Adventurer's Guide

Murrowak Labyrinth


Long ago, the Witch Kehelle granted her wisdom to the Murrowak Legion, which consists of Queen Vercedes and her soldiers, the Murraskas. But after the witch's demise, her wisdom was lost to them. The Murrowak Legion then burrowed under the Mountain of Eternal Winter.


The Murrowaks form a swarm around Vercedes, their queen. They each live in separate chambers, so their habitat is known to be incredibly complex. Giant Murrowaks were recently discovered to be coming from underneath the Sherekhan Iron Mine after the explosion for reasons unknown.


The Murrowaks are a very resilient species, so their territory expanded even further after their mysterious growth.
Most explorers would not be able to find their way out once inside, leading many to call this habitat the "Murrowak Labyrinth."


You followed the Sixth Witch's Wisdom to the entrance of the Murrowak Labyrinth. Will you be able to overcome the Murrowak Legion, their mysterious traps, and their queen to discover the secrets hidden deep within the labyrinth?

- Added the new "Murrowak Labyrinth" content.
ㆍ This content is available after completing the "Murrowak Labyrinth" quest from Story - "Kehelle, the Witch of Blight."
ㆍ You can enter Murrowak Labyrinth by using a "Murrowak Pathfinder" item after reaching Lv 80 and 39,000 CP.


- You can craft "Murrowak Pathfinder" using Unique Memory Shard x50 in [Craft → Materials → Process].
ㆍ You can enter the Murrowak Labyrinth twice a month.
ㆍ Entry limit and entry items will be spent upon completion.


- Murrowak Labyrinth is near the Sherekhan Iron Mine.
ㆍ You can enter by interacting with the entrance.


- There are several unknown chambers in the Labyrinth, and each chamber can be completed in different ways.
ㆍ You can retry from your current chamber when you are defeated in the Labyrinth.
ㆍ You will have to start from the beginning of the Labyrinth if you leave or are disconnected.
- Once you enter a chamber, you cannot move to the next until you complete the objective.
ㆍ The Murrowak Pathfinder will guide you closer to the end each time you complete an objective.


- Some relics and devices inside the Murrowak Labyrinth have different colors. They each feature distinct visual effects, so you can also differentiate them by their effects.
ㆍHowever, certain effects may not be visible if graphics settings such as Effects and Resolution are set to "Low."


Tricolor Altars
- Red Relic and Altar: Fiery effects
- Yellow Relic and Altar: Electric effects
- Blue Relic and Altar: Frosty effects
ㆍThe Blue Relic and Altar visual effects will not be visible if graphics settings such as Effects are set to "Low."


Ancient Relic
- Green Treasure Chest: Star-shaped effects scatter sideways
- Yellow Device: Electric effects shoot upwards
※ Green Relic visual effects are star-shaped and scatter sideways.
※ Yellow Relic visual effects are electric and shoot upwards.


- Defeat Vercedes at the final destination to complete the Labyrinth.
ㆍ You can obtain Voidsent Eyes and Alyaelli Fragments as completion rewards.
ㆍ There is no Boss Knowledge level for Vercedes.