

Spirit Details
Rejuvenation Spirit Obtain 6 Family Power
Spirit of Strength Increase all allies' AP by 300 for 15 seconds
Recovery Spirit Recovers all allies' HP by 30%
Battle Spirit Annihilate all enemies for that wave
Guardian Spirit Upgrades Elion Guardian Statue by 1 level



✅Guardian Statue of Elion

The Guardian Statue of Elion provides buffs in the specified range.

You can increase the level of the statue up to level 3 through Guardian Spirits or by spending Family Power.

Level Information
Level 1 Unleashes a lightning attack to deal continuous damage to monsters in front of the tower.
Level 2 Continously recovers HP of allies if they stand in front of the tower
Level 3 Doubles the damage and recovery effects of the tower


Rewards will vary depending on the difficulty level, with better rewards at higher difficulties.

You'll receive the final reward upon completing the Path of Glory.

However, you'll receive rewards only for the levels cleared if your main character is incapacitated or the gate breaks.

※ You'll receive no reward if you fail to complete the first wave. In this case, you'll have to enter Path of Glory again for another attempt.

There is a chance of obtaining an [Emblem] from Path of Glory. The [Emblem] is a season-based item, and the CP it provides is applied to all characters in the Family.



✅Tus' Nest

- Tus' Nest can be accessed by tapping the upper right tab in the Path of Glory menu.
- Complete Tus' Nest and obtain at least an Abyssal Emblem, and up to a Primal Emblem.
- Obtain Tus' Nest Map Piece x20 to enter Tus' Nest.
- Tus' Nest Map Piece can be obtained by completing Path of Glory.



🔎 Strategy and Pre-Battle Formations are key!

The Pre-Battle Formation feature allows you to place your characters however you like before Path of Glory starts.

If you wish to have a strategy in place before starting Path of Glory,

we recommend using the Pre-Battle Formation feature.

🔎 Unique events during certain waves :

Torack will appear on waves 5 and 10.

You will take continuous damage if you stand in its fire. Make sure to reposition characters to avoid this when necessary.

※ Fire zones will be marked on waves 4 and 9.

※ Since there is a cooldown after repositioning, we recommend doing so just before the next wave.


🔎 Alchemy Stone in Path of Glory
There is a chance of obtaining the powerful [Eternal Alchemy Stone] in Path of Glory starting from Rift 9.
Challenge the Path of Glory at higher difficulties for a chance to claim powerful Alchemy Stones once the characters in your Family become stronger.