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What are pets?

Adventurers of Black Desert Mobile will be able to meet cute helpful pets to aid you in your adventures. 

Pets can provide helpful stat bonuses as well as other perks. 


Table of Contents
01. Pet
02. Pet Skill
03. Exchange Pet
04. Pet Auto-Exchange


Pets will always be by the adventurer’s side collecting items or providing useful skills.


How to obtain pets

1) Reward for completing a quest: “Valenos Black Cat” or “Valenos Mischievous Dog” can be obtained. (1 per family)


2) Pearl Shop: You can buy pets from the Pearl Shop using pearls.

*Pet skills and figures may change in the future*

1) Basic Info: Name, level, generation, etc can be checked here. You can also change the name of your pet here.

2) Skills: Pets are given random skills at the time of purchase. More skills can be acquired for pets of later generations.

A. You can increase the level of each skill through the training

B. Available skills include increase combat EXP, increased life skills EXP, increased inventory weight, increased knowledge gain, and increased Black Spirit EXP.

3) Feeding: When the hunger gauge is depleted to 0, “battle marks” are not collected.

There are general, nutritious, and organic food that you can feed to your pet.

General food can be purchased from the livestock merchant

4) Information : You can take out or put your pets back to house. You can take out maximum of 3 pets. You can have 3 different decks for various situations.

5) Exchange: You can try to exchange for high level pets.



When adopting a pet, you will randomly obtain a skill. You can obtain more skills for higher tier Pets.

✅ Number of Obtainable Skills per Tier

Tier Number of Obtainable Skills  Max Skill Expansion Maximum Skill Training Level
Tier 1 1 Not Available 10
Tier 2 2 Not Available 10
Tier 3 3 Not Available 10
Tier 4 4 Not Available 10
Tier 5 5 Not Available 10
Tier 6 5 1 Time 20
Tier 7 5 2 Times 35

※ Maximum skill training level is based on pet Tier.
※ Petscension is only available for Tier 6 Pets.
· To Petscend a Tier 6 Pet, you can exchange 2 Tier 6 Pets. Upon successful Petscension, you will increase a Tier 6 Pet's Lv up to 20.

※ You can now exchange one Petscended Tier 6 Pet and a non-Petscended Tier 6 Pet for a chance to get a Tier 7 Pet.
· Upon failing to exhchange for a Tier 7 Pet 15 time, in your next attempt you are guranteed to get a successful exchange.

✅ Skill Training
Skill levels can only be increased through skill training.
Each Pet can only go through 1 type of skill training at a time and skill training has level restrictions.

✅ Skill Change

You can change skills when you combine a Tier 5 or higher Pet with another Tier 5 Pet.
※ Pet tier will not increase when you change skill.
※ You can only select 1 skill to change.

Exclusive Skill

After Lv. 21 additional effects will be applied based on the pet's Exclusive Skill. After Lv. 26 only the additional effect will improve.
· Tier 5~Tier 7 Pets get extra stats from Rune of Companionship


Exclusive Skill Base Effect (Lv. 1-25) Exclusive Skill Added Effect (Lv. 21-35)
Probability of Obtaining Extra Silver I Probability of Obtaining Extra Silver II
Critical Chance Critical Chance
Critical Damage Critical Damage
Damage for all branches Damage for all branches
Extra Damage to Bosses Extra Damage to Bosses
Increase Damage to Adventurers Increase Damage to Adventurers

※ Example
- Tier 6 Pet
· Exclusive Skill Lv. 1 effect: AP +21
· Exclusive Skill Lv. 20 effect: AP +40

- Tier 7 Pet
· Exclusive Skill Lv. 25 effect: AP +45 (Basic Effect), DP +5 (Added Effect)
· Exclusive Skill Lv. 30 effect: AP +45 (Basic Effect), DP +10 (Added Effect)
· Exclusive Skill Lv. 35 effect: AP +45 (Basic Effect), DP +15 (Added Effect)


You can try to change a new pets by using 2 of same level of pets. You can get a higher level of pet at a very low chance. 

You can choose the skill you want to keep or change to the new skill you want. The higher level of pets, the more skills and higher abilities will be available.

※You can exchange pets regardless of its level.

※The pet’s level you get after failed for trying higher level exchange will follow the highest level among two pets.

※When exchanging two pets of the same tier, the new pet's level will match the highest level of the chosen pets.


- You can prioritize pets to Auto-Exchange by selecting pet tiers and choosing whose appearance and skills to maintain.
- You can select Tier in Auto-Exchange and exchange pet. (You can select until Tier 5).
※ Please note that Petscension Settings are not available with Auto-Exchange.