Adventurer's Guide

Restricted Zone

Developer Commentary:

Recently, the merchants who come and go on the trade routes connected to Valencia City have been troubled due to the unprecedented enemy attacks or destruction of their goods for reasons unknown. And the mysterious verdant fog, source unknown, has been adding to the troubles as it slowly encroaches upon Valencia.

News of the troubles have reached the royal family of Valencia. King Shahzad Nesser of Valencia, sensing the seriousness of the matter, has placed a restriction on the zone. He has also announced that he'll find an Adventurer with special qualifications for a thorough investigation on this matter.

What would make one qualify in the eyes of the king? Also, who shall be the one to venture into the danger-ridden Restricted Zone and complete the mission?

- Added the new Story - "Fogworn City."
ㆍ Complete the East Valencia main quest "Aal's Spring" to unlock the story.
ㆍ Upon completion of the story, you will acquire Knowledge that increases stats.

- Once you complete the Story - "Fogworn City" and meet the CP requirement, the hidden quest "Royal Order" will appear.
ㆍ After the CP ranking is tallied every day at midnight, the quest will arrive for adventurers who reached a CP placing them in the top 1,000 across all servers on that day.
ㆍ The "Royal Order" quest can be accepted and completed once per week.

- Once you've completed the "Royal Order" quest, you will receive a [Royal Written Order].
ㆍ If you tap the "Visit" button from the [Royal Written Order], you will move to the King of Valencia NPC, Shahzad Nesser.

- You can accept the quest "Special Investigators" by talking to Shahzad Nesser after completing the quest "Royal Order."

- Upon completing the quest "Special Investigators," you will obtain a [Restricted Zone Pass].
ㆍ The [Restricted Zone Pass] must be used within 24 hours upon obtaining it, and can be sold to vendors once it expires.
ㆍ If you have a [Restricted Zone Pass], you can enter the restricted area the next day, even if your CP places you under the top 1,000 in the all-server ranking, as long as the item has not expired.

- Added new zones "Restricted Zone Entrance" and "Restricted Zone" to East Valencia.

- Talk to Al Ahrmin at the Restricted Zone Entrance and use a [Restricted Zone Pass] to enter the Restricted Zone.

- Using a [Restricted Zone Pass] grants you 60 minutes for entry.
ㆍ Like the Chaos Rift, entry time will be spent even if you leave the zone. However, time will not decrease when logged out.
ㆍ Hot Time and Server Hot Time buffs are not applied in the Restricted Zone.

- Three types of monsters appear depending on the character's location in the Restricted Zone.

Monster Type CP Spawn Location
Oozing Normal Outer Restricted Zone
Fogfallen High Inner Restricted Zone
Darkgloom Very High Deep Within the Restricted Zone

- "Murderous" monsters will spawn for a specific number of each type of monster defeated.
ㆍ You can obtain special rewards at a set chance when you defeat a "Murderous" monster.

Monster Type Number That Must Be Defeated to Spawn "Murderous" Monster
Oozing 500
Fogfallen 170
Darkgloom 70

- In the Restricted Zone, you can obtain [Shadow Whispers] from Spoils of Battle and by defeating "Murderous" monsters.
ㆍ [Shadow Whispers] can be registered on the Market and more "How to Obtain" options will be added through a future Guild Rush update.

- Added a new item [Fogbound Crystal].
ㆍ You can obtain Fogbound Crystals by defeating "Murderous" monsters in the Restricted Zone or craft them using crafting recipes.
ㆍ Luminescent Crystal x100, Shadow Whispers x1, and Ah'krad x1 are used as materials.
ㆍ Fogbound Crystals are used as Rune enhancement material.