Adventurer's Guide


Enchantment is a system allowing Adventurers to add additional stats on their gear.



01. Magical Residue, Magical Essence

02. Enchantment/Awakened Enchantment

03. Enchantment value

04. Trading Enchanted items

Enhancement materials can be gained from the Black Spirit absorbing gear. The number of Enchantment materials gained depends on the type and grade of the gear.


※ Regardless of the Black Spirit’s level, you can obtain Enchantment materials.

※ Enchantment materials cannot be gained from absorbing Relics or Condensed Dark Energy.

Items you can obtain Magical Residueby absorbing energy Items you can obtain Magical Essence by absorbing energy

- [Unique or Higher] Main/Sub Weapons

- [Unique or Higher] Armors

- [Rare or Higher] Accessory


[1] Enchantment

After completing the Main Quest: 4th Awakening, `Enchantment` will be unlocked.

You can use enchantment materials and silver to enchant equipment that are on unique grade or higher.  

The total amount of Magical Residue/Essence and silver needed will vary depending on which item you wish to enchant. 

Enchanting Weapons/Armor Enchanting Accessories

- Magical Residue

- Silver

- Magical Essence

- Silver


-Certain grades of gear can yield up to 2 slots for Enchantment.

-Enchantment effects can vary.

- If you do not like the result of the Enchantment, simply try again. You can also revert to the previous Enchantment effects without an additional cost.


[2] Awakened Enchantment 

[Awakened Enchantment] is available for awakened gear. 

[Awakened Enchantment] provides stronger AP and DP effects than normal [Enchantment], but requires more materials to perform. 

If you don’t want the effects that you’ve obtained, you can restore them by spending some of the materials with 50% of probability. 


[3] Auto-Enchantment 

[Auto-Enchantment] function is now available from Black Sprit level 65. [Auto-Enchant] will repeatedly perform [Enchantment] until you obtain the effects that you've set. 

※ [Awakened Enchantment] may fail as it is not guaranteed. Take caution when using this function, as [Restore Enchantment] is also not guaranteed to succeed. 



 ※ Please Note

- Enchantment effects cannot be transferred through Enhancement Transfer. 

- Extracting Enchantment effects will result in the effect being lost.

- Every Enchantment requires Silver.


Stat bonuses from Enchantment effects differ depending on the grade and type of the gear.

The value of each Enchantment is random.

Once you enchant a gear, you will be able to see a button on the top left corner of your game screen.

Click to see more details on the Enchantment.



You cannot register enchanted gear on the Market. 

To register enchanted gear, you will first have to remove the Enchantments.