Adventurer's Guide

Dark Energy

[Black Desert Mobile Guide]

Condensed Dark Energy or gear items can make Black Spirit to grow. Once Black Spirit grows, exclusive skills and bonus CP will be available.


1. Absorbing Dark Energy

You can increase the strength of the Black Spirit by raising its level.

To increase its level, the Black Spirit can absorb weapons, armor, accessories and condensed dark energy. 


As the Black Spirit reaches certain levels, your character will have access to some of its abilities. Strengthen these abilities by raising the level of the Black Spirit! 

Once the Black Spirit absorbs the items, those items cannot be recovered. 


2. Black Spirit Growth

Once Black Spirit levels up, more benefits will be given.

① Black Spirit Skill : Once Black Spirit’s level reaches at the certain level, corresponding skills can be learned.

② Bonus CP : Once Black Spirits levels up, bonus CP will be added.

③ Leveling Perk : Depending on Black Spirit’s level, you will have various benefits.


3. Black Spirit Skill

Black Spirit have some skills unlocked at a certain level. Take some benefit from him.