Adventurer's Guide

Character Customization


Character customization is an essential part of every MMORPG, and regardless of preference, it is certainly a feature that our Adventurers show much passion for the detailed appearance of their characters. 

Black Desert Mobile provides a complete customization system for our Adventurers. Starting from the shape of the eyes, nose, and lips to height and body shape, you can use various tools to create a character that is uniquely your own. 


Table of contents
01. Preset
02. Face
03. Face Shape
04. Makeup
05. Hair 
06. Body Shape
07. Preview
08. Other Features


When creating a character, you can either use the default appearance or choose from 10 additional presets. 

Choose a preset that you prefer and press the [Appearance] button to customize your character with more detail.


Try [View Outfit], [Headpiece], and [View Pose] to preview your character’s appearance before beginning customization. 



✓ Style: Choose your character’s face shape.

✓ Skin Color: Choose your character’s skin color.

✓ Skin Luster: You can adjust your character’s skin luster from 0 to 100.

Press the [Skin Color] icon to view the color palette. 



✓ Basic Mode: You can adjust the basic components of your character’s face. 

Press the icons on the left to get a closer view of the parts you want to customize. 


✓ Advanced Mode: A more detailed customization of your character’s face shape is possible. 

You can adjust the length, width, and depth by pressing any shaded part of your character’s face. 



✓ Female: You can adjust the color and makeup of your character’s eyebrows, eye shape (pupil/iris/lens), eyelashes, eyeliner, blush, and lip.

✓ Male: You can adjust the color and makeup of your character’s eyebrows, mustache, eye shape (pupil/iris/lens), eyelashes, eyeliner, and lip.



✓ Hairstyle: You can adjust the color, style, curl plus other detailed features of your character’s hair.

✓ Dyeing: You can dye the roots and ends of your character’s hair. 


✓ Hair Shape: Press the purple circles to apply detailed changes to your character’s hair shape, curl, length, and more. 



✓ Shape: Try adjusting your character’s height and shape. You can apply detailed changes by pressing a shaded part.



✓ Preview Outfit: You can see previews of your character wearing different kinds of outfits. 


✓ Preview Pose: You can see previews of your character’s pose.



① Try adding your character’s appearance in the [Beauty Album]


What is a Beauty Album?

A “Beauty Album” is an album where you can store your customization as a picture to share with other Adventurers. You can upvote other Adventurers’ customizations and download the appearance of other characters. Customizations and users with the most downloads will be up on our [Most Downloaded] / [Most Endorsed] section.


② Add to Beauty Album: You can take a picture of your character’s current customization and add it to the Beauty Album. 

③ View Outfit: You can see the preview of your character’s outfit. 

④ View Pose: You can see the preview of your character’s pose. 

⑤ Other Functions: On the far right side of the Customize page, you can switch the UI on/off by pressing the [UI] button. You can put your hair up or make your character focus on the camera by pressing the bottom 2 icons.