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[Black Desert Mobile Guide]


Table of Contents
01. Horses
02. Horse Skill
03. Horse Breeding
04. Doom, Dream Horse



Horses can save you a lot of travel time and can provide useful skills.


How to obtain horses

1. Reward for completing a quest: You can obtain a horse by completing quests. (1 per family)
2. Capture: You can also capture wild horses by using rope. 
A. You can buy rope to capture horses and brown sugar from the livestock merchants or the Pearl Shop
B. Horses can be caught in certain capture areas, which can be found by looking at the mini map

*After you capture it, a minigame will occur. Even if you succeed in capturing a horse, you may fail in taming the horse.*

*Your chances of taming a horse may increase by using brown sugar.*




Horse has two skill types: normal and bonding. The higher generation of horse will have more skills and abilities. When you firstly obtain or exchange the horse, random skill will be given and they can be exchanged by using item in Pearl Shop.


① Bonding SKill

You can purchase a [Horse Bonding Exchange Coupon] in Pearl Shop. Once you use the item, a random bonding skill will be applied on existing bonding skill.


② Normal SKill

The higher generation of horses, the more skills will be given.

You can purchase a [Horse Skill Exchange Coupon] in Pearl Shop to change it.

※Even if you use the item, the generation of the horse will not change.




① 1st ~ 7th Generation

The two identical and maximum leveled(Lv.10) horses can be used for breeding. 

Once you breed horses, you will be 100% guaranteed for the next generation of horse.


② 8th Generation

- Tier 8 Horses can now be obtained by breeding two Lv 10, Tier 7 horses, along with using [Rainbow Jewel Fruit].
· [Rainbow Jewel Fruit] can be purchased from the Livestock Vendor for 100,000,000 silver.
· The chances of successfully breeding a Tier 8 Horse is low. If the attempt fails, one of the Tier 7 Horses you used will disappear.

· Quantum Jump (Cooldown: 50 minutes) can be used. Using this skill will summon your Tier 8 Horse to you, and it will teleport you to a saved location.



Doom is one of the three children of Krogdalo.
It is a Dream Horse born with a flame that burns forever.

Its entire body is engulfed in flames that fade away,
but they will do no harm to an owner it has recognized.

Doom has unique traits not just with appearance, but in performance as well.
It was made to be the horse everyone dreamed of riding.

Leaving foot trails as fiery as our adventurers' passion from all over the world,
we hope to see this Dream Horse become a reliable companion.


① Doom

- Doom is a Dream Horse that is enveloped in flames.
- Having it will increase Horse Inventory weight significantly and give better mobility than a Tier 8 Horse.
- Dream Horse: Doom uses [Ultimate Quantum Jump] and has a better Horse Bond.
ㆍThe [Quantum Jump] skill used by the Tier 8 used to awaken a Dream Horse will change to [Ultimate Quantum Jump].
ㆍ[Ultimate Quantum Jump] will have a location addition for fast travel and has less cooldown.

[Ultimate Quantum Jump]
ㆍCooldown time 20 min
ㆍFast Travel to the boss entrance when coming from the World Boss Status Board
ㆍFast Travel to a Guild Call spot
ㆍFast Travel to the enemy location when chasing a designated enemy from the enemy list.
ㆍDoom can obtain 4 Normal Skills and 1 Exclusive Skill.
ㆍYou need Horse Skill Coupon x50 to change an Exclusive Skill.
ㆍDoom's Exclusive Skills are the following:
Dark Sprint
- Inflicts burn damage and strikes down the enemy by charging forward.
Dark Flame Steps
- Push and inflict burn damage by creating fire with every step.

- Doom cannot be mounted in Great Desert.
- Doom cannot be connected to the Merchantry Wagon.


② Dream Horse Awakening

- Complete "Legendary Dream Horse" story first to be able to obtain a Dream Horse.
- Complete the story and be able to obtain Dream Horse: Doom in Awaken Horse menu in Camp Stable.
- Awaken Dream Horse requires a Level 10 Tier 8 Horse, and Glowing Root x1 and Krogdalo's Spirit Stone x200 as materials.
- Even if you fail to awaken a Dream Horse, the Tier 8 Horse won't disappear, but the Glowing Roots and Krogadalo's Spirit Stones used as materials will. Dream Horse Energy will also get stronger.
- You can 100% succeed on your next Dream Horse Awakening when Dream Horse energy is full.


