Adventurer's Guide


📌Why manage your Camp?

- Workers will gather, build, and craft faster as they grow stronger.
- Obtain goods to aid your adventure, including Black Stones, Silver, and resources.
- Once you upgrade your Town Hall to a high tier, you'll be able to craft high-grade wagon for Merchantry.
- Obtain resources needed to upgrade artilleries in Node and Siege war.

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Your Camp plays an integral role that will bestow numerous benefits to your adventure.

Are you not satisfied with how your camp looks? You can freely move buildings around and set up various decorations to improve the apperance of your camp. It is also available to any character within your family.
You can employ workers to gather, build, and craft for you. You can also utilize the camp to obtain resources, silver, and black stones.

✅ How to Unlock Camp
You must complete Jarette Domongatt's quest from the main questline to unlock a camp.

✅ How to Enter Camp
Tap on the camp icon on the top right corner of the screen to enter your Camp.

*Please note that the following image is from a test server.

✅ Camp Screen UI

① You can view your current amount of silver, stamina, and food here. Tap on the Resources button check to verify your current resources.
② You can view the Camp Manager you are currently using.
・You can talk or encourage unassigned workers.
・ You can install buildings or tiles through Edit Mode.

③ Gathering: You can assign workers to gather resources.
・Build: You can construct buildings in the Camp.
・Camp Content: You'll have access to Boss Rush, Ancient Ruins, and various other content.
・You can check the list of workers that you've hired.

✅ Gathering
- Although you can gather in villages or in the field, you can also send workers to gather resources.
- You can use these resources for various activities, such as constructing buildings or crafting items.
- World Gathering allows you to send workers to gather resources in areas. However, each area requires a specific level of camp.
ㆍ The maximum number of workers that can be sent to the World Gathering is listed below.

Camp Tier 1-5 5 workers
Camp Tier 6 Maximum of 6 workers per area
Camp Tier 7 Maximum of 7 workers per area
Camp Tier 8 Maximum of 8 workers per area

You will find various buildings with the camp, including Town Hall, Food Storage, Lodging, Blacksmith, and the Alchemy Lab, among others.
You can upgrade buildings to gain stronger effects or unlock new features.

✅ Buildings

Town Hall
The Town Hall is one of the central buildings that allows you to upgrade other buildings. You can upgrade other buildings to higher levels once you raise the tier of your Town Hall.
You can upgrade your Town Hall once you upgrade other buildings to their required levels.

Lodging are important buildings that allow you to employ more workers for your camp.
The number of workers you can employ depends on the level of your Lodgings and how many you have built.

You can plant seeds and harvest crops from the garden to obtain food for your Workers.
Most sources of food can be planted and harvested from the Garden. As a result, we recommend that you build enough gardens in the Camp.

Food Storage
The food you harvested is stored within your Food Storage.
It's important to level up your Food Storage once it has been constructed, as it allows you to store more food at higher levels.
The food you harvest will not be added to the Food Storage once you are at max capacity.

You can craft, exchange, or transform your gear here, as well as craft Abyssal-grade gear.
You can even upgrade your equipped gears to make it more powerful. -> The Blacksmith translation needs to be reviewed.

Alchemy Lab
You can craft potions, alchemy stones, and exchange materials from the Alchemy Lab.
The required materials for crafting will decrease at higher levels and you'll have access to more types of goods to craft as well. This will also increase the number of workers that can craft at one time.

Trade Workshop
You can craft trade goods that can be sold to the Trade Vendor. The amount of materials required for crafting will decrease at higher levels.
You'll also gain access to more craftable goods and the number of workers that can craft will increase.
Trade goods crafted from the Trade Workshop can also be used to complete Collections.

Deco Workshop
You can craft items that can be used for camp decoration from the Deco Workshop. The amount of materials required for crafting will decrease at higher levels. You'll also have access to more craftable goods and the number of workers that can craft at one time will increase.
As with the Trade Workshop, items crafted through Deco Workshop can also be used for Collections.

You can raise various livestock at the Ranch such as chicken and sheep. You need to obtain a Writ from the Livestock Vendor in order to raise livestock.
You can regularly obtain food from livestock as you raise them, with a chance to obtain rare items such as a Golden Egg and Golden Wool.

