Adventurer's Guide

World Boss


World Bosses regularly appear in specific locations found within the game. All Adventurers will have a chance to stop the rampaging destruction of the World Bosses and acquire rewards.

Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
11:00 - 14:00
19:00 - 02:00 (Next Day)
    Co-op Rush: Offin     Co-op Rush: Offin  
20:00         Ahib's Griffon
(Until Defeated)
(Only Spawns at)
20:00 - 22:00
Tukar Laytenn
(Until Defeated)
          Hadum: Kzarka
Chaos Muraka
(Until Defeated)

※ Entry will be restricted 10 minutes before the World Boss raid ends.
※ You can join the battle up to 2 hours after the boss appears.
※ Your Damage Rank affects the amount and quality of your loot.

※ Every World Bosses spawns twice a day except Tukar Laytenn and Chaos Muraka. Spawn time are 12-14 / 20-22.
※ The World Boss entry limit is set to count on a daily basis.
ㆍ For example, if you defeated Karanda between 12-14, you cannot enter Karanda's dungeon after 20:00 on the same day.


How to Enter

Press the [World Boss] button found on the top left side of the screen to view the list of available World Bosses.
Once you press [Start Battle], you will automatically move to where the Boss has spawned and team up with 25 random Adventurers for the raid. 


✅ Reward Conditions

Once your party defeats a World Boss, rewards will be given based on how much damage each character has dealt during the raid. The more damage you deal, the higher your chances are of getting better rewards! If you disconnect from the game or exit preemptively from the battle before it ends (such as going to a town), the total damage you’ve dealt will reset. Note that you will not receive any rewards if you do not deal any damage to the boss.


- You earn World Boss Knowledge EXP for every raid You participate
- World Boss Knowledge reward gives you +1 AP or DP for reaching each level.
- You can earn up to 100 AP and DP by increasing World Boss Knowledge level
- World Boss Knowledge can be found in [Knowledge] tab in the main menu

✅ Knowledge Reward

World Boss Knowledges that reward AP
Kzarka, Karanda, Enraged Giath, Enraged Muskan, Hadum: Kzarka, Chaos Muraka
World Boss Knowledges that reward DP
Nouver, Enraged Red Nose, Enraged Bheg, Hadum: Red Nose, Ancient Kutum, Tukar Laytenn, Khan

✅ Altar of Alyaelli

- Altar of Alyaelli is a World Boss common Knowledge system.
- You can get Altar of Alyaelli Knowledge EXP when defeating the World Bosses whose Knowledge You have maxed out.

※ In order to open "Alyaelli's Rift", you can proceed after completing the new story, "A Rift Splitting the World".


- Adventurers who discovered Alyaelli's Rift can challenge to defeat the World Bosses: Kzarka, Karanda, and Nouver on a separate stage with other characters in the Family.
- A revised requirement of Alyaelli has been patched from January 10, 2023 Update. (Latest)

Current Requirements - Own the "Protector of Rift" title from completing Path of Glory: Rift 15 Wave 1
ㆍThe required CP to enter Rift 15 is 97,000.
- Own the "Honorable Challenger" title from achieving any World Boss Knowledge Lv 30
Revised Requirements - Own the "Conqueror of Rift 4" title from completing Path of Glory: Rift 4 Wave 10
- Changed the requirement for the "Honorable Challenger" title: Any World Boss Knowledge Lv 30 → Lv 10

- Reduced the stats of the bosses in "Mission: Inspect Alyaelli's Rift."
- Lowered the progress requirement of the selective quests for each World Boss.
ㆍYou can now accept the quests when you reach Knowledge Lv 10 of the World Boss.
ㆍAdjusted the quest objective of "Chapter 2: Karanda, Queen of the Harpies" to "Path of Glory Rift 4, Wave 10"
ㆍAdjusted the quest objective of "Chapter 3: Nouver, Tyrant of the Desert" to require 1 Sandstorm Crystal.
ㆍAdjusted the quest objective of "Chapter 4: Enraged Red Nose" to "Defeat the Creature at Marni's Lab in Hadum's Realm."
- Reduced the stats of bosses in Alyaelli's Rift, and improved the damage output of low CP players.

- In Alyaelli's Rift, you can enter the stage once a week regardless of the World Boss appearance time.
※ Remaining Entries refresh every Monday at 00:00.
※ Adventurers who have discovered Alyaelli's Rift will be able to enter the boss only through Alyaelli's Rift after that.


