Adventurer's Guide

Eilton Defense



The witches bless the villagers with the "Winterland Star" to console them, when nothing but eternal winter remains on the land as punishment for the Golden Dragon Labreska challenging the gods.


Snow that begins from the "Winterland Star" blankets the land and protects the Abets, villagers of Everfrost. They boast amazing survivability in the cold, evidenced by the snowy lands they continue to live in.


However, a mysterious occurrence turned the Okjinsini violent, and the Kanditus, Winter Forest Ronaros, Ice Trolls, and Pikus started to attack Eilton.


Their only target was the "Winterland Star," located in Eilton.


The Abets lacked combative skills, and could not defeat the waves of enemies. After careful consideration, the Chief of Eilton decided to recruit Adventurers to join Eilton Defense.


Adventurers can participate in this PvE content, designed so that you can experience a new feeling of tension and achievement as you fight against endless waves of enemies by taking on the request of the chief.


As you can only complete Eilton Defense once per week, we've added a minor "focus" factor.


Although manual combat is not mandatory like in PvP content, you must strategically set a target to attack first, then provide support where help is needed. You'll be able to experience familiar yet challenging new combat.


- Added PvE content, "Eilton Defense," in which many Adventurers gather in Eilton to prevent the invasion of monsters.
- The monsters' energy will get stronger with each action you take in the Mountain of Eternal Winter, and "Eilton Defense" will open after 24 hours from the point where the monsters are at max energy.
- After the update maintenance on Jun 27 (Tue), the first Eilton Defense will open when the monsters are at half energy instead of max energy to provide the experience for the new content to our Adventurers as quickly as possible.
- You can participate in Eilton Defense for an hour after it opens.
- Citron Tea will not be spent during participation in Eilton Defense.

- You must complete the quest "Ynix, the Holy Flame" from the Story - "The Mountain of Eternal Winter" and have a character in your Family at 39,000 CP or higher to participate in Eilton Defense.



- Eilton Defense can begin when at least 20 and up to 30 Adventurers are ready.

- You can participate in Eilton Defense once per week, and the participation count will refresh on Mondays at 00:00.
ㆍ Entries will be spent when you collect the rewards after successful Eilton Defense.
ㆍ If the town defense opens on Sunday and ends on Monday, entries will be spent based on the end time.

- Eilton Defense will automatically fail if no participants are inside the stage.
- You will be kicked from the match if you are out of combat for 5 minutes.
ㆍ You can rejoin within 10 minutes after leaving a match, and you can obtain rewards if you rejoin within 2 minutes after a match ends.
ㆍ You need at least 3,000 Contribution to obtain rewards.

※ Eilton Defense will not be held during Tuesdays due to weekly update maintenances. If update schedules change due to national holidays, we will inform you through a notice about Eilton Defense schedule changes.


ㆍ You can tap the speech bubble icon to communicate quickly with your allies during Eilton Defense.
ㆍ The cooldown for this function is 5 seconds.
- Only the top 3 Adventurers on the Contribution Leaderboard can use this ping feature, and this is set at the beginning of each wave.




- In Eilton Defense, you must join forces with your fellow Adventurers to protect Eilton's Holy Artifact, the "Winterland Star," from incoming monsters.
- You will fail Eilton Defense when the monsters destroy the Winterland Star.
- Eilton Defense lasts for 4 waves, each with different bosses and enemy strategies to defend against.



- The Winterland Star recovers 10% of its Max HP at the end of a wave.
- Missions can be started 30 seconds after a wave begins.
ㆍBosses appear 60 seconds after a wave begins.
- Monsters of each wave deal damage based on the Adventurers' Max HP.
- "HP Recovery Rate +10%" buff is applied after the start of wave 1.
- Destroy mission objects from each wave to enhance this buff by +10%, stacking up to 100%.
ㆍ Mission Objects: Pathway, Troll Catapult, Suspicious Burrow
- You can gain AP Increase Buffs by defeating monsters, and 50% of your buffs will expire when your character dies.
ㆍ The Adventurer who deals the last hit will take the AP buffs.


Table of AP Buffs

Buff Type Source and Effect
Eilton Defense: Mercenary Defeat Normal Monsters, AP +5
Eilton Defense: Elite Defeat Violent Monsters, AP +250
Eilton Defense: Hero Defeat Boss Monsters, AP +500


- For Normal and Violent Monsters, Contribution Points are given to Adventurers who deal the last hit. For Bosses and Priority Targets, Contribution Points are given based on the inflicted damage ranks.
- Ice Crystals that have a 100% chance to freeze Adventurers appear within 20 seconds after a wave begins.



- Cannon Damage and Hwacha Damage from Alchemy Stones are applied.
- Adventurers can gain Contribution according to the table below upon completing a Wave Mission,


Wave Mission Time Limit Contribution Wave Mechanics
1 Destroy Pathways 90 seconds 1,000  - A horde of enemies prioritizing the Winterland Star will appear.
2 Destroy Troll Catapults 90 seconds 2,000  - Enemies approaching from the Bridge Gateway and Central Gateway will take turns reinforcing their troops.
3 Destroy Suspicious Burrows 60 seconds 3,000  - Enemies with high Move Speed will approach from the Hill Gateway.
4 Defeat Pikus 300 seconds - The boss Pikus will appear, each with different combat abilities.



Wave 1: Ancient Frost Giant Guardian


- Ancient Frost Giant Guardian appears on 2 random pathways along with other monsters.
- Ancient Frost Giant Guardian will charge straight toward the Winterland Star.
ㆍ They do not target Adventurers.


Wave 2: Breukia


- Breukia appears on all 3 pathways of Eilton.
- Breukia curls up and viciously rolls toward Adventurers.
- You must be careful not to get in their line of attack.
- When Breukia stops rolling and glares at an Adventurer, the target Adventurer will suffer a powerful attack.
ㆍThe target Adventurer must separate from their allies.



Wave 3: Kanditus Elite Shaman


- Kanditus Elite Shaman appears on a random pathway.
- The Kanditus Elite Shaman launches a volley of attacks using their giant staff, and will teleport to a certain location when they take enough damage to their HP.
- Red, Yellow, and Blue Portals will appear when the Kanditus Elite Shaman teleports. You can interact with these portals, and one will lead to the boss.



Wave 4: Final Boss Piku

- The menacing Piku has sharp horns and is overwhelming in size.
- Three different Pikus will appear in the final wave: "Blue Hand Piku," "Red Foot Piku," and "Yellow Aura Piku."
- Each Piku has a different ability, and they each charge toward the Holy Artifact to unleash powerful attacks when their remaining HP reaches a certain point.


Piku Abilities
Blue Hand Piku Uses their frigid hands from a distance to create freezing zones that deal immense damage
Red Foot Piku Uses their blazing legs to create burning zones on impact
Yellow Aura Piku Uses their aura to
empower the HP and strength of their allies




- You can obtain reward chests upon completing Eilton Defense, with a set chance to receive certain items upon opening them.


Top 80% Rewards
- Voidsent Eye x1
- [Primal] Unknown Memory (Necklace) x1
- [Abyssal] Unknown Memory (Necklace) x1
- Crimson Crown x10
- Chaos Crystal x500
- Alyaelli Fragment x1,000


Bottom 20% Rewards
- Voidsent Eye x1
- [Abyssal] Unknown Memory (Necklace) x1
- Crimson Crown x5
- Chaos Crystal x250
- Alyaelli Fragment x1,000