Adventurer's Guide

Guild War


 In Guild War, guilds can engage in combat against guild members of an opposing guild on the normal field. 

Fight together with fellow guild members and bring victory to your guild!

 ※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.

After entering the name of the guild, tap on [Declare War] to start a war against the opposing guild.
Only the Master and Guild Officer can declare war, and you need 3,000,000 guild funds to do so.
 ※ A single guild can have up to 10 guilds declare war upon them, though a guild itself can only declare war against 1 other guild.
 ※ If you surrender, you must wait 24 hours to declare war again. If you withdraw or the war otherwise ends, you must wait 1 hour.
 ※ Guild War will not occur if 10 or more members from the guild that declared war and the opposing guild do not check in for 3 days.

War Vote

The war vote can determine whether or not a guild should engage in a guild war.
※The guild war feature is used to declare war against a guild.
※ From the guild war menu, enter the name of the guild you want to declare war against. After that, you can cast your vote through the War Vote button.
※ Only the Guild Master or Guild Officer can start or end votes.
Declare Points Obtained when Completing Guild Quest
Guild Quest Declare Point
Defeat Enemy x5,000 7 points
Defeat Enemy x4,000
Defeat Hadum Enemy x3,000
Defeat Enemy x2,000
Defeat Hadum Enemy x1,500
Complete Boss Rush x20
Complete Path of Glory x1
Consume Stamina x200
Use 1,000,000 Silver
Complete Boss Rush x10
Win in the Ancient Ruins/Spectral Boss x1
Spend Ancient Gold Coin x5000
Use Stamina x100
Use 500,000 Silver
Forage Herbs x20
Mine x20
Log Trees x20
Fish x20
Forage Herbs x10
Mine x10
Log Trees x10
Fish x10

During Guild War, the enemy guild members will be marked in red on the minimap and you can freely engage in combat against the members of the opposing guild.
Upon defeating an enemy guild member, you'll earn guild points based on the CP of the enemy guild member you defeated.
The guild that gains 200,000 Guild Points will win the Guild War.
Different scores can be obtained according to the rank of the defeated adventurer's CP.
CP Rank Score
Legend 2,000
Emperor 1,900
Monarch 1,800
Conqueror 1,600
Hero 1,400
General 700
Duke 350
Count 200
Viscount 100
Baron 70
Knight 40
Mercenary 35
Warrior 25
Elite 20
Soldier 15
Lower 10
※ The minimum score required for surrender (total of the two guilds' war points) to 5,000 points.
※ The minimum score required for withdrawal (total of the two guilds' war points) to 100,000 points.

The Guild Master can grant [Protected] status on a guild member, for those who do not wish to participate in Guild War. This can be granted to up to 10 members.
100,000 Guild Funds are required to grant [Protected] status. You must wait 10 minutes before you can remove [Protected] status.

If a guild does not want to proceed with the war, a guild can choose to [withdraw / surrender].
Only the Guild Master or Guild Officer can choose to withdraw or surrender. Once a guild chooses to withdraw or surrender, it will count as a loss regardless of guild points.
※ You can choose to withdraw in Guild War if the war has continued for at least 120 minutes and there is a 20,000 point difference between the two guilds.
※ You can choose to surrender in Guild War if the war has continued for at least 60 minutes and there is a 2,000 point difference between two guilds.