Adventurer's Guide

Black Shrine

- In the [Land of the Morning Light → Black Shrine] menu, you can challenge the bosses you encountered in each tale again.

ㆍ The Black Shrine content unlocks when you complete four or more tales in the Tale Collection.

- Each of the Black Shrine bosses have the Sun, Moon, and Earth Auras.
- A specific energy weakens every week.
ㆍ When challenging a boss with weakened energy, the damage increase buff is applied.
- You can select a boss of a completed tale and the difficulty level for challenging a boss.
ㆍ There is a weekly entry limit of 5, regardless of the type of boss.
ㆍ Entries will reset every Monday at 00:00.
ㆍ You can gain an additional entry by using a Black Shrine Entry Pass.
ㆍ The number of entries will be deducted upon obtaining the reward after completing the challenge.
- You can set the entry multiplier starting from the difficulty level in which you succeeded on the first challenge attempt.
ㆍ There are no Knowledge levels for Black Shrine bosses.
- There are a total of 5 difficulty levels from Calamity 1 to Calamity 5.
ㆍ You must complete the previous difficulty in order to challenge the next difficulty.
- Only 10% of the character's CP is applied in the Black Shrine.
ㆍ Only 10% of the actual AP, including AP stats where buffs are applied, AP Against Monsters, and more will be applied.
ㆍ In the Black Shrine, the "Second Wind" effect of the Savior Rift Totem item does not activate.
ㆍ In the Black Shrine, effects such as "Extra Damage to Bosses" and "Additional HP recovery with HP potions" are not applied.

- In the Black Shrine, you can recover HP by using Medicinal Herb Tea, Mungbean Jeon, Buckwheat Jelly, Dalbeol Gukbap, Moodle Gukbap, and Byeot County Gukbap, which can be purchased at the taverns.
ㆍ Certain items can only be purchased at specific taverns.
ㆍ You cannot register the above items to the Market nor use them for Cooking Delivery.
ㆍ You can only use Land ot the Morning Light meals and Land of the Morning Light HP Potions.

- You can gain 1 Energy Point on each successful first attempt of each difficulty level for each boss. You can gain up to 10 Energy Points.
- You can use the Energy Points gained to enhance stats from the "Manage Energy" menu.

Stats That Can be Enhanced With Energy Points
- Increase AP, Increase DP, Increase Max HP, Reduce Evasion Cooldown, Recover HP when attacking, Revive in Black Shrine


- You can spend 10 Stamina per Energy Point spent to reset.

- You can obtain rewards based on the Black Spirit level and difficulty level upon successfully completing a challenge in Black Shrine.
ㆍ The rewards for all bosses at the same difficulty level are the same.

Black Spirit Level Below 230

- [Abyssal] Accessory Crate, Akhram Prophecy 50%/100%, [Alchemy Stone Growth Support Chest], [Magical Essence], [Crimson Sculpture], [Advanced EXP Scroll], [Red Bean]

Black Spirit Level 230 and above
- [Alchemy Stone Growth Support Chest], [Magical Essence], [Crimson Dagger], [Supreme EXP Scroll], [Red Bean]

- You can obtain [Embers of Hongik] and [Flame of Hongik] at a set chance at Black Spirit level 230 or higher.
ㆍ [Embers of Hongik] and [Flame of Hongik] can be registered on the Market.
ㆍThe Item Drop Rate of [Embers of Hongik] and [Flame of Hongik] increases in higher difficulty levels.



- "Dawnveil Main Weapon" and "Dawnveil Gloves" imbued with mighty power will be added.
ㆍ "Dawnveil Sub-Weapon/Helmet/Armor/Shoes" are scheduled to be added with a future Land of the Morning Light update.


- Dawnveil Gear can be crafted using the materials Flame of Hongik, Chaos Jewel, Ah'krad, and Silver.
ㆍ You can craft one Flame of Hongik with 30 Embers of Hongik.
ㆍ You can obtain Embers of Hongik and Flame of Hongik at a set chance from completing the Black Shrine challenges.
ㆍ Dawnveil Main Weapons are crafted as Universal Weapons.
- Chaos Gear can be transferred to Dawnveil Gear through crafting.
ㆍ Transfer is available from the Craft menu.
ㆍ The enhancement level, Enchantments, Crystal, and Memory Imprints of the Chaos Gear used as the material will be transferred.
ㆍ The Chaos Gear used as the material will disappear.
ㆍ If you have already proceeded with Awakened Enhancement, you can reset the Awakened Enhancement level to +0 through the Extractor in the camp.

Awakened Enhancement
- The enhancement success rate and materials for attempting Awakened Enhancement with Dawnveil Gear are identical to that of Chaos Gear.
ㆍ Awakened Enhancement is available up to +10. You can equip up to 5 Dimensional Crystals.
ㆍ The Awakened Enhancement level at which the Crystal slots are unlocked is also the same as for Chaos Gear. (Awakened Enhancement +6 → 4th Crystal slot unlocks, Awakened Enhancement +8 → 5th Crystal slot unlocks)
ㆍ Once a Crystal slot is unlocked, it will not be locked again even if the Awakened Enhancement level drops.

Umbral Chaos Gear

- You can craft Severing Dawnveil Gear with an Awakened +7 Dawnveil Gear and Ah'krad x1.
- Equipped Crystals, Enchantments, and Memory Imprints will be transferred from the gear used as material when you craft Severing Dawnveil Gear.
- Umbral Dawnveil Gear can be enhanced up to +5 for Awakened Enhancement.
ㆍ Exquisite Black Crystals x2 and 50,000,000 Silver are required for a single attempt at Awakened Enhancement.
ㆍ The level will not decrease upon failure of Awakened Enhancement.
ㆍ It has the same Awakened Enhancement success rate as Umbral Chaos Gear.
ㆍ You can succeed in Awakened Enhancement for each enhancement level at a fixed chance.
ㆍ You cannot use an item that increases the success rate when attempting Awakened Enhancement.
- You can use an Awakened +5 Severing Dawnveil Gear as a material to craft an Awakened +8 Dawnveil Gear.
ㆍ E.g.) [+7 Dawnveil Gear] → Craft [+0 Severing Dawnveil Gear] → Successful Awakened Enhancement to [+5 Severing Dawnveil Gear] → Craft [+8 Dawnveil Gear]


- Changed Chaos Gear Resonance to Chaos/Eternal Gear Resonance.
- Chaos/Eternal Gear Resonance is applied for Dawnveil Gear as it falls under Eternal-grade Gear.