Adventurer's Guide




01. Beginning Steps

02. Preparations

03. Merchantry

04. Merchantry Report


In Merchantry, Adventurers can acquire various amounts of items and resources to aid your adventure. Explore numerous towns as you increase Amity with the town’s merchants and purchase special items that are only available in certain towns to further improve your trade!


Merchantry can be accessed by tapping [Merchantry] on the main menu. It can also be accessed via the [Trading Post] in the Camp.

※ Merchantry is available upon defeating Hexe Marie.




To begin Merchantry, a horse is needed to pull the wagon.

Harness a horse to a wagon by going to [Trading Post] > [Manage Wagon]. The grade of the horse will determine the amount of food that can be stored in the wagon, so you'll probably want to use a higher tier horse to pull the wagon!


✅ Check Before Beginning Your Trip!

[1] Trade Goods

Merchantry can be more effective when you have some Trade Goods at hand. Tap [Auto-Load] to move all Trade Goods in your Inventory to the wagon, or tap [Trade Goods] to place the items in yourself.


[2] The Four Escorts

Four Escorts are needed to guarantee the safety of the wagon during travel and to increase the effectiveness of Merchantry. The designated Escorts will be able to gain experience and increase their levels by gathering and fighting off enemies during their travels.

- Grade and Level of Escorts

A higher-grade Escort can reach a higher maximum level, and a higher level Escort increases the success rate of various events that occur during Merchantry. 


- Combined Escort Level

The higher the combined level of all designated Escorts, the higher the quality of rewards you will obtain during Merchantry.
※ One Escort can reach a maximum of Lv 200. As such, when the combined level of all Escorts is 200, 400, 600, or 800, you will receive additional rewards.


[3] Food

Food is a necessity to begin Merchantry. The total capacity of Food is decided by the [Daily Food Supply] and a designated [Food Capacity] per trip. Food capacity is also affected by the grade of your wagon and the horse that’s harnessed to it. The higher they are, the higher the food capacity will be.

※ If the amount of food is below 20% of the total food capacity, Merchantry cannot be started.


[4] Craft/Manage Wagon

By accessing [Trading Post] > [Manage Wagon], horses can be harnessed to the wagon currently in possession. New wagons can also be crafted.

※ Harnessing higher-grade horses will allow for a higher food capacity.


- Craft Wagon

In addition to the basic Freight Wagon, other types of wagons can be crafted upon reaching higher Merchantry levels.

※ You can complete events that occur during your trip to gain experience and increase your Merchantry level.

※ Each wagon has different and unique stats.



[1] Map

You can check each town's trade goods and market values as well as Merchantry events on the map.


While food is not consumed when you enter a town, it will be consumed while you are outside of one, even when standing still. Be sure to plan your routes strategically!


- Camp 

You can now drive your wagon to your camp on the map for supplies, providing the below effects. 


(1) Supply Food: Refill your food to maximum capacity. This will count towards your daily food limit, and you may continue doing this until your daily food limit has been reached. 

(2) Accel: Increase the speed of the wagon for 180 seconds. 


If you encounter an event battle on the same map your camp is located, other workers may come and aid your fight. 


- Camp Transfer 

Your camp is placed in Balenos by default, but you can select to transfer your camp to other locations. 


Once relocated, you can find your camp’s new location on the map. 


[2] Event


When traveling

from one town to another, there will be various events that you can initiate. Rewards and experience will be given upon the successful completion of these events. 


- Gathering Events

There are two outcomes of a successful gathering event: “Success” or “Super Success.” Earning a “Super Success” will grant greater amounts of rewards and experience.




- Combat Event

There are two outcomes of a combat event: “Win” or “Lose.” Earning a “Win” will grant greater amounts of rewards and experience. 


- Auto-Event 

Tap [Settings] to activate Auto-Events. This can stay activated until you reach your next destination. 


[How to Set-up] 


(1) Auto-Start Event: [ON] to activate [Auto-Start Event] 

(2) Event Setting: Select which events to Auto-Start among Log/Mine/Forage/Explore/Battle  

(3) Set Grade: Select which grades of the events selected above to Auto-Start. Select from [Normal] to [Epic]. 



