Adventurer's Guide

Season - Season Plus

Season Completion

You've graduated from the Black Desert Mobile Season by growing your Season Character

and completing all of the Season Pass Missions.

Congratulations on your graduation!

You will no longer be able to equip the Tuvala gear,

but you will now be able to equip the Chaos gear and other items that will help you grow stronger.

To learn more about graduation, check by clicking the buttons below!


Season Plus

Adventurers who has graduated from a Season and don't know how to grow stronger!

Adventurers who don't know where to start because there's so much content!

Adventurers who want to progress quickly, but need help and support!

Are you an Adventurer who have just graduated from a Season?
Now is the time to start Season Plus!

※ Season Plus will be available to all new and returning Adventurers who created their family after Tuesday, March 19 at 00:00,
as well as all Adventurers who are adventuring on the Oasis server.

Season Plus?

What are the details?

Growth doesn't stop after graduation! Progress by following the Season Plus!

We'll give you the support! Receive a variety of rewards for completing the quests!

Up to 35,000 Combat Power upon completion! Aim for the Voidsent Eye in Everfrost!

Various contents! You'll be able to naturally enjoy various contents outside of the Season.

Season Plus?

Where can I do it?

After graduating, tap the Event icon on the right side of the mini map!!

Tap the Season Plus tab in the Event list to get started!