Adventurer's Guide





You can obtain various Titles throughout your adventure in Black Desert Mobile.
Titles have several categories and can provide various benefits for your Family.


Titles are categorized into one of 4 types: [Combat], [Life Skills], [Adventure] and [Guild].

They are automatically obtained once you meet certain conditions.

If you obtain a title, it will be shown on the top of your Family name. You can also toggle them on and off in [Settings] > [Game] > [My Character]. 


① You can check locked and unlocked Titles in [My Info - Titles].


② Click the icons to check: available titles, the status of your Title Collection, and hints on how to unlocked unavailable titles.

You can toggle Titles ON/OFF in [Settings - Game - My Character].

Collecting more Titles provides various benefits for your Family.

Collecting Titles confers numerous benefits, and similar buffs will stack.
The majority of Title Rewards affect life skills, allowing your workers to bring better hauls with each trip.