- Crow Merchants’ Elixir 

Tap the button on the right side of the food gauge during [Merchantry] to use [Crow Merchants’ Elixir]. 



You can obtain [Crow Merchants’ Elixir] from the vendor of a town through the [Exchange] function. Once used, you will receive the following benefits for 20 sec. 


(1) Increase movement speed. 

(2) Immediately finish event. 

(3) Automatically start event when approaching it. 

※ If Wandering Merchant appears in the same region the wagon is in when [Mystical] Crow Merchant's Elixir is active, you will be able to teleport.



[3] Trade

① Map

Information about towns and events can be checked here.

② Value

Each town's market values for trade goods can be checked here. Specific routes to different locations can also be set here.

③ Record

The records of every action taken during your trip, including items purchased/sold and events participated in, can be checked here.

④ Wagon Storage

Trade goods in possession and their market values in different towns can be checked here.

⑤ Accel

Accelerate to gain faster movement speed for a short duration. “Accel” can be used again after a short cooldown. Using Accel is extremely efficient, so use it as frequently as possible!


- Manage Preset Routes

[Manage Preset Routes] can be accessed by tapping [Value] in order to set specific routes to a certain location.

- Press [Set Destination] on each location in the desired order to set the preset route. 

- [Reset] and [Save] can be used to either start over or save the preset route for future use.

※ Preset routes can be used again when entering Merchantry in the future.

※ [Manage Preset Routes] can be used upon reaching Merchantry Level 10.


[4] Entering a Town

In a town, trade goods can be purchased, exchanged, and sold by interacting with the [Trade Vendor].

※ Food is not consumed when inside a town.

① Trade Vendor

Go to the town’s Trade Vendor.

② Value 

Check each town’s market value to initiate trade.

③ Record

Records for trades and events can be checked here.

④ Wagon Storage 

Trade goods in possession and the list of towns they can be sold at, in addition to their market value in each town, can be checked here.

⑤ Exit Town

Leave the town to resume Merchantry.


- Trade Vendor

Trade goods and specialty goods can be purchased, exchanged, and sold by interacting with the town’s Trade Vendor. Treasure chests can also be opened here by pressing [Treasure].


- Trade Goods / Specialty Goods


① Trade Goods 

② Specialty Goods


Hunting and gathering in the field

Can be purchased in Merchantry


Certain towns

Certain towns


Certain towns (at random)

All towns


Various goods are sold in each town

One specialty good is sold in each town


Price is affected by market value

Price is affected by market value in addition to the distance from where the good was purchased

Wandering Shop

Certain trade goods can be sold at high prices here

Specialty goods cannot be sold here

※ Trade Vendors do not purchase goods that are sold in the same village.

※ Purchased specialty goods can be kept or sold at 95% of the value it was purchased at if it is not sold before exiting Merchantry.


- Exchange / Rapport

Materials gained through Gathering are needed for [Exchange]. The amount of Rapport you have with individual Trade Vendors will determine the availability and amount of exchangeable items. Purchase trade goods from a Trade Vendor to build Rapport with them.

You can obtain [Crow Merchants’ Elixir] by using [Exchange] function. 

※ Purchasing [Specialty Goods] does not raise Rapport.

※ Rapport with a Trade Vendor will decrease if you do not trade with them for more than 7 days.


[5] Wandering Shop

The Wandering Shop can be encountered by chance while traveling. The Wandering Shop, which only sells specific items at a time, is not affected by market value and will sell its goods at a lower price while purchasing specific trade goods at a very high price.

※ [Wandering Merchant] is available for a limited time and cannot be encountered in that region after the time has run out.



When the food stored in the wagon has been fully consumed, Merchantry will automatically end. Specialty goods that are in possession can be either kept or sold at 95% of the value it was purchased at. Final stats and records can be checked in the Report screen.

※ Different grades of rewards are available for completing Merchantry based on your performance. Test your Merchantry skills and aim for the top-tier reward!
※ Foods that you purchased from merchant NPCs are not available when merchantry ends