Adventurer's Guide

Season - Tuvala Rift

A season character can enter "Resonating Beach" using Tuvala Scrolls for a certain time
through the Chaos Rift Watcher at the Resonating Beach Entrance in North Calpheon.


It is an essential zone for Adventurers on an adventure with their season character,
as it is another Chaos Rift from which you can obtain various types of items required to enhance Tuvala Gear from defeating monsters.

You can either obtain Tuvala Scrolls required for entry as a Season Pass reward,
or purchase up to 2 per day from the Chaos Rift Watcher at the Resonating Beach Entrance.


Although there is a purchase limit, there is no limit to how many Tuvala Scrolls you can use.


We recommend getting as many items required for enhancement as possible by entering the "Tuvala Rift" to complete the season!