Adventurer's Guide



Amity shows how close you are with villagers. 

By gaining a certain amount of Amity with a villager, you can acquire special rewards and receive shop discounts.  



Table of Content

1) Amity
2) Interests
3) Quest

4) Gift



1) Amity

You can find villagers with the Amity option by pressing the [List] button located on the top left. Amity can be increased by sharing interests, completing quests, and giving gifts to villagers.


There are 5 levels of Amity: Very Bad, Bad, Average, Good, and Very Good. If you reach ‘Very Good’ Amity, you can receive special rewards or discounts at shops. 

※ Rewards are given only once.



2) Interest

You can increase Amity with a villager by sharing interests. Sharing interests consume Stamina and to share interests that are not yet activated, Knowledge related to that interest is required. 



3) Quest

Completing villager’s quests increases Amity. You can also receive silver, level EXP, and contribution EXP. However, accepting quests from certain villagers may decrease Amity with others.



4) Gift

Giving gifts to a villager increases Amity. Note that each villager prefers different gifts. 

The amount of Amity that increases is based on which gift you offer.


If you do not have any gifts to offer, you can buy one from a ‘Gift Merchant’. Note that gifts that certain villagers prefer are not always on sale since a merchant’s product list will refresh regularly. However, there are other ways of acquiring gifts such as hunting, so no need to worry!



Mariana sells gifts in Velia. 

Buy a gift that Igor Bartali, the Chief of Velia, wants and give it to him to receive an Amity increase.