Adventurer's Guide

Party Rush


Party Rush was developed to provide a boost for Adventurers to overcome the early game CP block, and also to encourage guild and blood kin activity.
The low drop rate of [War Horn: Cadry Gatekeeper] will make it feel more rewarding when you obtain it.

We expect that Adventurers will be able to bond with guild members and blood kin by participating in Party Rushes together, and gradually increase their CP with the addition of Abyssal Party Rush in future updates.

- [War Horn: Cadry Gatekeeper] can be used by Adventurers with 13,000 CP or above, and who are part of a guild or blood kin.
ㆍYou can obtain this item from Spoils of Battle dropped by enemies at East and South Valencia.

- The owner of a [War Horn: Cadry Gatekeeper] can invite up to 2 other guild members or blood kin to their party.
ㆍ[War Horn: Cadry Gatekeeper] is consumed upon entering, and the required CP is 13,000.
ㆍParty Rush cannot be entered with less than 3 party members.
ㆍThe instance lasts for 30 minutes, and can be re-entered within this time.

- The Adventurer who used the War Horn will obtain 100 Chaos Cores, and others will obtain 20 Chaos Cores. Various rewards are given upon completion.
- [War Horn: Cadry Gatekeeper] must be used within 24 hours, and can be sold to an NPC after expiry.