Adventurer's Guide



Table of Contents

01. Daily Task

02. Weekly Task

03. Achievement

04. Bounty Mission


Daily tasks are structured in a way so that adventurers can play on a daily basis and easily earn the right rewards to progress through the game.
※Daily tasks reset between 00:00 - 01:00 AM on a daily basis. (Reset time is subject to change)

- Task Description: You can check requirements, current status, and completion rewards.
- Task Progress: You can check the current progress for tasks.
- Claim Reward: [Claim] button is shown as [Ongoing] if the task is not completed. [Claim All] button allows you to claim rewards for all of the tasks that are completed.
- Daily Task Rewards: You can earn a certain amount of black pearls when you complete 3/5/7 tasks.


Weekly Tasks are structured to be completed on a weekly basis. Weekly Tasks are more challenging compared to Daily Tasks but rewards are higher in value.

※Weekly tasks reset at 00:00 - 01:00 AM every Monday. (Reset time is subject to be changed)


Achievement tasks are structured to be completed by enjoying various contents. Achievement rewards can be received upon every completion.

※ Certain achievements can be completed multiple times. However, task difficulty increases after every completion. Please note that achievement requirements reset after every completion.
Ex) After completing the achievement 'Use 2,000 Ancient Coins,' there will be a new achievement such as 'Use 5,000 Ancient Coins.' Requirements will reset to 0/5,000 instead of 2,000/5,000


Bounty Mission can be accepted twice per day and precious rewards can be claimed upon completion.
- Bounty Mission can be refreshed three times per day.
- Bounty Mission resets every day after 00:00 AM.