Adventurer's Guide

Great Ocean

The Great Ocean, stretching out far beyond the horizon, has finally appeared!


The Great Ocean is an area that adventurers have yet to experience.
It is a place full of mystical secrets that have only been passed down through old stories.


Adventurer, are you ready for the adventure and glory of the Great Voyage?
Raise your anchor and sail into a Great Ocean of endless adventure and rare treasures!

Table of Contents
01. Starting Great Ocean
02. Sailing
03. Ship Management
04. Sylvia Goddess Statue



Enter Great Ocean
- Great Ocean is available after completing "My Very Own Ship" quest in the "Off to Sea!" story.
- You must complete "Cadry Gatekeeper" main quest to continue with Great Ocean Story "Off to Sea!"


Great Ocean World Map
- On the Great Ocean World Map, areas that have not yet been visited are covered with a dark fog. Area icons won't appear.
- To remove the shadows, you must visit the main island of that region.


Oquilla Coin
- Oquilla Coins are the currency used in the Great Ocean and can be used to exchange for goods.
- You can get Oquilla Coins defeating Great Ocean monsters, or through quests, Fish Delivery, and Appraising Items, among other ways.


✅ Sailing

Sailing Level
Your sailing level will determine your ship's stats and how far you are able to enhance your ship.
ㆍIn order to enhance your ship, you must achieve a certain sailing level.

- Endurance runs out upon using a cannonball when fighting a monster or when receiving a special reward.
- When your Endurance runs out, you cannot obtain certain rewards or EXP.
- Endurance resets every Monday at midnight.

Wind Direction and Speed
- You can check for true north and the wind direction and speed through the compass UI of the mini-map.
- You will move a little faster if you sail in the direction of the wind, and a little slower by sailing against it.
ㆍThe wind direction can be checked on the compass on the right side of the mini-map, and the compass UI turns blue when riding with the wind.

- While sailing, you may find Whirlwinds that can provide you with the Power of wind.
- When the ship goes through the Whirlwind, the Power of Wind effect will increase your sailing speed for a short time.
ㆍIt will dissipate on its own as you continue sailing.

- Tap the Full Sail button in the right side of Great Ocean screen to move at a greater speed.
ㆍThe Full Sail gauge will refill faster when sailing with the wind.
ㆍWhen sailing, the Full Sail gauge will still fill, however, regardless of you sailing with or against the wind.
ㆍYou can use the Full Sail button when Full Sail gauge is full.

Auto-Forward Mode
- You can use "Auto-Forward Mode" in order to easily move in the Great Ocean.
ㆍIf you slide the movement button up while tapping it, the Auto-Forward Mode button will appear. Slide the movement button onto the Auto-Forward Mode button to have your ship begin moving automatically.


✅ Fishing at Sea

- Enjoy fishing everywhere in the Great Ocean. You can obtain Oquilla Coins, steel and plywood to enhance your ship fittings by supplying the fish you caught to NPCs in the port, or through Crafting > Materials > Fish Delivery.
- The fish that can be delivered to the NPC in the port depends on your ship level.

- You can Fish at Hot Spots where seagulls gather in the sea, where you can get better items than from ordinary fishing.
- When Fishing at a Hot Spot, Camp Workers Fishing EXP will increase and you can get bonus rewards when Camp Workers Total Fishing EXP surpasses a certain threshold.
ㆍFishing Level Bonus Reward Thresholds: 200/400/600/800
ㆍFishing at a Hot Spot consumes 10 Stamina.


✅ Treasure Recovery
- You can get special items through Treasure Recovery in the Sea.
ㆍYou can appraise items obtained in the Great Ocean to an NPC and get Oquilla Coins, Steel, Plywood, Materials, Cannons and Iron Bow Frames.


✅ Wanted Mission
- You can obtain Oquilla Coins, steel and plywood to enhance ship fittings upon completing Wanted Missions at the port.
ㆍWanted Missions may require defeating monsters and pirate ships, engaging in Treasure Recovery or catching fish. There are also Wanted Missions with different rewards.
ㆍWanted Missions can change depending on your ship level.
ㆍYou can refresh Wanted Missions if you don't like what you see, but you can only refresh once a day.
ㆍYou can complete up to 7 Wanted Missions per week.


✅ Cannon Combat
- If you have loaded Cannonballs to your Ship, you can fire Cannons by tapping the right Fire Cannon button.
- Tap and hold the Fire Cannon button while aiming and then lift your finger to fire the Cannon!
ㆍFishing Boats cannot use a Cannon. It can be used after enhancing the Ship.


✅ Collection
- Collection "Great Ocean: Fish Collection" containing Great Ocean Story is available.
ㆍ"Great Ocean: Fish Collection" can be found in [Main Menu] > [Collection] tab

ㆍThe collection includes some fish from the Juur Sea, an area that cannot be entered just yet. They will be obtainable through a future update.


✅ Path to Power
- Path to Power for Great Ocean is available to help Adventurers to sail more easily in the Great Ocean.
ㆍPath to Power can be found in the left upper corner of the game.


✅ Ocean Guide
- You can check the information on each sea area and the ship level required for sailing each sea area with the Ocean Guide.