Ancient Relic Altar
You do not have to upgrade the Ancient Relic Altar once it has been constructed. We recommend constructing it as soon as it becomes available.
You can offer relics to receive the buffs [Ease of Burden], [Wisdom of Battle], and [Goblin's Blessing] buffs.

You can have more horses as the Stable level increases.

You can store items that you may not currently need in here.
Storage is a shared space that can be accessed by other characters in your Family.

Trading Post
Merchantry: Here, you can make preparations or change your trade settings.
Merchantry: Merchantry is available once your Town Hall is Tier 6.

You can extract Black Stones and gear, and disassemble accessories.
You'll be able to extract higher-grade gear as the Extractor level increases.

You can obtain black stones from the Refinery.

Dye Workshop
You can craft Dye Palettes here.

Workers are villagers who live in your camp. They play an important role since they are responsible for carrying out core tasks such as constructing buildings, gathering, and crafting.
Workers come in all sizes, shapes, and races. There are no inherent stat differences between them.

✅ How to Employ Workers
You can employ workers by using Contribution Points at the Pub.
- The amount of Contribution required to hire will depend on the grade of the worker.

✅ How to Manage Workers
You can talk or encourage workers to increase their loyalty and help them recover from fatigue.
- Encourage: helps workers recover from fatigue.
- Talk: Talk to workers to increase their loyalty.

✅ Worker Stats
Stats are distributed randomly when a worker is first hired. These stats increase along with the worker's level.
The three stats are Vitality, Strength, and Dexterity, which all affect the overall performance of the worker.

- Decreases the time it takes to complete gathering.
- Decreases the amount of food required to gather.

- Decreases the time required to complete construction tasks.

- Decreases the time required to craft items.

✅ Worker Grade
- Workers are classified by grades. You need to spend more contribution in order to employ higher-grade workers.
However, these workers will have higher level caps and stats.

Grade Required Contribution Max Level
Normal 2 10
Magic 3 20
Rare 5 30
Unique 8 40
Epic 12 50

✅ Fire Workers
You can freely Fire workers at any time.
The contribution used to hire and promote workers will be refunded.
- Fire Worker: Worker List ▶ Tap on Magnifying Glass icon ▶ Tap on cancel icon

- Camp renewal has been implemented on March 14, 2023.

Developer Commentary:

We are quite honored and excited to finally present the renewal of Camp content to our Adventurers.

Many of our Adventurers requested an update on Camp content at every ball we held. Unfortunately, we couldn't fulfill the request fast enough.

In the Camp, you can enjoy a variety of content aside from combat, which amounts to more diverse gameplay experiences.

We'll begin with this renewal and gradually make more improvements in future updates while maintaining what makes the Camp unique and enjoyable.

For the first Camp renewal, we increased the max level of various buildings, including the Town Hall. Also, we added Banners as a way to commemorate the feats your Family has achieved throughout the adventure.

And for a future update, we plan on adding new Life content based on the expanded Camp that you can enjoy in Camp, with a system where both Adventurers who enjoy combat and Adventurers who prefer other content can interact with each other.

We will continue to make our best efforts to meet your expectations in future updates as well. Thank you for your patience.


Town Hall

- The appearances of certain buildings will change if you upgrade to a Tier 9 Town Hall, and you'll gain additional benefits.
ㆍFood Storage Limit increases by 20,000
ㆍCan hire 1 additional Worker
ㆍCan build 1 additional Lodging
- Changed the Camp Funds you can receive from each tier of Town Hall.

Tier Before After
Tier 1 20,000  200,000 
Tier 2 25,000  400,000 
Tier 3 30,000  600,000 
Tier 4 35,000  800,000 
Tier 5 40,000  1,000,000 
Tier 6 50,000  2,000,000 
Tier 7 200,000  3,000,000 
Tier 8 1,000,000  4,000,000 
Tier 9 - 5,000,000 


- You can upgrade your Refinery up to Lv 30.

Level Function
26  Max Black Stones: 26 
27  Max Black Stones: 27 
28  Max Black Stones: 28 
29  Max Black Stones: 29 
30  Max Black Stones: 30 

Alchemy Lab

- You can upgrade your Alchemy Lab up to Lv 18.

