Adventurer's Guide

Black Spirit


Adventurers maintain a relationship with a companion that is equally as important as the character.
The Black Spirit is related to all secrets and adventures in Black Desert Mobile.

The Black Spirit helps increase your family CP and offers other special abilities that'll help your adventure.

The Black Spirit grows by absorbing Dark Energy.
The Black Spirit obtains the EXP required to grow when it absorbs dark energy from gear or accessories.

Condensed Dark Energy is a unique growth item for the Black Spirit.
It grants a large amount of EXP. Offer it to the Black Spirit through Absorb Dark Energy.


Family CP will increase when the Black Spirit's level increases.
When the Black Spirit grows, the Black Spirit's Rage skill level will increase as well, enhancing its power.

The Black Spirit offers various convenience features, such as Auto-Enhance and Auto-Fusion. You'll also gain access to various content, including Collection and Path of Glory.

✅ List of Effects Obtained when the Black Spirit Grows

Effect Available Lv
Black Spirit Quest Level 1  14
Shakatu's Shop Buy x10 25
Lightstone/Crystal Auto-Fusion 25
Use All Skillbooks 25
Auto-Fuse Unique Grade Lightstone/Crystal 35
Black Spirit Quest Level 2 41
Auto-Fuse Mystical Lightstones/Crystals 50
Black Spirit Quest Level 3 51
Automatically absorb items from Shakatu's Shop into Dark Energy 55
Auto-Gathering 60
Black Spirit Quest Level 4 61
Auto-Enchant 65
Total Dark Energy absorption at one time: 15 65
Black Spirit Quest Level 5 68
Total Dark Energy absorption at one time: 20 70
Black Spirit Quest Level 6 75
Black Spirit Quest Level 7 82
Black Spirit Quest Level 8 89
Auto-Progress with Enhancements 90
Auto-Progress with Forced Enhancements 95
Black Spirit Quest Level 9 96
Shakatu's Shop Continuous Item Draw 100
Path of Glory 100
Auto-Absorb Dark Energy 100
Boss Rush Auto-Repeat  110
Black Spirit Quest Level 10 110
Black Spirit Quest Level 11 124
Black Spirit Quest Level 12 138
Auto-Enhance Awakened Enhancement 150
Refine all high-purity Black Crystals 150
Auto-Enhance Totem 150
Auto-Enhance Alchemy Stones 150
Black Spirit Quest Level 13 152


Various items such as gear, accessories, and relics are filled with Dark Energy.

The amount of EXP obtained from absorbing dark energy varies for each item.
Make a plan to see which items to use to get the greatest benefit.

Absorbable Items Dark Energy EXP Special Benefits
Condensed Dark Energy ★★★★★ -
Main Weapon ★★★ Obtain Magical Residue from absorbing
Armor ★★★ Obtain Magical Residue from absorbing
Accessory ★★★ Obtain Magical Essence from absorbing
Relic ★★★ Available for Offering Relic

※ For Condensed Dark Energy Chest, go to your Inventory to use the Open Chests feature and then Auto-Absorb Dark Energy to absorb all of it.
※ The number of Magical Residue and Magical Essence obtained will vary depending on the grade of the absorbed gear and accessories.

Black Spirit Quests can be completed up to 3 times per family every day. Complete the quests to obtain useful rewards that'll help your Adventure.
- Black Spirit's Influence ▶ Only available from Black Spirit Quests. You can check completed quests and quests that are currently in progress.
- The number of available Black Spirit quests will reset every day at midnight.

Tap on the Black Spirit Quest reward information icon to see quest objective and rewards.
- The level of The Black Spirit Quest is based on your Black Spirit's level.

Upon completing the quest, tap [Complete] to complete quest and collect rewards or tap [Continue Quest] to start other Black Spirit Quests you haven't accepted yet.

Black Spirit Hadum Quests are available once a day per family. Obtain Hadum's Realm item rewards when you complete the quest.
- Go to Black Spirit's Influence ▶ Black Spirit Quest ▶ Black Spirit Hadum Quest to accept quests, check quests in progress, and quests that have been completed.
- The level of Black Spirit Hadum Quests are based on your Black Spirit's level. Available quests will reset every day at midnight.

- The Black Spirit will awaken his power as you play through the main quest in the Great Desert. When the Black Spirit awakens, you'll be able to equip Black Spirit's Runes.
- Runes can be obtained from exploring the Great Desert. Various effects will be granted when they are equipped to the Black Spirit. Fuse 5 Runes to obtain a different Rune.
- The following information is about the Black Spirit's Rune:
・Type: Elion Rune, Hadum Rune (Total of 2 types)
・You can equip 4 Elion Runes and 4 Hadum Runes.