✅ Weekly Task

- A weekly quest to defeat Great Ocean monsters that match the Adventurer's Ship Level can be found in [Great Ocean Exploration Log].
- Upon completion, you can earn the required materials to enhance your ship depends on your ship level


✅ Outlaw Waters
- West Margorain Sea has been called as Outlaw Waters since Pirates conquered Kuit Islands
- Pirates are now expanding their power in West Ross Sea and Margoria Sea. Under no rulings from the knights, Outlaw Waters must be sailed with caution as pirates and enemies are waiting to rob your loots.

- You can cannon combat with other ships in West Margorian and Ross Sea
- Pirate Ships spawn in the Outlaw Waters, and you can earn [Coral Chests] here by defeating Pirate Ships and monsters.
- The chests can drop [Ship Parts] 

- Gold Nineshark spawns in the Outlaw Waters. You obtain [Coral Chests] after defeating Gold Ninenshark and monsters around it. 


✅ Phantom Ship
- Pirates who have turned into ghosts appear everywhere on a Phantom Ship in Juur Sea.
- If you deal damage to a Phantom Ship that appears in Juur Sea, you can acquire a [Phantom Fragment] and [Deepsea Safe].
- If you own the Epheria Caravel Ship, you can accept the "[Weekly] Juur Phantom Ship" task.
- The "[Weekly] Juur Phantom Ship" task can be started from the day after enhancing the Epheria Caravel Ship.


✅ Cursed Phantom Ship

- At the northern end of Juur Sea, a Cursed Phantom Ship led by Madman John has appeared.
- Obtain Knowledge EXP of Madman John when you defeat the Cursed Phantom Ship.
- AP can be increased when Boss Knowledge Level of Madman John increases.
- To enter the Cursed Phantom Ship, [Phantom Ship Grappling Hook] x10 are required.
- [Phantom Ship Grappling Hook] can be obtained from Juur Sea Coral Chests, Phantom Ship Weekly Tasks and Fish Delivery.
- Upon entering, combat the crew on board, and obtain a large amount of [Oquilla Coin] and [Goddess' Tears].


✅ Ship
- Ships are shared within the Family and can be obtained through a ship license.
- The first boat you will obtain is the Fishing Boat, which will be given as a reward upon completing the story quest.

✅ Ship Upgrade
- You can enhance your Ship to a higher grade through the Ship menu.
- Enhancing your ship not only increases your abilities, but also allows you to sail to farther seas, and gain different shooting techniques to defeat your enemies.


Details Fishing Boat Epheria Watch Boat Epheria Guard Ship

Refined Epheria

Guard Ship

Epheria Caravel
AP 0 50 100 200 300
DP 0 0 0 0 0


100 150 250 350 450
Sailing Speed 90 100 110 120 130
Cannonball 0 200 300 400 500
Critical Chance 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Critical Damage 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%
Additional Info. Handling 100%  Handling 128% 
Acceleration 100% 
Firepower 100% 
2 Cannons 
Handling 128% 
Acceleration 100% 
Firepower 100% 
4 Cannons
Handling 128% 
Acceleration 120% 
Firepower 116% 
4 Cannons
Handling 156% 
Acceleration 120% 
Firepower 116% 
8 Cannons
Cannon Skills N/A Basic Cannon Basic Cannon
Basic Cannon
Basic Cannon

※ Stats from Ship Upgrade only applies to your ships, not your characters.

※ You can craft Epheria Caravel after Juur Sea update.


✅ Cannon and Iron Bow Frame

- You can equip Cannons and Iron Bow Frames onto your ship.
- You can equip or unequip Cannon and Iron Bow Frame outside the Great Ocean when your ship is docked.
- You can get Cannons and Iron Bow Frames through Great Ocean Stories and rewards, or you can purchase them in Shakatu's Shop with Oquilla Coins.

✅ Enhancing Cannon and Iron Bow Frame
- You can enhance Cannons and Iron Bow Frames when your ship is docked in the port by tapping the Fittings button.
ㆍWhen successful in enhancement, it has a chance to increase by 2 levels.
ㆍEnhance Limit will decrease by 1 for each enhancement attempt. You cannot enhance anymore if your enhance limit reaches zero.

✅ Cannonball Vault
- Supply Cannonballs to the Cannonball Vault using the materials below.
ㆍSupply one Cannonball for each Rugged Boulder, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, and Tin Ore.
- Maximum amount of Cannonballs gets shipped to the Cannonball Vault when you dock your ship at ports

✅ Rescue Ship
- When your ship is wrecked (your durability has reach zero), you will lose some of your Sailing EXP. You can then leave port with a Rescue Ship.
- In Rescue Ship mode, you will have to go where your wrecked ship is to retrieve it, or you can use in-game currency to retrieve it remotely. Also, lost EXP will get restored when retrieving your ship.

✅ Sailor
- You can assign camp workers to your ship in Set Sailors.
ㆍTap Auto-Placement to randomly place workers in your ship.


✅ Sylvia Goddess Statue
- The Statue of Sylvia can be built by using materials through the lower construction tab when the Town Hall is Tier 4 or higher.
- You can offer [Tear of the Goddess] to the Statue of Sylvia, increasing AP & DP increase every time it levels up.
※ Enhanced Stats with the Statue of Sylvia will apply to the entire Family.

※ [Tear of the Goddess] offered must reach 100% in order to level up Sylvia Goddess Statue
- You can get [Tear of the Goddess] from Tower of Trials: Hadum and World Boss 'Khan'.