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Shakatu's Shop

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What is Shakatu’s Shop?


Shakatu understands the struggles Adventuers face when it comes to being well-equipped. So with the kindness in his heart, the generous Shakatu opened a shop to help Adventurers! Here, you can use Ancient Gold Coins to get various gear, weapons, and accessories! You can also exchange for specific items you want!

Shakatu's Shop will be available for access from the main menu after you complete the quest, [Use Shakatu's Shop].

You can obtain Ancient Gold Coins from the Ancient Ruins, Boss Rush, and normally hunting from the field, among others.

You can use Ancient Gold Coins to get a total of 6 different types of gear, including weapons and armor. There is also a chance of receiving Abyssal-grade gear. 
※ Some gear can be more costly than others, which will require more Ancient Gold Coins.

① Gold Coin Goods

You can purchase a single item or purchase ten items at once using the [Auto-Buy] feature.

② Shakatu Exchange

Do you need a specific type of accessory? Here, you can use [Shakatu Exchange Certificate] to exchange an accessory or relic for another accessory or relic of the same grade and type.

① Select Class Weapon
This feature gives you the option to get gear for a specific class.

② Auto-Arrange
The Auto-Arrange feature allows the Black Spirit to automatically absorb the selected grades of gear into Dark Energy experience.

① Exchange 

You can use [Shakatu Exchange Certificate] to exchange an Accessory or Relic for another one of the same grade and type.

Please note that the result is random and purchases are not reversible.

※ The number of [Shakatu Exchange Certificate] required to make the exchange will vary based on the grade of the accessory or relic.

② Designated Exchange

You can use [Shakatu Exchange Certificate] to get the same number of [Designated Shakatu Exchange Certificate].

You can choose an item of the same grade and type if you use the [Designated Shakatu Exchange Certificate] through a designated exchange.