Level Function
16  Max Crafting Spots: 6
Max Task Repeats: 16
17  Max Crafting Spots: 7
Max Task Repeats: 17
18  Max Crafting Spots: 8
Max Task Repeats: 18

- If you have a Tier 9 Town Hall, you can craft [Magical Essence] at a Lv 16 or higher Alchemy Lab.


- You can upgrade your Stable up to Lv 9.
ㆍYou can keep up to 19 horses.
ㆍMore Feed can be stored.

Food Storage, Garden

- You can upgrade your Food Storage up to Lv 25.

Level Function
21  Food Storage Limit: 160,000 
22  Food Storage Limit: 170,000 
23  Food Storage Limit: 180,000 
24  Food Storage Limit: 190,000 
25  Food Storage Limit: 200,000 

Trade Workshop

- You can upgrade your Trade Workshop up to Lv 18.

Level Function
16  Max Crafting Spots: 8
Max Task Repeats: 16
17  Max Crafting Spots: 9
Max Task Repeats: 17
18  Max Crafting Spots: 10
Max Task Repeats: 18


- You can upgrade your Storage up to Lv 17.

Level Function
16  Storage Slots: 125 
17  Storage Slots: 130 

- The following buildings will have different appearances based on the tier of your Town Hall:

- Added "Family / Camp Info" to the icon list that appears when you tap Town Hall.
- Added Family Feats to the main menu.

Family Info

- A window with your Family Creation Date, Family CP, and other simple information will be displayed.
ㆍ"Main Vanguards" are the five characters within your Family with the highest CP.


Family Feats

- Added Family Feats.
ㆍGo to Town Hall → Family / Camp Info → Banners on the upper right of the screen or "Family Feats" on the main menu to check out this new content.
- There are 4 Family Feat categories: [Adventure, Combat, Battlefield, Life]. Each category features different objectives for achieving feats.

- You begin each category from level 1, then in order. The objective of the next feat will be revealed upon completing the current level.
ㆍYou can build the Banner for each category upon completing the level 1 feat of the respective category.
ㆍYou can use Logs and Rugged Boulders to build Banners from the "Build" option in Camp.
ㆍYou cannot build more than one Banner of the same category. You can only upgrade Banners that have been built.
- Each time you complete a feat under each category, you can upgrade the Banner of that category.
ㆍTap "Upgrade" on a Banner built in Camp for the next level Banner.
- You cannot remove Banners that have already been built and can only change the placement.

Camp Info

- Tap the "Camp Info" tab to check out information on Camp Management/Updates.
ㆍIn addition to the Camp Manager summary, this list of available buildings and upgrades will be displayed when entering Camp.

🔎 Manage your resources efficiently!
It will take a lot of resources to construct and upgrade buildings.
Patience is also required to gather the resources needed to carry out those tasks.
It is important to manage your resources wisely.
It is a good idea to allocate resources
to fulfill Town Hall upgrade requirements and upgrade the Town Hall in the eariler stages of camp management.

🔎 Hire as many Workers as you can!
You may not have enough Contribution in the early stages of camp management.
This is where quantity trumps quality. It is better to hire more low-grade workers
than hire a small number of high-grade workers.
So if you have 12 Contribution, for example,
It is more efficient to hire 4 [Magic] Workers than 1 [Epic] Worker.

🔎 Use Focused Gathering to Gather More!
You can choose either regular Gathering or Focused Gathering from the World Gathering screen.
Tap on the [Focused Gathering] button on the left side of the World Gathering screen to activate it.
Once activated, you'll be able to obtain more resources for the same amount of time compared to regular Gathering.
However, you'll use more food to do so and workers will grow tired more quickly. This can lead to a decrease in loyalty.
Focused Gathering is a good way to gather more resources in a shorter time period
as long as you can manage worker fatigue and have sufficient food to carry it out.

🔎 All resources matter!
As you manage your camp, there may be cases where you may notice large discrepencies between different type of resources.
If you have an excess of certain resources, you can exchange resource types through Trade Resources.
Although Trade Resources is limited to the same types of resources, it's a good method to quickly remedy any shortages.
Resources can also be sold on the market for silver.

🔎 There's no place like home for fishing!
Bounty Missions may require Adventurers to look for a fishing spot to fish.
For those who are in a hurry, you can also go to your Camp to fish.
The fishing spot is located in the southwestern section of your Camp.
The fish you catch can also be used as a source of food.