Adventurer's Guide

World Boss


World Bosses regularly appear in specific locations found within the game. All Adventurers will have a chance to stop the rampaging destruction of the World Bosses and acquire rewards.


Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
12:00 - 14:00 Kzarka Karanda Nouver Karanda Kzarka Nouver Karanda
20:00 - 22:00 Karanda


/ Enraged Red Nose 



/ Enraged Muskan



/ Enraged Giath


/ Enraged Bheg

※ Entry will be restricted 10 minutes before the World Boss raid ends.
※ You can join the battle up to 2 hours after the boss appears.
※ Your Damage Rank affects the amount and quality of your loot.


① How to Enter

Press the [World Boss] button found on the top left side of the screen to view the list of available World Bosses.
Once you press [Start Battle], you will automatically move to where the Boss has spawned and team up with 25 random Adventurers for the raid. 


② Reward Conditions

Once your party defeats a World Boss, rewards will be given based on how much damage each character has dealt during the raid. The more damage you deal, the higher your chances are of getting better rewards! If you disconnect from the game or exit preemptively from the battle before it ends (such as going to a town), the total damage you’ve dealt will reset. Note that you will not recieve any rewards if you do not deal any damage to the boss.


Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption

Many reasons lie behind Kzarka's title. Some say it’s because Kzarka favors the wishes of the wicked and weak-minded. Others say it is because its followers become obsessed until it’s too late as their souls are enslaved for eternity.
Required Lv. Character Lv.40 or above
Obtainable Rewards

- Primal Main Weapon

Abyssal Main Weapon 

Kzarka Gear Fragment

Craft Kzarka Main Weapon

[Abyssal] Kzarka Main Weapon 

Kzarka Gear Fragment x150 



Karanda, the queen of the Harpies

The title 'Karanda' has been passed onto many leaders of the Harpies.
Harpies are social creatures that live in groups. They will choose the strongest female as their leader.
Karanda is vital to sustaining the survival of the Harpies as they are the only ones capable of laying eggs. As a result, Harpies will do everything they can to protect Karanda.
Required Lv. Character Lv.50 or above
Obtainable Rewards

- Primal Main Weapon

- Abyssal Main Weapon  

- Dandelion Gear Fragment 

Craft Dandelion Main Weapon

[Abyssal] Dandelion Weapon

- Dandelion Gear Fragment x150


Nouver, the Tyrant of the Desert

A sandstorm started to rise in Mediah.
There were times when winds would carry sand with it, but a storm like this was not common.
As people started to cower, fearing that Illezra's Disaster has come again, a massive body started to move inside of the storm.
It was Nouver, also known as the Tyrant of the Desert. Soon, hunters from all regions started to gather, seeking to defeat this dragon and become legends.
Required Lv. Character Lv.55 or above
Obtainable Rewards

- Primal Sub-Weapon

- Abyssal Sub-Weapon

- Nouver Gear Fragment

Craft Nouver Sub-Weapon

[Abyssal] Nouver Sub-Weapon

- Nouver Gear Fragment x150


Enraged Red Nose

Red Nose was unhappy.

He still felt a thirst although he had become the chief of the Steel Imps that dominated Agris. And he thought it could be because of the sudden emergence of Adventurers who challenged his rule.

They never feared him even though he had a huge build and superior strength that was unlike anything he had in his childhood — strength greater than the sum of all the other Steel Imps’ powers.

He expected there would be no one who could scoff at his red nose, but he could not shake off the thoughts that they were laughing at him or thinking that he was nothing whenever he was defeated by Adventurers.

Surging rage began to dye Red Nose’s body.


Required Lv. Character Lv.35 or above
Obtainable Rewards

- Primal Armor

- Abyssal Armor

- Enraged Red Nose Gear Fragment

Craft Red Nose’s Armor

[Abyssal] Red Nose’s Armor

- Enraged Red Nose Gear Fragment x40



Enraged Giath

Giath, who lived inside a cave located somewhere deep within the Forest of Plunder, experienced terrible nightmares every night. Nightmares of him running through the forest, narrowly escaping a blade drenched in blood of a human general drunk on greed. It lingered in his mind incessantly.


Giath wondered who it was that tormented him in his dreams.

As time went by, Giath grew tired of being the chief of the foolish goblins. He wanted to live in peace.


However, contrary to Giath's wishes, Adventurers began coming to the forest more frequently and ravaging the goblin's land.

In Giath's dreams, he would see Adventurers challenging him and hear the screams of the goblins in the distance...

Rage began to swell up inside Giath. From then on, he vowed to unleash this rage against anyone who trespassed in the forest.

Required Lv Character Lv. 35 or above
Obtainable Rewards

- Primal Helmet

- Abyssal-grade Helmet

- Giath Gear Fragment

Craft Giath’s Helmet

[Abyssal] Giath’s Helmet

- Giath Gear Fragment x40


Enraged Bheg


Bheg did not want to become the leader of the Altar Imps.

Bheg was physically larger and stronger than the other Altar Imps, but he had no desire to lead.

The Altar Imps believed that having a powerful leader would make a statement to their enemies. Bheg tried to flee but they caught him, and forcibly instilled the black energy into him.

The Altar Imps then claimed the North Serendian Plains after they appointed the reluctant Bheg as their leader. However, this did not stop them from mocking Bheg as a runaway.

Bheg was infuriated by the thought that they were taking advantage of him. He couldn't contain his anger. In a fit of rage, he started destroying everything in his path.

Required Lv. Character Lv.45 or above
Spawn Time Sunday 20:00 - 22:00
No. of Participants 25 Adventurers will be randomly selected to participate.
Obtainable Rewards

- Primal Gloves

- Bheg's Gloves
- Bheg's Chain - Bheg Gear Fragment

Crafting Blueprints [Abyssal] Bheg Gear Fragment x40


Enraged Muskan


Muskan is known for being the atrocious leader of the cultists, though few could recall he was once a faithful follower of Elion. In the past, many priests would gather and worship Elion, the god of light, at the Bloody Monastery in Southern Serendia.

One day, a secret document arrived at the monastery.

It recorded the events that unfolded at Calpheon Shrine.

It also claimed to call upon an evil in order to tame it. That Kzarka was just another test sent by Elion as a lesson to all.

'All that is chaos is in worship of Elion. The blood of the pure shall be sacrificed for the ascension of Kzarka.'

Muskan saw it as his duty to remove all mollify the cultists from fear and doubt, and use this to bring everyone together under the arms of Elion.

Required Lv. Character Lv.45 or above
Spawn Time Thursday 20:00 - 22:00
No. of Participants 25 Adventurers will be randomly selected to participate.
Boss Knowledge Level Reward AP
Obtainable Rewards

- Primal Shoes

- Abyssal Shoes
- Muskan Gear Fragment

Crafting Blueprints
[Abyssal] Muskan's Shoes
- Muskan Gear Fragment