Adventurer's Guide


You can gain various benefits and take part in actvities together with guild members.
Join or create a guild to meet Adventurers and go on an epic journey.
You can create a guild together with other Adventurers.
You can earn additional Social Tokens and participate in Guild Rushes, Node War, Siege War,
and other content together with guild members.
✅ Joining a Guild
There are no requirements for joining a guild. From the main menu, tap on the Guild icon in the top-right button to join a guild.
✅ Creating a Guild
You must have at least 400,000 Silver and your character lvl must be 30 or above in order to create a guild.
You cannot create a guild if you're already in a guild. If you happen to be in a guild, you must leave the guild and wait for 24 hours before you can create a guild.
You can use letters and numbers to name a guild, but you cannot have any spaces or use special characters.

You can view guild Check-In, Quest Points, Guild War status, notices, and various other information.
The Guild Master and Guild Officer can manage the guild and guild members can check-in and accept guild quests
to contribute to Guild Activity and earn Social Tokens.
✅ Guild Members
Guild Master

- The Guild Master can restrict adventurers from joining the guild, elect a Guild Officer, kick members from the guild, start Guild Rushes, and Bid and register for Siege/Node War.

- The Guild Master can also select how one is to join the guild, and whether to keep the guild public or private.

Guild Officer The Guild Officer can restrict Adventurers from joining the guild, start Guild Rushes, and bid and register for Node/Siege War
Guild Member Guild Members can participate in various guild activities and accept guild quests.

✅ Delegating Guild Master Role
The Guild Master role will be delegated to the Guild Officer if the Guild Master is absent for 14 days or more.
- No prior announcement is made when the Guild Master role is transferred, though this will result in a loss of 50% of guild funds.
- A Guild Member who wishes to accept the Guild Master role must have at least a lvl 30 character in the Family.
- The transfer of the Guild Master role will not occur if you have occupied a node or are bidding for Node War. 
✅ Guild Fortress
 The Guild Fortress is only available for guild members. You'll be able to participate in Guild Boss Rush, Node War, Siege War, and other guild content.
✅ Members per Guild Level 
Guild Level Maximum Guild Members
Lv 1 30
Lv 2 34
Lv 3 38
Lv 4 42
Lv 5 44
Lv 6 46
Lv 7 47
Lv 8 48
Lv 9 49
Lv 10 50
You can accept up to 3 guild quests every day. You can earn guild quest points, guild mileage, guild EXP, and guild funds.
In addition, you can also earn rewards that will help you along in your adventure, including Social Tokens, Silver, and much more.
You can earn Guild Quest Points from completing Guild Quests. You can exchange the points for summoning stones, which are used for Guild Boss Rush.

Defeat Enemies You can defeat any monsters to complete this quest.
The number of monsters you need to defeat is higher compared to Special guild quests, though you'll earn more Guild Quest Points.
This quest is recommended for Adventurers who want to earn large amounts of Guild Quest Points.
Special You defeat a specific type of monster in this quest. It will take less monsters to complete this quest, so it is ideal for Adventurers who are in a hurry or looking to defeat specific monsters only.
Life Skills You can complete this type of guild quest by gathering or mining. Since there is no CP requirement, this type of quest is recommended for Adventuers who may not yet be ready for the other quests.
※ You can cancel a guild quest that you've accepted.
※ The Guild Master or Guild Officer can summon a Guild Boss Rush boss by using a Summoning Stone.
※ You can exchange for Summoning Stones from the Guild Fortress.

You can earn Guild Quest Points when you complete Guild Quests.
There are four difficulty levels in Guild Rush: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hardcore. You can exchange 1,000 Guild Quest Points for a Summoning Stone. The summoned boss will be available 1 hour and will get you special rewards for defeating it.
You can obtain an elite boss summoning stone by exchanging 2000 Elite Tokens, which can be obtained from completing Guild Rushes on different difficulty levels
Upon successfully clearing the Guild Rush, guild members can earn Social Tokens and other rewards, such as gear and accessories. The amount of Social Tokens received are based on the number of participants. It is a good idea to remind guild members to participate in Guild Rush to get more Social Tokens.

You can participate in various content such as Guild Rush, Atumach Skirmish, and The Hidden Banquet Hall


✅ Social Token
You can earn Social Tokens by greeting friends, or you can earn 150 Social Tokens by checking into your guild every day.
In addition, you can complete the 3 guild quests to earn a total of 80 Social Tokens.
You can use Social Tokens to purchase various items from the Pearl Shop.
In summary, make sure to check-in and participate in guild activities to purchase various items.
✅ Bonus CP through Guild Skill 
Guilds can obtain Guild Funds through Guild Tasks, Node War, Siege War, and Practice Node War.
Guild Funds are used to purchase cannons and elephants for Node War or Siege War.
Guild Funds can also be used to level up guild skills that can provide bonus CP for guild members.
Call to Battle: Attack
Increase AP in Node War/Siege War
Call to Battle: Defense
Increase DP in Node War/Siege War
Call to Battle: Move Speed
Increase Move Speed in Node War/Siege War
Guild Effect: Increase AP
Increase AP
Guild Effect: Increase DP
Increase DP
Guild Effect: Increase HP
Increase HP
Guild Effect: Enhance Melee Skill
Improves strength of melee skill
Guild Effect: Increased Life Skill EXP
Increase Life Skill EXP
Guild Effect: Increased Fishing EXP
Increase Fishing EXP
Cannon Knowledge
Upgrade Cannon's Effectiveness in Node War/Siege War
Elephant Training
Make your Elephant stronger in Node War/Siege War
Ogre Training
Make your Ogre stronger in Node War/Siege War
✅ Cooperative Play
Nightmare regions of the Black Sun mode allows all players to attack each other, save for members of the same guild.
If Guild Members decide to cooperate, they can turn the battle in their favor by changing the battle dynamics and avoiding 1-on-1 fights.
In addition, the Black Sun mode has Guild Rank based rewards,
which offers more incentive for planning and cooperating with your Guild.
Field of Valor and Ancient Ruins are modes where Adventurers must unite in battle.
When forming a party, you can invite your friends and Guild Members.
As a result, belonging to an active Guild makes it easier to fill in the spots.