Adventurer's Guide

Character Copy


There are a variety of classes with their own unique characteristics in Black Desert Mobile. Playing another class when you mainly adventure with the class you find most appealing isn't easy to do.


With the new Character Copy update, you can share the Gear and character level CP of your main character with an alternate character, essentially giving you another character of equal power.


We hope you can utilize Character Copy to enjoy Arena, Family, and Guild content to its fullest.

- Added a Character Copy feature that allows you to share character level CP and Gear with another character.
ㆍ You can access this feature after completing the Story - "Chaos Accessory."
ㆍ We suggest that you use the Copy feature on Awakened/Ascended classes as certain copied Gear are not equippable on a class that has not been Awakened/Ascended.
- The Copy feature is not available for season characters.
ㆍ The feature will be available after season completion.
- Character Copy can be only done to a single character at the same time.
ㆍ You must first deactivate both Character and Gear Copy if you want to use the Copy feature on another character.

- Both the character proceeding with the Copy and receiving the Copy must be at least Lv 60.

- You can proceed with Copy using [Refined Caphras Catalyst] x10.
ㆍThe above item can either be obtained as a completion reward for the Story - "Chaos Accessory" or can be purchased with Black Pearls from the Pearl Shop.
ㆍWe've sent [Refined Caphras Catalyst] x10 to Adventurers who've already completed the Story - "Chaos Accessory."

- Once Copy is complete, the AP, DP, HP, and all pieces of Gear and Accessories will be shared between the two characters that used the feature.
ㆍ The stats from enhancement, awakening, Enchantment, Crystals, Memory Imprints, and more will be identical for copied Gear.
ㆍ The character level will not be shared, but the level CP will be shared.
- Copied Gear cannot be stored in Camp Storage or Horse inventory, and cannot be transferred to another character until Gear Copy is deactivated.
- Level CP will be applied when you first log in with the benefitting character, and it will refresh each time you log in.
ㆍ You can equip copied Gear once you log in with the benefitting character.
ㆍ Enhancement, Awakening, Enchantment, and Crystals are not available for copied Gear, nor can you sell or delete them. You can only equip or unequip them.
ㆍ A Copy icon will display for copied Gear on the upper right of each Gear icon.
ㆍ Copy icons for both the original character and the benefitting character will display on the list of characters.
ㆍ The grades of Gear available for Copy are as follows.

Gear Piece Copy Available for
Weapon/Armor (Universal Weapon) Chaos or higher
Alchemy Stone Primal or higher
Totem Mystical or higher

- The increased CP of the copied character is added to the Family CP.

- If the Gear of the character copied from changes while Copy is active, the Copy will deactivate for that piece.
ㆍ You can use Partial Copy for the deactivated piece and share the stats of the changed Gear again.
ㆍ E.g.) When you switch out a Chaos Gear Accessory for an Eternal Accessory or "Necklace of Bloody Ire."
- You can use Partial Copy for one Gear per piece.
ㆍ E.g.) You can only select one +8 Chaos Weapon out of two in your possession for Partial Copy.


- Partial Copy requires [Imperfect Caphras Catalyst] x1.
ㆍ You can purchase the above item from a General Goods Vendor in each town for 100 million Silver.
ㆍWe recommend purchasing the item after meeting the requirement that unlocks the Copy feature (Complete Story - Chaos Accessory / at character level 60 or higher).
- You must first deactivate Gear Copy to use the Gear to craft or exchange the Gear while the Copy feature is active.
ㆍ E.g.) You must deactivate Copy for the +7 Chaos Gear you want to craft into Umbral Chaos Gear.

- In order to completely deactivate Copy, you must first deactivate Gear Copy for all copied Gear, then proceed with deactivating Character Copy.
ㆍ All copied gear must be unequipped in order to proceed with deactivating Gear Copy.
ㆍ Once both Gear Copy and Character Copy are deactivated, the level CP will no longer be applied.