Adventurer's Guide


You can craft [Equipment], [Potions], [Trade Goods], and more at your camp to aid you in your adventure.

Table of Contents

1) Crafting-related Buildings
2) Craft
3) Blacksmith



1) Crafting-related Buildings

You can craft various items with your workers depending on the level for each type of building.

Blacksmith     You can craft various [Equipment] to use in battle.
Trading Post     You can access [Node] and trade resources.
Trade Shop     You can craft a variety of [Trade Goods].
Alchemy Lab     You can craft [Potions], [Crystals], [Cron Stones], and more.
Deco Workshop     You can craft [Decorations] to decorate your camp.
Dye Workshop     You can dye [Outfits] and [Equipment]



2) Crafting

You can view craftable items and their required resources. Once you have gathered a sufficient amount of resources needed, press [Craft] to assign one of your workers to start crafting.



You may only select a worker that is not currently assigned to another task. The required amount of food and time depends on the worker’s grade.



※ You can consume [Stamina] to complete crafting instantly.
※ Leveling up crafting-related buildings allows a greater variety of craftable items in addition to increasing the total number of workers allowed for [Crafting].



3) Blacksmith

You can craft [Normal], [Mystical] and [Abyssal] grade gear. 
You need special materials to craft [Mystical] or [Abyssal] gear and no workers needed to conduct this job. 
 Forge Mystical 
You can forge higher grade gear by spending [Mystical] gear as material. The highest grade of [Mystical] gear you’re able to forge can equip 3 crystals. 

②  Crafting Mystical gear 

Obtain the materials which [World Boss] drops by certian probability when defeating them, collect the materials, and craft [Abyssal] gear.