Adventurer's Guide

Field of Valor: Desert

▷ Entrance Requirements
- You can access Field of Valor: Desert after finishing the quest [The Opening of the Desert].

▷ Entry
- Tap the Field of Valor icon in the main menu.
- Entering Field of Valor: Desert requires Purified Water.
- Entering the Field of Valor: Desert will use 30 minutes worth of Purified Water, to match the 30 minute timer upon entering.
- You can fight in the Field of Valor: Desert up to 6 times a week.
- The weekly entrance limit will reset on Monday at 00:00 (Server Time).

▷ Create Chamber
Tapping this will allow you to create a party comprised of your friends and/or guild members or create a public party.

▷ Quick Join
This will allow you to join in public games that have already been created and have space for you to join. If there are no public games available, you will automatically be made host of a new public party.

▷ Rewards and Quests
- Obtain rewards such as [Edana's Coin], [Token: Royal Elephant], Great Desert Appraisal Items, and more.
- Killing enemies in Field of Valor: Desert counts towards quests requiring You to defeat Great Desert enemies.
· Defeating Field of Valor: Desert enemies only counts towards defeating normal monsters and does not include monsters with special titles, such as Vicious Desert Naga and Fierce Desert Naga.


▷ Obtainable Rewards

Here you can see the best possible rewards for each difficulty within the Field of Valor. Higher difficulties yield higher drop rates for these items.

▷ Difficulty Levels

Level Required CP
Field of Valor: Desert Level 1 10,000
Field of Valor: Desert Level 2  14,000
Field of Valor: Desert Level 3 18,000
Field of Valor: Desert Level 4 22,000
Field of Valor: Desert Level 5 25,000


▷ Time Limit

A session of Field of Valor: Desert will last for 30 minutes. Monsters will continue to appear within the time limit, and Field of Valor will end once the allotted time has expired.


▷ Leaving Field of Valor

Party members are able to leave and re-enter the Field of Valor as long as time remains for the current instance.

▷ 5 Times Multiplier
A five times multiplier can be activated for Field of Valor: Desert. You can use Holy Water x5 and get 5 times the rewards during the battle time of one Field of Valor round.
※ The multiplier does not affect the rate of obtaining a Royal Elephant.

▷ Important Notes
- [Bell of Aal: Great Desert] effects will now apply to Field of Valor: Desert as well.
- [Combat Buff] effects also apply to Field of Valor: Desert.
- Great Desert Hot Time applies to Field of Valor: Desert as well.
- If using Combat Plus in Field of Valor: Desert, you cannot use the invite function.