Adventurer's Guide

Succession Skill

Developer Commentary:

Following the revelation of the Chenga Sherekhan, Adventurers exploring old Drieghan stumble upon a clue to a new power. This details the existence of "Succession," a state where one can share skills with another self, divided into Ascension and Awakening.

Succession skills allow you to select and use one of two skills that can showcase a new play style for your class and the extended Ascension/Awakening class.

We invite you to experience the thrill of combat firsthand, as we unfold the skills of other classes into new thrilling action unique to Black Desert Mobile.


- Succession Skills allow Awakening/Ascension classes to select and acquire one of two designated skills from the opposite class.
ㆍ E.g.) "[Ascension] Gladiator" can use "[Awakening] Berserker's" skill
ㆍ Classes that only have Ascension or Awakening can also use Succession Skills.
ㆍ Succession Skills are not affected by the Increase Branch Damage effect. However, you can enhance the damage through Enchantment stats of the Charm of Succession.
ㆍ Succession Skills are not affected by the opposite class' passive skills, and some factors such as skill damage have been adjusted.
ㆍ Effects such as "Super Armor" and "Forward Guard" that are applied while using the skill do not apply in the Arena.
ㆍ Skills where the "Invincibility" effect was applied are all changed to effects such as "Forward Guard," "Super Armor," and "Cannot be Grabbed."

- Succession skills can be used after completing the "Story - Legacy of the Sherekhan".
ㆍ When acquiring a skill, you will use a "Succession Skillbook."
ㆍ They can be purchased in the Pearl Shop by using 90 Black Pearls.
- Using a Succession Skillbook also allows you to change an already acquired Succession skill to another skill.

- You can view videos about the Succession Skill for each class on the official Black Desert Mobile YouTube channel.

Go to the official Black Desert Mobile YouTube channel.