Adventurer's Guide

Node Management and Manufacture

We added "Node Management," new content for gathering Resources required for Camp Work and crafting items, as well as "Manufacture," which utilizes the gathered materials. The Node Management content was added so that our Adventurers can gather specific resources they need more easily than with World Gathering.


We'd like to first introduce setting task repeats. You can set the number of times to repeat a task as you send out workers, allowing your worker(s) to follow these settings without you having to log in. Also, we've put convenience into consideration for this update so that you can manage the tasks of your workers directly from the World Map without having to pause auto-combat in monster zones.


Nodes were also added, and you can connect them based on the Contribution Points you invest in them. Adventurers can focus on consistently collecting certain resources or find other ways to send workers on tasks based on how they connect Nodes and how they choose to invest.


With this added usage for Contribution, we decreased the Contribution Points required to hire workers. Furthermore, a substantial increase in worker task efficiency and the amount of resources available to collect means you'll be accruing more resources relative to workers assigned. You will then be able to use your other workers for other tasks.


In addition, we've greatly decreased the weight of Fish used as food, and the Stamina required for instant completion of a worker task is much lower than it was for World Gathering.


You may find new items in addition to the increase in resources. These items are materials for Manufacture, and are to be obtained as rewards via Gathering at an Excavation Node.


You can Manufacture items helpful for your adventure with the materials obtained from this updated content. We are planning to add crafting recipes for items that can be used for a wider variety of content in a future update.

- Added "Node Management," content in which you collect Camp Resources.
ㆍ The content will unlock once you complete the Story - "Camp."
ㆍ Changed the World Gathering content to Node Management.
ㆍYou can access this content via [Camp - Gather/Farm - Node Management] or [World Map - Activate Node Management].


- Node types include Town/Log/Forage/Mine/Fish/Excavate, and there are a total of 39 Nodes.
- You must select a town as the starting Node to begin Node Management.
ㆍ You can change the starting Node.


- Once you select a starting Node, you can invest Contribution Points to unlock connected Nodes.
ㆍ You can increase the number of Nodes by investing Contribution Points to unlock connected Nodes.


- You can retrieve Contribution Points you invested in a Node when you disconnect it.
ㆍ You can disconnect Nodes in order, starting from the one connected at the very end.


- The levels of all Nodes (excluding towns) can be increased to Lv 10 through "Node Investment," using Contribution Points.
ㆍ The quantity of rewards increase with higher levels.


- You can send workers via the "Manage Task" option for Nodes you occupy and obtain rewards upon completion.


- You can set the number of repeats when sending your workers which will automatically activate.
ㆍ You can cancel tasks or instantly complete them by spending Stamina after sending your workers.


- You can collect the rewards gained so far by tapping "Collect all Resources" without completing all the number of repeats you set.
- Tapping the "Return Workers Upon Completion" button on the left side of the screen will return workers who have completed all repeated tasks.
ㆍ Tapping the "Complete All" button while the "Send All Workers Again" option below the above button is checked will send workers who've completed all tasks for the same number of repeats previously set.
- You will obtain rewards upon task completion based on the Node type.

Node Type Completion Reward
Forage Wild Grass
Log Log
Mine Rugged Boulder



ㆍ You can obtain additional rewards on top of guaranteed rewards at a fixed chance.
- You can obtain [Tree Sap], [Terra Powder], [Rift Powder], [Temporal Powder], [Shadowveil Powder], [Blaze Powder], and [Insectivorous Plant Powder] as rewards from Excavation Nodes.
ㆍ You can obtain completion rewards at a fixed chance for an excavation Node upon task completion of a nearby Forage, Log, or Mine Node.
- Adjusted the Contribution Points required for hiring workers.
ㆍ Due to the above adjustment in Contribution Points, we've returned Contribution Points to you based on the workers you already hired.

Worker Grade Before After
Rare 5 4
Unique 8 6
Epic 12 9


- Added the Manufacture content.
ㆍ This content will unlock upon completion of the Story - "Camp."


- You can Manufacture "Totem Chests," "[Abyssal] Dark Matter Stones," and "Caphras Crystals" with the materials gathered by your workers from Node Management.
- "Manufacture" will be added to Life Skill levels. You can gain the relevant EXP by completing Manufacture tasks to increase the level.
- You can acquire titles depending on your Manufacture level.

Manufacture Level Title
Novice 2 Manufacture Beginner
Master 20 Manufacture Maestro
Guru 30 Heavenly Hammer


- You can use [Abyssal] Dark Matter Stone with the skills Black Spirit's Rage and Black Spirit's Rage: Absorb.
ㆍ The skill "Black Spirit's Rage: Absorb" will additionally increase your character's AP and DP by 200 each.
ㆍ Black Spirit's Skill Damage will increase by 50% upon use of the skill "Black Spirit's Rage."
ㆍ [Abyssal] Dark Matter Stone can be registered on the Market.