New Story "A Rift Splitting the World"

- New Story "A Rift Splitting the World" will be available after you complete the following requirements:
※ Achieve one World Boss Knowledge over Lv 30 and complete Path of Glory: Rift 15, Wave 1 once after the update.
※ The story will open after completing the last quest "A Book Left by a Shadow" of "A Rift Splitting the World".

- After completing Story "A Rift Splitting the World", you can complete the individual quests of the World Boss that have achieved Knowledge Lv 30.
- Individual quests exist uniquely for each world boss, and when you complete the quests, you can meet the boss in Alyaelli's Rift.
- If the conditions are met, you can accept the quest by selecting the corresponding world boss tab in the 'World Boss Status Board' by clicking the icon on the right side of the minimap.
※ In order to complete individual quests, you must consume all the number of additional entries of the corresponding world boss, but it is irrelevant if you have or not used the extra entry passes.

- Once completing the quest, World Boss Rushes for that World Boss can only be done with characters within the adventurer's Family through Alyaelli's Rift.


Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption

Many reasons lie behind Kzarka's title. Some say it’s because Kzarka favors the wishes of the wicked and weak-minded. Others say it is because its followers become obsessed until it’s too late as their souls are enslaved for eternity.
Required Lv. Character Lv.40 or above
Spawn Time

Monday, 12:00 - 14:00 & 20:00 - 22:00

Obtainable Rewards

- Primal Main Weapon

Abyssal Main Weapon 

Kzarka Gear Fragment

Craft Kzarka Main Weapon

[Abyssal] Kzarka Main Weapon 

Kzarka Gear Fragment x150 


Karanda, the queen of the Harpies

The title 'Karanda' has been passed onto many leaders of the Harpies.
Harpies are social creatures that live in groups. They will choose the strongest female as their leader.
Karanda is vital to sustaining the survival of the Harpies as they are the only ones capable of laying eggs. As a result, Harpies will do everything they can to protect Karanda.
Required Lv. Character Lv.50 or above
Spawn Time

Can be accessed through Alyaelli Rift anytime (once per week)

Obtainable Rewards

- Primal Main Weapon

- Abyssal Main Weapon  

- Dandelion Gear Fragment 

Craft Dandelion Main Weapon

[Abyssal] Dandelion Weapon

- Dandelion Gear Fragment x150


Nouver, the Tyrant of the Desert

A sandstorm started to rise in Mediah.
There were times when winds would carry sand with it, but a storm like this was not common.
As people started to cower, fearing that Illezra's Disaster has come again, a massive body started to move inside of the storm.
It was Nouver, also known as the Tyrant of the Desert. Soon, hunters from all regions started to gather, seeking to defeat this dragon and become legends.
Required Lv. Character Lv.55 or above
Spawn Time

Can be accessed through Alyaelli Rift anytime (once per week)

Obtainable Rewards

- Primal Sub-Weapon

- Abyssal Sub-Weapon

- Nouver Gear Fragment

Craft Nouver Sub-Weapon

[Abyssal] Nouver Sub-Weapon

- Nouver Gear Fragment x150


Enraged Red Nose

Red Nose was unhappy.

He still felt a thirst although he had become the chief of the Steel Imps that dominated Agris. And he thought it could be because of the sudden emergence of Adventurers who challenged his rule.

They never feared him even though he had a huge build and superior strength that was unlike anything he had in his childhood — strength greater than the sum of all the other Steel Imps’ powers.

He expected there would be no one who could scoff at his red nose, but he could not shake off the thoughts that they were laughing at him or thinking that he was nothing whenever he was defeated by Adventurers.

Surging rage began to dye Red Nose’s body.

Required Lv. Character Lv.35 or above
Spawn Time

Can be accessed through Alyaelli Rift anytime (once per week)

Obtainable Rewards

- Primal Armor

- Abyssal Armor

- Enraged Red Nose Gear Fragment

Craft Red Nose’s Armor

[Abyssal] Red Nose’s Armor

- Enraged Red Nose Gear Fragment x40


Enraged Giath

Giath, who lived inside a cave located somewhere deep within the Forest of Plunder, experienced terrible nightmares every night. Nightmares of him running through the forest, narrowly escaping a blade drenched in blood of a human general drunk on greed. It lingered in his mind incessantly.


Giath wondered who it was that tormented him in his dreams.

As time went by, Giath grew tired of being the chief of the foolish goblins. He wanted to live in peace.


However, contrary to Giath's wishes, Adventurers began coming to the forest more frequently and ravaging the goblin's land.

