Adventurer's Guide


[Black Desert Mobile Guide]


In Black Desert Mobile, you are able to buy items from and sell to other adventurers. 

This is the only means in which you can trade with other adventurers. 

To do so, go to [Main Menu - Market] to enter the market. 


Table of contents
01. Purchase Immediately
02. Reserve Purchases
03. Item Sale


① How to search for items

You can purchase items that are listed on the market. 

You can check items by category or search for specific items by typing it in the search box. 

You can check the price (max and min price) of the item and the number of registered items on the market. 


② Purchase item immediately

Items on the market can be divided into instant purchases and bidding depending on the refresh status, listing time.


✅ Bidding

If you were successful in your bid for an item on the market, you can press on [Confirm Bid] and purchase the item. 

In the event that no adventurer has bid on the item, or if the winning bid decides to not buy the item, the item will switch to being able to be immediately purchased.


✅ Instant Purchase

You can buy items immediately by pressing on the “instant purchase” button. 

*You cannot purchase the items that you have posted onto the market*

*When purchasing immediately, the item will move to your inventory*

*When purchasing resources, you can check your resources at the pull-down menu at the top of your game screen.*


If the items that you want are not listed on the market, you can reserve them to purchase.

Reservations are divided into “Max Bid Price” and “Order.”

- Reservations are limited to 10 collectively per server.

- When you make the reservation, the cost will be deducted.

- When you cancel the reservation, it will be returned.


① Max Bid 

When an item is put up for bidding, the highest bidder is the one who gets to purchase the item. 

Price per unit: You can enter the purchase price. 

Quantity: You can enter the number of items that you wish to purchase. 

Reserve Bid: You can reserve your bid. 


② Order

Buyers who place an order at or above the seller's listed price will be selected at random.

Max Price: You can set the maximum amount of silver you want to spend in purchasing the item. You cannot set it to more than the seller’s upper limit. 

Quantity: You can select the amount that you wish to purchase. 

Order: You can set up the reservation. 


How to check your reservation list

You can find detailed information on the list of purchase reservations in the “Purchase Reservation List”

You can only have up to 10 reservations at a time.


Cancelling reservations

You can cancel your purchase reservation from the [Purchase Reservation List].

*When using Max Bid and Auto-Purchase Reservations, the amount used to book the transaction will be deducted in advance. Upon cancellation, the amount will be refunded immediately.*

*If you have made multiple reservations on a single item but decide to buy only 1, you will get an immediate refund for your remaining amount.*


You can post and sell items that you own through the market.

- Posted items are displayed for a duration of 7 days and can be found on the list to the left.

- You can post up to 30 items can be posted.

- If you click on the ‘Settlement’ button, the total price of your sold items- excluding the 30% commission- will be collected.

- Fees are subject to change at any time.

You can select items from your bag to be posted on the market. 



You can register multiple items by using the quantity setting.

If you set the price per unit, you can check the total price.

You can only use this function for items that you are registering multiple of the same items.

※When you register, the price will be set to maximum automatically. You can change the price from minimum to maximum price range. 


✅ Information

You can check the information of the registered item. 

You can cancel the sale or get the payment.


✅ Cancel

You can cancel the sales anytime.

Once you cancel the item sales, it will be returned to your inventory.

Registered item can be withdrawn after a certain period of time.


✅ Payment

Once the item is sold, you can be paid.

You can get the payment for single item or multiple items at once by your choice.