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Great Desert [Updated]

01. Great Desert - Introduction
02. Great Desert - Main Items
03. Great Desert - Exploration
04. Great Desert - Mirage [NEW]
Great Desert - Tips


Embark on a journey to the Great Desert in Valencia!
You can claim a variety of precious treasures at the Black Rock Shrine or
equip runes after the Black Spirit awakens to his true form. Adventurers can take part in all this and more in the Great Desert!

✅ Great Desert Sandstorm
- A powerful sandstorm will pass through the Great Desert on the first day of every month. This will reset all Desert Exploration Logs and change the locations of the temples.

✅ Great Desert Knowledge
- You can increase your knowledge of the people, locations, monsters (ecology), and information (academics) in the Great Desert.
- You can also obtain stats such as AP, DP, and Worker Dexterity when attaining new knowledge.
- In addition, you can gain extra rewards when your total knowledge level increases, such as an increase to your maximum Stamina.

✅ Great Desert Collection
- As you travel through the Great Desert, you can excavate and obtain various goods by following the Black Spirit's guidance.
- Appraise the excavated goods and exchange them for valuable loot or runes. These items can also be registered for collection.
- You can register excavated goods to your Collection to receive rewards that'll help in your adventures, including AP, DP, and other benefits that'll help your character!


✅ Great Desert Story

In the great desert, various interesting stories await adventurers.

You can go through each story and get a reward when you complete it.


✅ Great Desert High Difficulty Level "Torme"

- You must complete the newly added story "Aal's Test" to enter "Great Desert: Torme".
※ "Aal's Test" Story will be available after completing the Black Spirit Awakening Quest and receiving the title "Guardian of the Desert" after defeating Aakman.

- The title "Guardian of the Desert" can be obtained by defeating a certain number of Aakmans.
- In "Great Desert: Torme," the recommended CP for monsters and temples will increase relative to "Great Desert: Imur," and the rewards that can be obtained will increase.
※ Temple of Ohm, Ancient Kutum, the "Where the Stars Take You" missions, Souad Garden, Laytenn, and Tukar Laytenn are not affected by difficulty level.
※ Great Desert: Imur's Temples and Great Temples will have the same recommended CP as the existing Great Desert.
※ Great Desert Difficulty cannot be changed while inside the Great Desert.

✅ Great Desert High Difficulty Level "Shahzad"

Developer Commentary:

Sometimes the Great Desert, the hallmark of Valencia, takes after the names of kings.

Great Desert: Imur and Torme are two such names taken after Valencian kings. Not all kings would leave such a lasting impression, however. Given the Great Desert's importance to Valencia, branding a location after a king is reserved only for the most distinguished and revered among them.

King Imur was recognized for utilizing his military strength to create the splendor that Valencia exhudes today, while King Torme fostered the nation's strength through academic advancements, such as astrology and astronomy, and through Black Crystal resources, along with the wealth these endeavors provided.

After the death of Torme, his eldest son Shahzad became the new heir. His name earned its place in the desert after he reconciled with the Aakmans by righting past grievances, while also establishing cordial relations with nearby nations.

- You must complete the new story "Great Desert Glory" to be granted access to "Great Desert: Shahzad."

- You can unlock the new story "Great Desert Glory" once you complete the Great Desert story "Aal's Test" and complete the hidden quests after obtaining an [Aakman-Marked Core Piece] from Hystria Sentinels in "Great Desert: Torme."
- If you've lost the [Aakman-Marked Core Piece], you can re-obtain it from Hystria Sentinels in Great Desert: Torme. However, you must have completed up to the "Out of Order" quest from the story.
- You can acquire a new title and Knowledge when you complete the story "Great Desert Glory."
- With a new difficulty, Great Desert: Imur and Torme have also been expanded.
ㆍThe new expanded areas are Outlaw Zones, where PvP is enabled.
- Added new Broken Altars so that you can travel the expanded Great Desert more conveniently.
ㆍYou can get rid of the fog of war in the new Great Desert areas by activating Broken Altars.
ㆍTo use Broken Altars, you must first go near a Broken Altar and activate it.
ㆍYou can acquire Knowledge of new regions when you approach the Broken Altars in the expanded areas of the Great Desert.

■ Wandering Merchant

- The Wandering Merchant's shop will be accessible after you complete the story "Great Desert Glory."
ㆍAdded "Wandering Merchant" to the Open Requirement list.

