Adventurer's Guide



You can adjust in-game settings in the [Settings] menu. 


We’ve provided numerous features to increase convenience while playing Black Desert Mobile, so adjust your settings accordingly and enjoy playing even more.


Table of contents
01. Account Settings
02. Game Settings
03. Convenience Settings
04. Graphics Settings
05. Effects Settings
06. Audio Settings
07. Notifications Settings


You can check account-related information such as syncing accounts, contacting customer service, redeeming coupons (not available on iOS), and more in the [Account] tab.




In the [Game] tab, you can adjust various gameplay-related settings such as character display and pad settings.

You can also choose to enable [Auto Sleep Mode] and whether to receive in-game messages. 



Auto-play related features and other convenience settings such as QuickSlot type can be adjusted in the [Convenience] tab. 


Effect, resolution, texture, and frame limit can be adjusted based on your device’s specifications in [Graphics] settings. 

※ Max resolution and frame limit are available for designated devices. 


Camera, vibration, and special effects can be adjusted in [Effects] settings.



Various in-game audio settings can be adjusted in [Audio] settings.



In-game and push notifications can be adjusted in [Alert] settings.