Adventurer's Guide


[Relic] can provide a variety of stat boosts for your character, as well as boosts to your Branch Damage.
The basic stats of a [Relic] differ based on grade.


Table of Contents

01. Obtaining Relics

02. Equipping Relics

03. Enhancing Relics

04. Equipping and Offering Relics

05. Offering Relics

06. Relic Awakening and Glyph Imbuement


✅ability of relics by grade

Basic Stats





Dorthe: Attack Power, Millet: Defense Power, Herse: Attack + Defense Power


Berni: Attack Power, Kalas: Defense Power, Ronard: Attack + Defense Power


Nerte: Attack Power, Scarla: Defense Power, Encardin: Attack + Defense Power


Base: Attack + Defense IncreaseEncardin: Attack + Defense Power

※ Will receive additional stat increase based on the type of Relic


Base: Attack + Defense IncreaseAttack + Defense Power

※ Will receive additional stat increase based on the type of Relic


Base: Attack + Defense IncreaseAttack + Defense Power

※ Will receive additional stat increase based on the type of Relic


Base: Attack + Defense IncreaseAttack + Defense Power
※ Will receive additional stat increase based on the type of Relic

Branch Damage Boost

A single Branch Damage boost will be given. The amount of damage differs based on the grade of the Relic


✅ Loot
You can obtain [Relic] or [Relic Fragment] from Boss Rush, Ancient Ruins, World Boss, and Spoils of Battle.

You can also use [Relic Fragment] to obtain [Relic].

✅ Pearl Shop
You can obtain a free [Relic] once a day in the Pearl Shop.
You will also obtain a [Relic] each time your Relic Fragment Yellow gauge reaches 100%. The highest grade obtainable is [Mystical].

※ [Relic Fragments] can be purchased in the Pearl Shop or obtained through in-game content.

If you obtain [Rare] or [Unique] grade [Relics], the ‘Orange Gauge’ will fill.

Once the ‘Orange Gauge’ reaches 100%, an [Epic] or [Mystical Relic] will be given as a gift.

※ The “Orange Gauge” will reset under the following conditions
1) If the “Orange Gauge” reaches 100% and you obtain a free Relic.
2) If you obtain an [Epic]- grade [Relic] or higher via normal means (by using fragments to fill up the Yellow Gauge).

※ The ‘Orange Gauge’ will not be filled by obtaining the free [Relic].


Crafting Primal Relic

You can craft Primal Relics in the Ancient Relic Altar located in your Camp.
- Required Material: Ancient Relic Remnant x1, Awakened Abyssal Relic x1, Magical Essence x1000

The type of the crafted Primal Relic will depend on the Abyssal Relic used as material.
- Using an Ancient Relic of Aal as a material will yield a Primal Relic of Aal.
- The enhancement and imbued Glyphs of the Abyssal Relic will be transferred to the Primal Relic.

Ancient Relic Remnant Fragment

A fragment piece that broke off from an Ancient Relic Remnant. The power felt from the relic is weak and you'll need several pieces to identify its true value. It can be obtained from defeating the Great Desert World Boss Ancient Kutum and used to craft Ancient Relic Remnant from Ancient Relic Altar in your Camp.


Required Amount to Craft
Ancient Relic Remnant Fragment : 30
Magical Essence: 500

Ancient Relic Remnant

This Ancient Relic Remnant was used by enlightened Ancients. It is teeming with power.

It can be obtained by defeating the Great Desert World Boss Ancient Kutum or from Pearl Shop - Relic by using Relic Fragments.

Used to craft Primal Relics from the Ancient Relic Altar in Camp.


Required Amount to Craft
Ancient Relic Remnant: 1
Awakened Abyssal Relic: 1
Magical Essence: 1,000
※You can also obtain Relic Fragments absorbing Dark Energy.


Developer Commentary:

Traces of Chaos Energy has been found in the ancient relic discovered in the land of Drieghan. The traces contain recipes for using Primal Relics to craft Chaos Relics.

Chaos Relics will strengthen your core skills and work as an excellent means to overcome the "Draconic Curse" that has befallen Drieghan, as they increase Max Branch Damage with each successful enhancement.

Also, you will be able to find new skills at the Ancient Relic Altar which you can enhance by offering Relics of each Branch. With this update, you can use Relics that didn't serve much purpose to now gain effects that'll help you in combat.