In Giath's dreams, he would see Adventurers challenging him and hear the screams of the goblins in the distance...

Rage began to swell up inside Giath. From then on, he vowed to unleash this rage against anyone who trespassed in the forest.

Required Lv Character Lv. 35 or above
Spawn Time

Can be accessed through Alyaelli Rift anytime (once per week)

Obtainable Rewards

- Primal Helmet

- Abyssal-grade Helmet

- Giath Gear Fragment

Craft Giath’s Helmet

[Abyssal] Giath’s Helmet

- Giath Gear Fragment x40


Enraged Bheg

Bheg did not want to become the leader of the Altar Imps.

Bheg was physically larger and stronger than the other Altar Imps, but he had no desire to lead.

The Altar Imps believed that having a powerful leader would make a statement to their enemies. Bheg tried to flee but they caught him, and forcibly instilled the black energy into him.

The Altar Imps then claimed the North Serendian Plains after they appointed the reluctant Bheg as their leader. However, this did not stop them from mocking Bheg as a runaway.

Bheg was infuriated by the thought that they were taking advantage of him. He couldn't contain his anger. In a fit of rage, he started destroying everything in his path.

Required Lv. Character Lv.45 or above
Spawn Time Can be accessed through Alyaelli Rift anytime (once per week)
No. of Participants 25 Adventurers will be randomly selected to participate.
Obtainable Rewards

- Primal Gloves

- Bheg's Gloves
- Bheg's Chain - Bheg Gear Fragment

Crafting Blueprints [Abyssal] Bheg Gear Fragment x40

Enraged Muskan

Muskan is known for being the atrocious leader of the cultists, though few could recall he was once a faithful follower of Elion. In the past, many priests would gather and worship Elion, the god of light, at the Bloody Monastery in Southern Serendia.

One day, a secret document arrived at the monastery.

It recorded the events that unfolded at Calpheon Shrine.

It also claimed to call upon an evil in order to tame it. That Kzarka was just another test sent by Elion as a lesson to all.

'All that is chaos is in worship of Elion. The blood of the pure shall be sacrificed for the ascension of Kzarka.'

Muskan saw it as his duty to remove all mollify the cultists from fear and doubt, and use this to bring everyone together under the arms of Elion.

Required Lv. Character Lv.45 or above
Spawn Time Can be accessed through Alyaelli Rift anytime (once per week)
No. of Participants 25 Adventurers will be randomly selected to participate.
Boss Knowledge Level Reward AP
Obtainable Rewards

- Primal Shoes

- Abyssal Shoes
- Muskan Gear Fragment

Crafting Blueprints
[Abyssal] Muskan's Shoes
- Muskan Gear Fragment

Hadum: Kzarka

There once were followers endowed with Hadum's power, similar to how Enslar and the Valkyries received Elion's blessings. Of them, Balran received one of Hadum's esteemed abilities—manipulating shadows.

In light lies the darkness.
A light shining on an object creates a shadow of the same shape.
Shadows are tied to light inextricably. It becomes darker as light shines brighter. All paths bathed in glorious light belie the darker path one can easily become trapped in.
Balran's power feeds on those whose fear of becoming trapped leads them astray.
Balran's shadows not only mimic a thing's physical appearance, but exude the greatest dark power that thing can possess.
Some say Balran chose to worship Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption, to make a statement about his own power in Elion's world.
But was that really his motive? The shadows have always been here. We have simply come to realize the nature of the shadow itself.

Required Lv and Quest Character Lv.45 or above, Complete the quest [Necessary Supplies]
Spawn Time Can be accessed through Alyaelli Rift anytime (once per week)
Boss Knowledge Reward AP
Required Item for Entry Holy Vial of Light x20
Available Rewards Hadum's Token and other rewards
Crafting Blueprints No crafting materials are rewarded.
※ Hadum's Token
 - Hadum's Token can be obtained from Hadum World Bosses and some areas in Hadum's Realm.
 - It can be used to view items available in Genoveva's Shop.
 - Genoveva's Shop will be added in the future.

Hadum: Enraged Red Nose

The bosses in Elion's Realm revel in sowing destruction and seizing control.
However, the sole purpose of the bosses in Hadum's Realm is simply to drive out anyone
trespassing into Hadum's Realm.
However, Balran is using the power of the Rift Stone to bring the dark forces of Hadum's Realm
beyond its borders in an attempt to stop those who oppose them.
One of those dark forces is Hadum: Enraged Red Nose from deep within Hadum's Realm.

