Adventurer's Guide

Crow Merchant Guild Delivery


Patrigio is expanding his trading business!

On top of his usual sales, he now accepts certain items from Adventurers and distributes them in secret.
Of course, the adventurers are aptly rewarded for their generous deliveries.

Patrigio has a secret standard for appraising items. Nobody knows why this enigmatic trader accepts the items, nor how they are appraised. But what we do know is that he reveals the top delivery rankings, and that the merchant guild gives out rewards based on the total value of the delivered items.

The Adventurer in 1st place can receive a "Brooch of the Tycoon," imbued with the energy of a tycoon from the past. You can craft the "Necklace of the Tycoon" with this brooch, which will sometimes summon a Tycoon Specter when attacked to pummel nearby enemies with gold. The stunning power of the Necklace of the Tycoon should make for an interesting variable in various combat situations.

Let's go back to Patrigio's new business plan! He wants you to deliver various items.

You can deliver the items you've gathered from fishing, foraging, and mining. We hope that this feature puts a smile on Adventurers enjoying life content! You can also deliver glyphs that have already been appraised, so you can get rid of those pesky glyphs that were cluttering your inventory!

Jump into Patrigio's new and exciting business, and aim for the Necklace of the Tycoon!

- Deliver items to the merchant guild through Patrigio in towns.
ㆍMerchant Guild Delivery is available after completing Main Quest "Lemoria Guard Post."

- The appraisal of delivered items is not based on their grades, but instead on Patrigio's standards, which is not displayed.

Category Description
Fish - Deliver fish from Fishing Zones, Camp, and Great Ocean.
ㆍ You cannot deliver fish from Great Ocean Hot Spots, Eventide Island, or Worker Gathering.
※ Fish from Great Ocean Hot Spots that are "obtainable from regular fishing" can be delivered.
Gathered Materials  - Deliver "Powder of Life," "Dark Crystal Ore," and "Strong Timber" obtainable when Foraging, Mining, and Logging with Master Lv1.
Glyphs - Deliver glyphs of all grades.
ㆍ Appraised, unidentified, tradeable, and spiritbound glyphs can all be delivered.

- If you delivered at least one item to the merchant guild, you will receive a reward chest the following Monday.
- "Patrigio's Delivery Reward" will contain better rewards with more valuable items delivered.

- Rewards are given out according to the rankings tallied on Monday at 00:00.
ㆍ[Brooch of the Tycoon] will be given to the Adventurer in 1st place for Merchant Guild Delivery.
ㆍRankings are updated every day.
- You can use [Brooch of the Tycoon] to craft [Necklace of the Tycoon] or sell it at a high price on the Market.

- You can craft the necklace with [Brooch of the Tycoon], a Chaos-grade necklace, [Chaos Jewel] x10, and 100 billion Silver.
- Adventurers who equip it have a 5% chance to summon a Tycoon Specter to deal 500 fixed damage up to two times and stun enemies when attacked.