Adventurer's Guide

Chaos Region

Table of contents
01. Chaos Region Introduction
02. Choas Region: Location
03. Chaos Region: Obtainable Loots
04. Chaos Rift
05. Chaos Rift: Obtainable Loots


- Time runs awry, darkness and light coexist in the eerie Chaos Zone.
- Elion's and Hadum's Realms mix into one, their collision causing constant lightning and thunder.


- Chaos Region is located in South Valencia
▷ Crescent Mountains
▷ Crescent Shrine
▷ Crescent Labyrinth
▷ Crimson Crescent Altar
▷ Titium Marsh
▷ Titium Valley
▷ Entrance of Titium Gorge
▷ Chaos Rift: Titium Gorge
▷ Cantusa Widerness
▷ Cantusa Desert
▷ Frontline Zone: Cantusa Outlaw Zone
▷ Secondary Zone : Cantusa Wasteland


- Chaos Region is located in East Valencia

▷ Roud Sulfur Mine Restricted Zone

▷ Roud Sulfur Mine Danger Zone

▷ Roud Sulfur Mine Works

▷ Roud Sulfur Mine Entrance

▷ Valencia City

▷ Pila Ku Torture Chamber

▷ Pila Ku Laboring Grounds

▷ Pila Ku Underground Prison

▷ Pila Ku Prison

▷ Pila Ku Execution Room Entrance

▷ Pila Ku Execution Room


· In Chaos you can still enter Hadum using [Holy Vial of Light] and gain Spoils of Hadum, or you can exit Hadum's realm and battle in Elion's Realm to gain those spoils without using [Holy Vial of Light].
- Obtainable Loots: Unknown Glyph, Chaos Jewel, Chaos Core, Calphras Book, Lapis Lazuli, Advanced EXP Scroll, etc.
※ You must wait 3 minutes between shifting between between Elion's and Hadum's Realms in Chaos Zone.

■ Chaos Rift Ⅰ

- A Chaos Rift has occurred in Titium Gorge, where Hadum and Elion collide the most.
※ The entry combat power required for Chaos Rift Ⅰ is 18,000.


■ Harmony Scroll

- To enter the Chaos Rift, you must use [Harmony Scroll] to protect yourself from the Rift.
- The effect of the [Harmony Scroll] lasts for a total of 60 minutes, and when the duration of the effect ends, you will continue to be heavily damaged.
- [Harmony Scroll] can be purchased for 950 million silver from the Chaos Rift Watcher at the entrance of Titium Gorge.
- [Harmony Scroll] can be purchased 10 times per week per family.
- [Harmony Scroll] must be used within 7 days of purchase and cannot be used after the expiration date.
※ Please note that Hot Time items are not applied in Chaos Rift.


■ Chaos Rift Ⅱ

- The second Chaos Rift will appear in Pila Ku Execution Room.
- You can enter Pila Ku Execution Room passing through Pila Ku Torture Chamber.
- The existing Chaos Rift will become Chaos Rift 1 and will be kept in Titium Gorge.
※ You can only enter Chaos Rift 2 when your CP is 29,000, the required CP for Chaos Rift 2.
- In Chaos Rift 2, you can obtain loot with a significantly higher drop rate than in Chaos Rift 1, and you can also obtain additional Root of Sorcery.


- Undefeated Shield
- You have to use Undefeated Shield in order to enter Chaos Rift 2.
- Undefeated Shield will last for a total of 30 minutes.
- Undefeated Shield can be crafted with [Harmony Scroll] x1 and [Guardian's Orb] x1 in the Craft menu.

※ The remaining use time for the [Harmony Scroll] used as a material will transfer over to [Undefeated Shield]. Once the use period expires, it can be sold to a shop.


- In the Chaos Rift where powerful monsters appear, you can obtain special items such as [Akhram Prophecy] and [Chaos Filled Secret Book Chest].
- You can only obtain [Akhram Prophecy] in Chaos Rift.
- [Akhram Prophecy] can be used when Chaos Gear Awakened Enhancement occurs, and the success rate is increased by 50% or 100%.