- You can use Edana's Coins to purchase items from the shop.
- The Wandering Merchant will appear once a week in the Shahzad difficulty, and will be available for a certain period of time once it appears.
ㆍThe remaining time for the Wandering Merchant is displayed on the upper-right of the shop.
ㆍThe Wandering Merchant will appear between Monday at 00:00 - Friday at 23:59.
ㆍEven if the Wandering Merchant is not found, he will disappear after a certain time since his appearance.
- The Wandering Merchant appears in random locations that will change each time he appears.
ㆍThe locations will not be marked on the Great Desert World Map.
- Every week, the Adventurer to first discover the Wandering Merchant can obtain [Morco's Gift Chest] and acquire the title "Morco My Beloved."
- When the Wandering Merchant is discovered, the World Map icon will change to indicate the Wandering Merchant's appearance.
ㆍThis applies once you complete the new Great Desert story, "Great Desert Glory."
ㆍYou can check the time remaining until Morco disappears on the World Map.
ㆍWhen Morco's shop closes, the previous World Map icon and its visual effects will return.
- The shop will automatically close when the time has come for Morco to depart, even while you're in the shop.
- The Wandering Merchant is be inaccessible while the Black Sun is up in the sky.

■ Evonatt Chests

Evonatt Chests can be rarely found in all difficulties of the Great Desert Outlaw Zones.
- You need 10 Stamina and 30 seconds of interaction to open an Evonatt Chest.
- Interaction will be canceled when inflicted with a debuff such as Daze.

- Remove the chains wrapped around the Evonatt Chest by interacting with it to obtain a variety of items and the [Evonatt Chest], an appraisal item.
- When you get Evonatt Chests appraised, you can obtain Edana's Coins and Elion Runes.
- You can additionally obtain [Luminescent Crystal] from Torme and Shahzad Evonatt Chests.

Check out the items and currency that's common in the Great Desert in the list below!


✅ Purified Water
- Purified Water is a necessity in order to travel and explore in the Great Desert.
- You can obtain Purified Water for free every day at 00:00, which will increase your exploration time in the desert by 20 minutes upon use.

- If you don't have enough Purified Water, you will become exhausted, which will limit the actions you can perform.
- To recover from exhaustion, use additional Purified Water, go to an Oasis, or set up a Tent.
- Purified Water can be stored up to 5 hours
※ With Life Plus item, Purified Water can be stored up to 10 hours
※ At the end of the Life Plus period, any remaining time for Great Desert will be maintained, and purified water will not be usable until the remaining time is 5 hours or less.


✅ Camel

- You will experience reduced movement speed when traveling in the desert.
- You can, however, ride a Camel to move around quickly and reach distant locations with ease.
- Talk to the NPC Narses and accept his quest in order to obtain a Camel.


✅ Desert Tent

- Pitch a tent to rest before traveling again. Purified Water will not be consumed when you are in your tent.
- The tent will be active for 10 minutes. You can set up a tent again after the 60-minute cooldown time.
- You'll be able to purchase potions and appraise goods at your tent when you use an Advanced Desert Tent.


✅ Edana's Coin
- Edana's Coins are commonly used in the Great Desert. The coins can be obtained by defeating monsters in the Great Desert, exploring Temples, and through other means.
- You can use Edana's Coins to make offerings at the Black Rock Shrine.


✅ Elephant

- Elephants can travel much more quickly in the Great Desert and possess a unique skill.
- Defeat monsters in the Great Desert to obtain Broken Trumpets. These will allow you take part in a quest to obtain a Royal Elephant.


✅ Excavation
- The Black Spirit's compass will become active if there is a nearby area you can excavate.
- Excavating will consume Stamina, and you'll obtain Excavation EXP and items only found in the Great Desert.

✅ Temple

- There are various types of temples filled with goods and connected to the history of the Ancients. Follow the rays of light in the desert to find these temples.
- Great Temples will be accessible after you complete 5 quests in the Desert Exploration Log.

- There are 5 levels of temples. Except for level 1 temples, you'll need to accept and complete special hidden quests in order to enter temples that are levels 2-5.
※ The hidden quest objective will change when the sandstorm passes though the desert on the first day of every month.


Temple of Serrett Protect the artifact from becoming contaminated by defeating the enemies that are trying to take the shrine artifact.
Temple of Shayla Avoid the traps set up by the Gahaz Bandits to find the room filled with treasures. Find the room to fulfill the requirement and obtain the reward.
Temple of Ohm Forage, mine, or log within the given time to find food for the Kurebas. Use the food to lure the Kurebas and defeat them.
Temple of Tukar Defeat Tukar Laytenn, the guardian of the temple, to obtain rewards.
Temple of Luinass Team up with your Family to defeat Deligatus, the Judge of the Ruins.
Great Temple of Serrett Defend the artifact from getting contaminated by defeating stronger enemies and Doel Fruco.
Great Temple of Tukar Defeat the greatly empowered Tukar Laytenn.
Great Temple of Luinass Team up with your Family to defeat Puturum, the Guardian of the Ruins.
Great Temple of Desterio Damage the Sea Turtle Statue as much as possible to get better rewards.