Our Adventurers have been giving much attention to Branch Damage due to the "Draconic Curse" that has befallen Drieghan and the effects from Chaos Alchemy Stones. We hope that you'll be able to increase the damage of your preferred Branch with Chaos Relics and the new Offer Relic: Branch feature.


Chaos Relic


- Added the Story - "Mysteries of the Ancient Relic," relevant to Chaos Relics.
ㆍYou must have a +8 or higher Primal Relic to accept the story.
- Crafting recipes for Chaos Relics of each Branch will be added once you complete the story.


- You can craft Chaos Relics once you complete the new Story - "Mysteries of the Ancient Relic."
- You can craft Chaos Relics of each Branch that you want with the following materials from the Craft menu after completing the story.
ㆍRequired materials: Awakened +8 or higher Primal Relic x1 (any Branch), Chaos Jewel x10, Ah'krad x30, 10,000,000,000 Silver
ㆍImbued Glyphs on the material Primal Relic will be maintained.


- Chaos Relics can be enhanced up to +10 from Enhancement in the Black Spirit's Influence menu.

Branch Enhancement

ㆍYou need Ah'krad x1 and Dimensional Fragment x50 for Branch Enhancement.
ㆍHigher enhancement levels require more Dimensional Fragments per enhancement attempt.
ㆍYou can use Restoration Scrolls or Dimensional Fragments when failing enhancement for guaranteed restoration.
ㆍMore currency (Restoration Scrolls or Dimensional Fragments) is required for restoration for higher enhancement levels.
ㆍSuccessful Branch Enhancement with Chaos Relics will increase AP and DP stats, Branch Damage, and Max Branch Damage.

Offer Relic: Branch

- Added "Offer Relic: Branch" to the Ancient Relic Altar.
ㆍThe tab will unlock after completing Story - "Mysteries of the Ancient Relic" and reaching Lv 100 with Ease of Burden, Wisdom of Battle, and Goblin's Blessing.
ㆍThe damage of each Branch will increase when you increase the skills' levels by offering Relics of the relevant Branch for "Aal's Flame," "Serrett's Light," "Labreve's Eye," and "Ahib's Blade."
- Added "Increase Branch Damage" to Auto-Offer Relic Settings in the Pearl Shop > Relic menu.
ㆍWhen you check "Increase Branch Damage," Relics will automatically be offered to increase their respective Branch passives.
- Higher-grade Relics require more Silver but grant more EXP per offering.

[Relic] can be equipped and removed in the [Inventory] tab.
You can receive additional stats by equipping [Relic].


✅ Relic Enhancement
Just like accessories, select a relic to enhance
and enhance it with the same type to increase the stats on the relic.

The enhancement level will reset when it fails, but you can restore the enhancement level using a Restoration Scroll.

✅ Relic Awakening
You can awaken Mystical or higher grade Relic from the Ancient Relic Altar.
Upon awakening a relic, it'll have increased stats and also have slots available for glyph imbuement.

Glyphs required for imbuement can be obtained from areas in Hadum: Valencia and the Black Sun.

You can receive beneficial effects by equipping relics that fit your class.
It's a good idea to check your character's branch and CP when equipping a relic.

✅ Branch
The relics are categorized into Aal, Ahib, Serrett, and Labreve branch.
You should equip a relic that matches the dominant branch that your character uses.

If you have multiple relics of the same grade, it's a good idea
to prioritize on increasing the skill with the lowest branch.

💡 Tips and Tricks
- Tap on the question mark to see which branches have been applied to the skill.
- You can also opt for other branches on your character if you obtain a high CP relic with a different branch buff.


✅ Offering Relics

If you don’t use certain [Relics], you can have your [Black Spirit] absorb them or offer your [Relics] to the [Ancient Relic Altar] to gain useful benefits.

You can increase the energy levels here to gain powerful effects.

※ Enhanced [Relics] cannot be offered to the altar.
※ Once offered, [Relics] cannot be returned.


- After you complete the preceding quest for Relic Awakening, you'll be able to awaken Mystical or Abyssal grade Relics from the Ancient Relic Altar.
・ The awakened relic will have increased stats and Glyph slots will be available for imbuement.
・ Mystical Relics will have 2 slots for Glyphs, while Abyssal relics will have 3 slots.


- You can obtain [Inscribed Gylph] from the Black Sun and Valencia (Hadum's Realm).
・ Inscribed Glyphs can be appraised by Lafi Bedmountain in each village.
・ Obtain Unique to Primal Unknown Glyphs upon appraising [Inscribed Glyph].