③ Dream Horse Awakening Materials

- Glowing Root can be obtained in Kamasylvia monster areas or at a low chance when gathering Kamasylvia Blue Lunar Flower.
ㆍKamasylvia Blue Lunar Flowers bloom in Kamasylvia after completing the first quest of the "Legendary Dream Horse" Story,

- Krogdalo's Spirit Stone can be obtained as stated below:
ㆍDeliver a Horse that has achieved Level 10 (Tier does not matter)
ㆍPurchase from Patrigio's Shop items list
ㆍObtain by exchanging premium specialty goods from Trade NPC in town after entering Merchantry or Purchase from Wandering Merchant

- Spirit Tulip can be obtained as stated below with a low chance:
ㆍPurchase from Patrigio's Shop items list
ㆍPurchase from Wandering Merchant in Merchantry
- You can raise the Awakening rate by 100% by using Spirit Tulip.
- Dream Horse Awakening materials cannot be registered on Market.


④ Horse Delivery

- Complete "Dream Horse Researcher Borgoh", one of Dream Horse stories, to use Horse Delivery menu in Camp Stable.

- Obtain Krogdalo's Spirit Stone by delivering a horse that has reached Level 10 regardless of the Tier.

Horse Tier Krodgado's Spirit Stone
Tier 1-3  1
Tier 4 2
Tier 5 3
Tier 6 5
Tier 7 9
Tier 8 100

※Horses that have reached Level 10 cannot be sold.


⑤ Dream Horse Awakenig

Each attempt to obtain Dream Horse Awakening requires one Glowing Root and 200 Krogdalo's Spirit Stone, and a Level 10 Tier 8 Horse.

If you fail, Glowing Root and Krogdalo's Spirit Stone will be consumed, but Level 10 Tier 8 Horse used for awakening will not disappear. Certain amount of Dream Horse Energy is filled when the attempt fails.

The attempt to obtain Dream Horse Awakening will succeed if Dream Horse Energy is fully filled.


- Dream Horse Energy color by gauge

Developer Commentary

The magnificent golden-maned Diné leaves verdant grass in her wake with her earthen powers, so she is often referred to as "Diné of the Earth."

Diné is the only horse that can run in the Great Desert.

She is a child of the Dream Horse Krogdalo, thus she and Doom are blood sisters. Diné's power is a stark contrast to Doom's everlasting flames.

Legends say that the reason Diné can run on desert sands is only because of Doom.
Find out more about Diné and Doom's story in the next update!.

- Diné can only be mounted in the desert, and she does not have level up.

- Diné has access to the following exclusive skills:
ㆍEarth's Bolt: Diné rushes across the desert at lightning speed.
ㆍEarth's Blessing: Immunity to Desert's Grasp for 30 min, PvP damage taken -5%
ㆍQuantum Jump: Available in Great Desert. This effect does not share a cooldown with Tier 8 Horses and Dream Horse Doom.
- You can excavate in Great Desert while mounted on Diné.
- Diné's Quantum Jump is unavailable during Black Sun.
- Diné cannot be ridden in normal fields, and cannot be attached to a Merchantry wagon.
- As she is a Desert Mount, you cannot own multiple copies of Diné.

- Diné can be awakened at the Stable after clearing Story - Legendary Dream Horse.
- You can choose between Doom and Diné in the Dream Horse Awakening menu.
- You need a Tier 8 Horse at level 10 to awaken Diné, and you need Earth Crystal x1 and Krogdalo's Spirit Stone x200 on each attempt.
ㆍYou can obtain Earth Crystal x1 by defeating Kureba in Temple of Ohm of all levels.
ㆍAdventurers who have completed Temple of Ohm before the update will be given Earth Crystal x1 by in-game mail.
ㆍThey can also drop from enemies in Great Desert: Shahzad.
- Dream Horse Energy stacks are not shared between Doom and Diné.
- If you fail to awaken Diné, all materials except for the Tier 8 Horse will be spent and Diné's Energy will grow stronger.