Adventurer's Guide

Memory Imprint

- By obtaining memories and enchanting them on gear, you can unleash a variety of powerful abilities.
- Memory Enchantment tab can be found in Black Spirit Menu
- Memory Imprint is available after defeating Katimburu in the West Valencia Main Quest.
- memories can be imprinted in Primal and Chaos gear.
ㆍ Not applied in Karkea Arena, and Ramoness Watch Mode.
ㆍ Memories imprinted on Primal grade gear are transferred when crafting Chaos gear, and are also transferred when exchanging Main Weapons and Sub-Weapons.
- Memories can be imprinted on Main Weapons, Sub-Weapons, helmets, armor, gloves, and shoes.

- Memories can be imprinted on Main Weapons, Sub-Weapons, helmets, armor, gloves, and shoes.
- Memory imprinted on gear cannot be removed.
ㆍ It is only possible to overwrite new memories, and existing imprinted memories will be removed when overwritten.
ㆍ Primal gear with a Memory Imprint cannot be traded at the Market.
ㆍ Imprinted Memeories are not applied in Karkea Arena, and Ramoness Watch Mode.

■ Primal Memory Imprints

Developer Commentary:

A new grade of Memories was added.

Stats for Primal Memories were improved from those of the Abyssal Memories, the previous highest-grade Memories. Also, we made improvements in hopes of providing greater satisfaction for our Adventurers in obtaining them.

Not only was it difficult to loot Abyssal [Unknown Memory], but it was very difficult to obtain Abyssal Memories through appraisal.

Now, you'll be more joyous when obtaining Primal [Unknown Memory] from monster zones.
Although you have a lower chance to obtain a Primal [Unknown Memory] than an Abyssal [Unknown Memory], you'll be guaranteed a Primal Memory when it's appraised.

Although the specific effects and stats are yet "Unknown," it's a net gain since you won't have to worry about getting a Unique or Epic Memory.

When we first introduced Memory Imprints, we mentioned how we wanted the Memories to play various roles in combat.

With improved stats for the Primal Memories, we hope that they'll help in strengthening those roles.

For this update, we're first revealing the new Memories for Helmets and Sub-Weapons. New Memories for other gear slots are a work in progress that'll gradually be revealed with new region updates.

- Added Primal [Unknown Memory].
- You can obtain Primal [Unknown Memory] from the following regions at a low chance:
ㆍSub-Weapon: Drieghan
ㆍHelmet: Kamasylvia
ㆍHowever, they cannot be looted from Chaos Rifts.

- Unappraised Primal [Unknown Memory] can be sold on the Market.
- Primal [Unknown Memory] can be appraised by Traders in towns. You are guaranteed a Primal Memory from appraisal.

- Primal Memories require 400 million Silver to appraise, 2 billion Silver to equip on gear, and 10 billion Silver to extract.

- You can obtain Primal [Memory Shard] when absorbing Dark Energy of an appraised Primal Memory.

 ㆍYou may be able to use Primal [Memory Shard] after a future update.

Example of Appraised Unknown Memory Imprint (stats can be obtained randomly)

■ Ability
- One memory can have 2 abilities.
ㆍ 2 of the 26 abilities are selected according to a fixed probability.
ㆍ Identical ablities cannot be in one memory.
ㆍ Memory abilities are shown above, and detailed stats can be found bottom of this page.


Recover HP on hit
Inflicts burn damage to the enemy when hit
Increase AP when hit
Inflicts fixed damage to the enemy when hit
Decrease attack speed to the enemy when hit
Recovery decrease to the enemy when hit
Increase PvP Damage Received to the enemy when hit
Recover MP on hit
Reduce Crit Chance to enemy on hit
Inflicts fixed damage to the attack
Decrease Attacker's AP when hit
Chance to decrease evasion cooldown when hit
Increase DP upon evasion
Recover HP on evasion
Increase AP on evasion
Increase Critical Hit Damage on Evasion
Increase Black Spirit's Skill Damage on Evasion
Additional HP recovery when using HP Potions
Increase DP when using HP Potions
Increase AP when using HP Potions
Increase Critical Hit Damage when using HP Potions
Permanent Max HP Increase (Armor only)
Permanent Crit Chance Increase (Main Weapon only)
Permanent Critical Hit Damage Increase (Sub-Weapon only)
Permanent Attack Speed Increase (Gloves only)
Permanent Move Speed Increase (Shoes only)

ㆍAn ability whose activating condition is "permament" means that the effect will always be maintained.


■ Activating Conditions of Abilities by Gear Piece

Option A Option B Gear Piece
On Hit On Hit Main Weapon
On Hit When Hit Sub Weapon
On Hit On Evasion Helmet
On Hit When Using HP Potions Gloves
On Hit Permanent Main Weapon, Sub Weapon, Gloves
When Hit When Hit Armor
When Hit On Evasion Armor
When Hit When Using HP Potions Armor
When Hit Permanent Armor
On Evasion On Evasion Shoes
On Evasion When Using HP Potions Shoes
On Evasion Permanent Shoes
When Using HP Potions When Using HP Potions Sub Weapon
When Using HP Potions Permanent Shoes

- The conditions for activating memory abilities differ depending on The equipped gear. You can check this in The table above.


■ Where to Obtain
- "Unknown Memory" can be obtained in various regions.

Unknown Memory Regions and Crafting Method
Unique Memory South Valencia (Excluding Chaos Rift)
Epic - Abyssal Memory Shoes South Valencia, East Valencia
Gloves Guild Boss Rush, Great Desert
Main Weapon Only Craftable
- Craftable once a week

ㆍ Unknown Memory cannot be obtained in Chaos Rift Zone.
ㆍ Sub-Weapon, Helmet and Armor for Epic-Abyssal grade Unknown Memories can be obtained in an upcoming maintenance.


- You can obtain [Memory Shard] when feeding the memory for Dark Energy.
ㆍ Craft "Abyssal grade Unknown Memory for Main Weapon" by consuming 35 Memory Shards and 500 million Silver.

■ Appraising and Trading Memories
- Obtained Unknown Memories have their grades and abilities decided upon appraisal, and can be imprinted.
- Memory items must be appraised by an NPC in town.

Unknown Memory Grade Currency Needed Memory grades that can be obtained when appraised Equipped piece
Unique 100,000,000 Silver Unique Random when appraised
Abyssal 300,000,000 Silver Epic - Abyssal Grade Gear piece fixed when obtained


- You can feed appraised Memories to the Black Spirit by using 'Absorb Energy'
- Abyssal Grade 'Unknown Memory' can be sold on Market
ㆍ Please note that Memories that are appraised cannot be sold on Market

■ Detailed stats of Memory abilities