Adventurer's Guide

Awakened Enhancement


Table of Contents

01. Awakened Enhancement for Weapons and Armor

02. Pristine Black Crystals

03. Restoring Gear Enhancements

04. Additional Information


Awakened Enhancement can increase the strength of gear with the following requirements:
it must be Mystical grade or higher and have an enhancement level of +40 or higher.



01. Awakened Enhancement of Weapons and Armor

Awakened Enhancement can be performed through Black Spirit’s Influence.
Pristine Black Crystals are required to perform Awakened Enhancements,
and using Advice of Valks can increase the chance of performing a successful Awakened Enhancement.

Awakened Enhancement covers an enhancement range of levels 1 through 10 and is indicated as I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, and X. As the enhancement level increases, the success rate of Awakened Enhancements will become decrease.


✅ Advice of Valks

Advice of Valks 10%

Increases the chance of a successful Awakened Enhancement by 10%

Advice of Valks 50%

Increases the chance of a successful Awakened Enhancement by 50%


02. Pristine Black Crystal

Pristine Black Crystals can be crafted using Black Crystals and Black Stones in the Refinery by tapping Craft Black Crystals.


✅ Craft Black Crystals

・Camp > Refinery > Craft Black Crystals ・Black Spirit’s Influence > Awakened Enhancement > Craft Black Crystals


✅ Pristine Black Crystal

Pristine Black Crystal: Weapon

Used to perform an Awakened Enhancement on a Weapon.

Pristine Black Crystal: Armor

Used to perform an Awakened Enhancement on an Armor.



03. Restoring Gear Enhancements

When an Awakened Enhancement attempt fails, it will decrease the gear’s enhancement level by one.
However, Restoration Scrolls can be used to increase the chances of restoring the enhancement level,
but the enhancement level will still decrease by one if the restoration fails
(this only applies to gear with an enhancement level that is higher than +40).


04. Additional Information

Select Mode / Info Mode

Select the weapon or armor in [Select Mode] to perform an Awakened Enhancement or toggle [Info Mode] to see its detailed information.

Skip Confirmation Message

Select to skip the confirmation message when attempting an Awakened Enhancement.