Adventurer's Guide

Rift Stone

Table of contents
01. Rift Stone
02. Rift Stone Enhance



- Rift Stone can be obtained through the missions in Hadum's Realm.
- Rift Stone can be enhanced using [Chaos Crystals], which are obtained by defeating monsters in Hadum's Realm.
※ Only 1 [Rift Stone] can be obtained per Family, and its effects will be applied to all characters within the Family.
- Rift Stone can break through the Chaos Crystal, Blazing Chaos Crystal, and Sun Crystal.
- The methods and characteristics of obtaining Chaos Crystal, Blazing Chaos Crystal, and Sun Crystal are as follows:

Chaos Crystal


Crystals that seem to have formed after Dark Rifts appeared and opened up the path to Hadum's Realm.

It can be obtained through spoils in Hadum's Realm, Black Spirit Hadum Quest, Tower of Trials: Hadum, Black Rock Altar in the Great Desert, etc. and it is used to increase the enhance rate of Rift Stone.


Blazing Chaos Crystal

It seem to have been created from an explosion caused by the collision of rifts.

It is emitting tremendous power that appears to be gradually weakening over time. It can be obtained from completing the daily task Collecting the Blessings of Light when the Rift Stone is level 100-150. It can be used to enhance your Rift Stone.
※ It can only be used on Rift Stones that are level 1-100.
※ The Rift Stone level will increase by 1 when it is enhanced in this way, and the enhancement rate will reset.

Sun Crystal


It is the product of a Chaos Crystal that became stronger after being filled with the power of the sun.

Valencians believe the Sun Crystal to be proof that the Sun God has come to this land to drive out Hadum.

Increases the enhancement rate of Rift Stones upon use.