- The Ancient Guardian Laytenn's location will be marked on the Great Desert Map when it appears.
- Adventurers that participated in defeating Laytenn will receive rewards based on the damage they inflicted on it.


- Purified Water will not be consumed in Hystria Chambers, where Tukar Laytenn appears.

- Main Rewards
· The Black Rock Shrine will appear upon Tukar Laytenn's defeat.
· The Adventurer with the highest contribution to Tukar Laytenn's defeat will discover the Black Rock Shrine.
· The Black Rock Shrine will not appear starting from 1 hour before Tukar Laytenn's Spawn until its defeat.
· Up to 3000 Adventurers can enter the battle against Tukar Laytenn.
※ The recently added Black Rock Shrine preservation effect applies to the shrine that appears upon defeating Tukar Laytenn as well.


■ Tukar Laytenn's Core

- When Tukar Laytenn is defeated, it will leave a remnant in Hystria Chambers.
- Only adventurers who did not manage to participate in the battle against Tukar Laytenn will be able to use the remnant.
- The remnant will appear 30 seconds after Tukar Laytenn is defeated and will be available until 10 minutes before Tukar Laytenn's next spawn.
- You can obtain Tukar Laytenn's Core upon interacting with the remnants of Tukar Laytenn. The Red Sand Stone Chamber mission page will pop up and you can enter the battle after assembling a party.
- Adventurer's Apparition will join the party 30 seconds after creating a public chamber.
- CP-based damage does not have a big effect in this mission.
- Defeating Tukar Laytenn in the Red Sand Chamber mission will not open a Black Rock Shrine.
- Upon finishing the mission, you will receive certain Tukar Laytenn defeat rewards and knowledge EXP.


Black Sun Laytenn

- Laytenn will spawn in a random location in the Great Desert anytime after 15 minutes have elapsed during Black Sun.
- When Laytenn is defeated, the Adventurer that made the last hit will obtain 100,000 Black Sun points.
- Obtain rank rewards according to the damage dealt to Laytenn.

- When you defeat Laytenn after it appears during Black Sun, the Black Rock Shrine will not appear, but you can obtain the Black Rock Shrine Summon Scroll at a certain rate.
ㆍ[Black Rock Shrine Summon Scroll] is an item that you can use to summon the Black Rock Shrine whenever you want at the Hidden Shrine Site.
ㆍ[Black Rock Shrine Summon Scroll] has to be used within 10 days after receiving it. You can sell it or throw it after it expires.


✅Hidden Shrine Site

- New topography knowledge can be obtained when visitng this Hidden Shrine Site.

- You can summon "Black Rock Shrine" by interacting with [Rock that Awakens the Shrine] in Hidden Shrine Site.
ㆍThe adventurer that has summoned the Black Rock Shrine through [Rock that Awakens the Shrine] will obtain Discoverer's Reward.
ㆍ[Black Rock Shrine Summon Scroll] is needed to summon the Black Rock Shrine.
ㆍBlack Rock Shrine cannot be summoned in the following circumstances:
※ Summon restrictions: 1 hour before Tukar Laytenn's Spawn and until it is defeated, from 30 minutes before Black Sun is up until it ends, when there is already a Black Rock Shrine up, and from 30 minutes before maintenance.

✅ Black Rock Shrine
- Edana's Coins, which are obtained from exploring temples or discovering excavated goods, can be used to make offerings at the Black Rock Shrine.
- Tap on the icon next to the mini-map to go to head to the Black Rock Shrine when it appears.
- You can give offerings to the Black Rock Shrine to obtain various rewards such as Boss Stamps, Ancient Tablets, and Chaos Crystals.

 ✅ Black Rock Altar
- You'll be able to make offerings at Black Rock Altars after you defeat the enemies surrounding them.
- Making an offering will consume 5 Stamina. You'll be able to obtain various goods such as Edana's Coins and Temple Entry Passes.


 ✅ Great Desert Black Sun

- The Black Sun rises every Monday at 18:00 - 19:00 / Friday 21:00-22:00 in Great Desert.
- You can enter Black Sun after completing "Family Quest - Open Desert".
- The Great Desert where the Black Sun rises is entered as a single map regardless of difficulty level.
※ Monster CP is adjusted to an appropriate level according to the CP Rank of all adventurers.

