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Tax Wagon Pre-Season

Tax Wagon Pre-Season

Developer Commentary:

"The Mediah Merchant Union, located between Valencia and Calpheon, was given the sole rights to the "Royal Chef Certificate" by the Kingdom of Valencia. It turned out that they had agreed to send a Tax Wagon loaded with great amounts of currency every week.

It isn't long before the news on the Tax Wagon reaches the ears of many Adventurers. According to the Crow Merchants Guild, the Tax Wagon passes by Rakshan Oasis. The Tax Wagon content opens as the Valencian royal family requests help from the guild occupying the Castle, as they think something must be done about the planned attacks on the Tax Wagon from certain guilds who hear the information."

The Tax Wagon Pre-Season begins with this update. The Tax Wagon content is an expansion of Node/Siege War content. It will proceed differently from Hidden Outer Castle and Hidden Banquet Hall content in which entry is granted to guilds who've gained victory in certain Node Wars or Siege Wars. The attacking faction (guild occupying certain Nodes) can only attack the Tax Wagon with its many members, and the defending faction (guild occupying Valencia Castle) can only attack the attacking faction with less members.

We would like to ask for participation and support from many Adventurers during the pre-season of this Tax Wagon content in which you can either steal tributes or protect them.


- The Tax Wagon Pre-Season in which the Tax Wagon traverses the Great Desert to reach Valencia Castle begins.
ㆍ The pre-season will continue until further notice.
- You can enter the Tax Wagon content on Saturdays between 19:00 to 19:20, and the wagon will depart in around 2 minutes.
ㆍ You can enter freely during the content schedule.
- Your guild must occupy a specific Node or Valencia Castle to participate in this content.
- The Tier 1 to 2 Nodes available for participation in the Tax Wagon content will rotate every week. You can check this information from the Node War Bid menu.

Node Tier Number of Nodes for Participation
Tier 1 2 (Rotates Every Week)
Tier 2 3 (Rotates Every Week)
Tier 3, Valencia Castle All


- You can enter the content via [Guild Fortress - Guild Expedition - Tax Wagon].
- You can either participate as part of the attacking faction or defending faction.
- You cannot select the faction to participate as, and you can check the factions that can participate from [Siege Gateway].
- There are a total of five channels in which one Tax Wagon departs in each.
ㆍ Both the attacking faction and defending faction can select the channel to participate in.
ㆍ Up to 100 participants can enter as the attacking faction and up to 10 can enter as the defending faction per channel.




- A Tax Wagon loads a certain amount of tax and moves to its destination.
- You can check the distance traveled and tax remaining in the Tax Wagon on the right of the screen.

- Tax will automatically be obtained in the inventory based on the damage the attacker deals to the Tax Wagon.
ㆍ Tax Bundles obtainable upon interaction will drop near the Tax Wagon.
- Like Chaos Muraka and Ahib's Griffon, the Tax Wagon's HP is shared across all channels.
ㆍ If there's no tax remaining when the Tax Wagon arrives at the destination, the defending faction will only receive the base tax.
- Participants can only ride on Great Desert mounts.

- Ancient Kutum appears in the path of the Tax Wagon.
ㆍ A Tax Wagon attacked by Kutum will stop moving for a short while.
ㆍ Ancient Kutum that spawns cannot be defeated.
- There are altars, and when you revive in a nearby town, you can revive at a Broken Altar. You can only use them when auto-pathing.

Faction Details
Defending Faction Participation Requirement: The guild occupying Valencia Caslte after the previous week's Siege War
- The defending faction must defend the Tax Wagon until it reaches its destination.
- Members of this faction must protect the Tax Wagon from taking damage from Adventurers of the attacking faction.
ㆍ Adventurers of the defending faction do not take damage from Ancient Kutum and Adventurers of the attacking faction, and debuffs won't be applied.
- Each participant of the faction can obtain individual rewards from the Tax Wagon once it reaches the destination regardless of the channel.
ㆍ Base taxes can be collected even if there are no remaining taxes in the wagon.
ㆍ Each participant will get one fiftieth of the total tax, base tax included.
Attacking Faction Participation Requirement: Guilds occupying Nodes available for participation in the Tax Wagon content from the Sunday of the previous week to the Friday the week of.
ㆍ A guild will not be eligible for participation if the occupied Node is liberated due to Siege War or Node bidding.
- You must attack the Tax Wagon until it reaches the destination.
- Participants of the attacking faction will get tax each time a set amount of damage is dealt to the Tax Wagon's HP. 
ㆍ Taxes seized will be distributed directly to the inventory.
- Adventurers of the attacking faction cannot attack other Adventurers, including Adventurers of the defending faction.
- Adventurers' names will be displayed as "Unknown Adventurer" instead of the Family name.
- Participants of the attacking faction can take damage from the defending faction and Ancient Kutum and debuffs will also be inflicted.
- Taxes siezed will be distributed individually.