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[Black Desert Mobile Guide]


Table of Contents
01. Horses
02. Horse Skill
03. Horse Breeding



Horses can save you a lot of travel time and can provide useful skills.


How to obtain horses

1. Reward for completing a quest: You can obtain a horse by completing quests. (1 per family)
2. Capture: You can also capture wild horses by using rope. 
A. You can buy rope to capture horses and brown sugar from the livestock merchants or the Pearl Shop
B. Horses can be caught in certain capture areas, which can be found by looking at the mini map

*After you capture it, a minigame will occur. Even if you succeed in capturing a horse, you may fail in taming the horse.*

*Your chances of taming a horse may increase by using brown sugar.*




Horse has two skill types: normal and bonding. The higher generation of horse will have more skills and abilities. When you firstly obtain or exchange the horse, random skill will be given and they can be exchanged by using item in Pearl Shop.


① Bonding SKill

You can purchase a [Horse Bonding Exchange Coupon] in Pearl Shop. Once you use the item, a random bonding skill will be applied on existing bonding skill.


② Normal SKill

The higher generation of horses, the more skills will be given.

You can purchase a [Horse Skill Exchange Coupon] in Pearl Shop to change it.

※Even if you use the item, the generation of the horse will not change.




① 1st ~ 7th Generation

The two identical and maximum leveled(Lv.10) horses can be used for breeding. 

Once you breed horses, you will be 100% guaranteed for the next generation of horse.


② 8th Generation

- Tier 8 Horses can now be obtained by breeding two Lv 10, Tier 7 horses, along with using [Rainbow Jewel Fruit].
· [Rainbow Jewel Fruit] can be purchased from the Livestock Vendor for 100,000,000 silver.
· The chances of successfully breeding a Tier 8 Horse is low. If the attempt fails, one of the Tier 7 Horses you used will disappear.

· Quantum Jump (Cooldown: 60 minutes) can be used. Using this skill will summon your Tier 8 Horse to you, and it will teleport you to a saved location.