- Adventurers in the Great Desert will be sent to Barhan Gateway when the Black Sun rises.
- You will enter at a random location in the Great Desert where the Black Sun has risen.
※ The Black Rock Shrine will not appear starting from 30 minutes before the Black Sun rises and until the Black Sun sets.
※ The Black Rock Shrine is not activated while the Black Sun rises, and if a certain number of monsters around the Black Stone Shrine are defeated, a monster with Dark Energy will appear. Defeat this monster to earn a high number of points.
- Points can be obtained by defeating monsters in a place where the Black Sun has risen, and Hadum loot can be obtained from Spoils of Great Desert.
- NPCs, excavation goods, and temples do not appear in the Great Desert where the Black Sun has risen, and you cannot move to the nearest oasis during combat.
- Even adventurers who have not activated the Broken Altar can use the Broken Altar while the Black Sun is present.
- In the Great Desert, while the Black Sun has risen, desert adventure time does not decrease.
- While the Black Sun is present, access to Ramoness and Arena content is restricted.
- When the Black Sun is present, you can attack adventurers other than guild members, and you will steal 30% of an adventurer's points when you defeat them.


■ Black Sun Instructions

- At the end of the Black Sun, you can obtain [Grail of Gloom] according to your score.
- You can obtain one of the following items when using [Grail of Gloom].
ㆍ[Root of Sorcery], [Chaos Crystal], [Unidentified Primal Elion Rune], [Unidentified Abyssal Elion Rune], [Unidentified Mystical Elion Rune], [Dark Coin], [Fortune Scroll]

- Rank rewards will be calculated and given on Monday at 00:00.

There is a rumor making the rounds among the traders that come and go in the Great Desert in Valencia. Trade goods are allegedly disappearing with a Mirage, one that all find themselves completely entranced by its beautiful scenery that rests on the earth's glimmering surface.


The Valencian court found itself in a predicament as more and more accounts of similar experiences elevated this beyond mere rumor. We are in need of Adventurers who can reveal the identity of the culprits that appear with each mysterious Mirage at the Great Desert. The only evidence to support these claims remains to be what the purported Mirages leave behind when it disappears. An unknown source says that these Traces of Mirage will attract you to the Mirages that created them, but no one was brave enough to try it out for themselves.


Your name has spread throughout the royal family of Valencia, many traders, and the residents of the Great Desert, even in the vast, endless desert. Will you be able to reveal the identity of what's within the Mirages as you follow the Traces of Mirage in search of the Mirages?

- Added new Great Desert content, "Mirage."
- You can enter Mirages once you complete the Great Desert Family Quest - "The Pilgrim's Chest."


- You must defeat all waves of enemies within the given 5 minutes once you enter a Mirage.
ㆍ Each Mirage will be completed once you defeat all enemies, and you must start from the beginning if the character is unable to take action.
ㆍ Skill damage will be applied instead of the CP for the damage dealt to enemies in a Mirage.


- There are a total of 9 Mirages in each habitat for each Great Desert level. An icon appears on the minimap.
- The type of monsters that appear in each Mirage depends on the habitat in which the Mirage is discovered.
- You can enter each Mirage once per month for each habitat, and an entry will be spent once you complete a Mirage.
- Entries spent will be shared across all levels and will reset on the 1st day of each month.


- You need [Traces of Mirage] x1 per entry to a Mirage.
ㆍ You can obtain a total of 5 by completing "Great Desert Exploration!" from the Desert Exploration Log.

Desert Exploration Log Quantity Obtained Upon Completion
Tier 1 Desert Explorer Traces of Mirage x1
Tier 2, Tier 3 Desert Explorer Traces of Mirage x2



- You can obtain [Chaos Crystal], [Ancient Relic Remnant Fragment], and [Crimson Goblet] as rewards for completing Mirages.
ㆍ The difficulty level and completion rewards are the same regardless of the Great Desert level and entry location.
- You can acquire titles upon completion of Mirages.

Number of Mirages Completed Title Acquired
1 Sandglimmer
9 Into the Mirage


🔎 Fast Travel from one location to another using the Broken Altar
Concerned that you don't have enough Purified Water or enough time to travel in the Great Desert?
Then try using the Broken Altars! The [Broken Altar] is similar to the [Altar of Memory].
Activate the Broken Altar at each location in the Great Desert to enable fast travel between the locations!


🔎 Improve Your Excavation Skill with Desert Camouflage
Equipping a Desert Camouflage Outfit will grant 50% more Excavation EXP and reduce Stamina consumption for excavations by 20%.
In addition, you will receive more rewards from excavations when you equip the Desert Camouflage Outfit!
Appraise the goods that were buried in the sand to get rare items including Black Spirit's Runes.


🔎 Resting in the Desert - Tent
Set up a tent if you are in an area where Purified Water is used.
The tent will be active for 10 minutes. Purified Water will not be used during that period.