Adventurer's Guide

Co-op Rush

Table of contents
01. Co-op Rush: Offin
02. How to Enter
03. How to participate

- New content "Co-op Rush" has been added.
- World Boss Offin appears with his insatiable roots extended deep into Kamasylvian land.
- Co-op Rush is available after completing the Story Quest "The Awakened Watcher."
- "The Awakened Watcher" can be accepted after completing the Northeast Kamasylvia Main Quest "Narc Brishka."

- The Suggested CP for Co-op Rush: Offin is 33,000.
- Up to 10 Adventurers can form a Co-op Rush to enter the Temple of Greed and confront the World Boss Offin.
- The Weekly Entry Limit for Co-op Rush is 1. Limit resets every Monday at 00:00.
- Co-op Rush is available every Wed/Sat 11:00 - 14:00 and 19:00 - 02:00 the next day.
- Adventurer's Apparition will not participate in Co-op Rush.

- Players cannot revive during Co-op Rush: Offin, but they can spectate after death and can obtain rewards if they remain in the Temple of Greed until completion.
- A character will be regarded as dead if the player "Exits" or otherwise force closes the game during Co-op Rush: Offin.
- Entry Limit will decrease upon receiving rewards, and players cannot receive rewards if they leave during the Co-op Rush.
※ "Extra Damage to World Bosses" applies to Mirumok Watcher Offin.


- Offin uses its four legs to land devastating attacks.
- Each leg is capable of a unique skill until it is destroyed. 
Leg Types Abilities
Meteor Leg Rains down meteorites in a ring formation. Travels from the outside to the inside, with a decreasing radius as it travels inwards.
Healing Leg Recovers the HP of all legs.
Radiant Leg Summons down a flash that will damage a single target.
If it descends to the ground without hitting a target, all participants will take damage.
Posion Leg Releases poison mist in a large area that damages every 0.5 seconds.

✅Following Orders
- The Co-op Rush Leader can use the widget in-game to set a target lock and send orders to party members, such as prioritizing a certain leg to protecting Neubella.
- It is essential to focus fire on a specific leg according to the leader's orders.
- If the leader is unable to take action, another party member can be assigned leader.

Offin Tett

- Offin Tett jumps into battle when two legs are destroyed.
- Offin Tett will return to Offin upon being at or below 50% HP
- Offin Tett will reappear when Offin's legs are destroyed, and defeating it will result in a successful clear.


- Neubella, the commander of Lemoria Central Camp, appears to assist the Co-op Rush.
- Neubella heals nearby Adventurers and casts a barrier that can block Poison Mist.
- Neubella is vulnerable to Offin Tett and randomly appearing Voraro.
- Protecting Neubella from these dangers is key to a successful Co-op Rush.

- Players can obtain Knowledge EXP by defeating Mirumok Watcher Offin, and can increase AP through Knowledge Level.
- Players can obtain [Ah'krad], [Abyssal Crystal Chest], [Root of Sorcery], [Dimensional Fragment], and [Magical Essence] as rewards upon successful clear.
- The title "Woaaang" can be obtained by achieving Knowledge Level 2 of Mirumok Watcher Offin.