Required Lv and Quest Character Lv. 45 or above, Complete the quest [Necessary Supplies] 
Spawn Time Can be accessed through Alyaelli Rift anytime (once per week)
Boss Knowledge Reward DP
Required Item for Entry Holy Vial of Light x20
Available Rewards Boss Stamp
Crafting Blueprints Hadum's Token and other rewards

Ancient Kutum

The Ancient Kutum has arisen amidst the sandstorm that rages at the center of the Great Desert.
According to remaining Valencian historical writings, the Ancient Fragment lodged in Kutum's Body is its heart.
With an insatiable craving for power, the Ancient Kutum brought destruction to anything that came in its path.
But one day, a being who embodies light lead Kutum to the desert and sealed it there.
They hoped that the desert, said to be Aal's embrace, would be enough to suppress Kutum's hunger.
After sealing Ancient Kutum, the being traveled and warned as many people as they could of Ancient Kutum.
Whether it be the passage of time, the weakening of the sun, or someone's nefarious plan, the heart of Ancient Kutum has begun beating once again.

Required Lv and Quest Character Lv. 60 or above
Complete the family quest [The Opening of the Desert] to unlock the Great Desert area.
Spawn Time Can be accessed through Alyaelli Rift anytime (once per week)
Boss Knowledge Reward DP
Required Item for Entry

Nesser's Blessing

(Nesser's Blessing can be crafted by visiting Katan Solider at Sand Grain Bazaar)

Available Rewards Eternal Helmet, Ancient Relic Remnant, Ancient Relic Remnant Fragment, etc.
Crafting Blueprints Ancient Relic Remnant
- Ancient Relic Remnant Fragment x 30 and Magical Essence x 500



Tukar Laytenn

The Hystria Chambers were hard to classify. They looked too different from temples to be classified as such, while there was nothing that would justify calling them ruins.
What was discovered there was Tukar Laytenn, the leader of the Ancient Guardians of the Great Temple of Tukar, the being known as the King of Laytenns.
It has seemingly forgotten its mission to protect the Great Temple, and is destroying everything it sees.

※You will obtain the lowest level of the World Boss Tukar Laytenn rewards after completing the Red Sand Stone Chamber mission.

Spawn Time Monday, 20:00
*You can participate until Tukar Laytenn is eliminated
No. of Participants Adventureres in Hysteria Chamers will be randomly selected to participate. 
Boss Knowledge Reward DP
Available Rewards Thunder God's Fragments, Edana Coins, [Abyssal] Condensed Dark Energy Chest, Refined Black Crystal Pouch, Ellion/Hadum Runes, and etc.
* Black Rock Shrine appears when Tukar Laytenn is eliminated.

Chaos Muraka

Muraka, the older brother of the Boss Uraka and the King of the Ogres, is also referred to as a land dragon, due to its immense strength. Ogres were known to be creatures who protect nature, but at some point, they lost all sense of reason and turned wild. Muraka began destroying the forests, leading to him being sealed in the Longleaf Tree Forest by the Kamasylve priestesses. It seemed as if peace had been restored, but recently rumors of chaos have been spreading. Namely, that Muraka had broken its seal and is wreaking havoc in Southwest Calpheon. How did Muraka break free from its long slumber? The answer could be tied to the energy that brought about the Three Days of Darkness.

Spawn Time Sunday, 20:00
*You can participate until Chaos Muraka is eliminated
No. of Participants 25 adventureres in Longleaf Tree Forest of Southwest Calpheon will be randomly selected to participate. Chaos Muraka's HP will be announced through joint servers.
Boss Knowledge Reward AP
Available Rewards Entangled Time / Chaos Core / Ancient Inscribed Glyph / Calphras Book Page / Abyssal Weapon Chest



World Boss Khan has been called the Master of the Ocean from the moment it was born, with a body larger than an island and scales that shine beneath the ocean under the moonlight.
For some time now, ominous roars resound throughout the mist of Ross Sea, and the waves are pounding harder than ever before.
It is said that the reason Khan wakes up from a long sleep is because of his anger towards the humans who have been blessed by Oquilla. Adventurer, please gather forces to keep Khan, the wild terror of the Ocean, contained in Oquilla's Eye.

Spawn Time Can be accessed through Alyaelli Rift anytime (once per week)
Boss Knowledge Reward DP
Entry Requirement Tier 3 Ship
Available Rewards Khan's Scale / Tear of the Goddess / Magical Essence / Alyaelli Fragment / Oquilla Coins