Adventurer's Guide


Table of Contents
01. Ranked Arena
02. Normal Arena
03. Friendly Arena
04. Open Arena


Looking for a new challenge?

Then look no further! Step into the arena to battle other Adventurers in a heartpounding 1 versus 1 battle. Here, Adventurers will be able to prove their skill and strength to claim victory in this Arena content.

① Ranked Arena: In this mode, you’ll battle other Adventuers in a 1 versus 1 battle. Different from Normal Arena, in Ranked Arena you’ll be ranked based on the points you earn from winning battles. You’ll also earn rewards based on your rank.

② Normal Arena: In this mode, you can freely engage in a 1 versus 1 battle with any other Adventurer. You will earn experience towards your Arena level experiene in this mode.
③ Friendly Arena: Here, you can have a friendly duel with friends or guild members.


You need be level 50 or higher in order to participate in Ranked Arena.
- Adventurers are matched with others based on their Arena Points in the Ranked Arena, regardless of their CP.
ㆍAdventurers will play through 10 Placement Matches if it is their first time. Their starting tier will be determined after the results of these 10 matches.

- Auto-Combat is not availabe in Ranked Arena.
- You can earn extra Victory Points when you play Ranked Arena a certain number of times.
ㆍYou’ll get 3 times more Victory Points in the first 10 rounds at the start of a new season. After that, you’ll get 2 times more Victory Points in every 5th Ranked Arena match. You can also earn extra Victory Points through winning streaks.

- The Ranked Arena season will reset and a new season will start every month.

ㆍAdventurers will have to play through Placement Matches again to determine their tier in a new season.

- The Promotion Match will take place in the following event in Ranked Arena:

ㆍ Copper ~ Platinum Promotion Match: Win a best 2 out of 3 matches

ㆍ Diamond ~ Challenger Promotion Match: Win a best 3 out of 5 matches


- You can receive up to a total of 5 Arena Victory Chests when you win in Ranked Arena.


[Ranked Arena Tier]

- Ranked Arena tier is determined by the points earned from winning Ranked Arena matches.


Tier Ranked Arena Victory Points Rewards
Challenger 4,000 or above 3,000 Black Pearls10 Million Silver 
Master  3,500 or above  2,200 Black PearlsMillion Silver 
Diamond  3,000 or above  1,500 Black PearlsMillion Silver 
Platinum  2,500 or above  1,000 Black Pearls5 Million Silver 
Gold 2,000 or above  700 Black PearlsMillion Silver 
Silver  1,500 or above  400 Black Pearls3 Million Silver 
Bronze  1,000 or above  200 Black PearlsMillion Silver 
Copper  0  100 Black PearlsMillion Silver 

※ The rewards and victory points earned may change after the update.

※ A new Ranked Arena season will start each month.
※ You can collect the Ranked Arena season rewards whenever a new season starts.
※ Adventurers inactive for 3 weeks (168 hours) are removed from the pool of season players. They will not be included in season rankings or the rewards given out on the first day of each month at 00:00. 


Adventures can freely battle other Adventurers in a 1 versus 1 battle. You can earn experience to raise your Arena Level.

You’ll be matched against an available Adventurer across all servers. However, you’ll play against an Adventurer’s Apparition if a match isn’t found within 30 seconds.
※ A random class will appear as the Adventurer’s Apparition.


You can have a friendly duel with a friend or guild member in the Friendly Arena mode. 

You’ll spend 2,500 silver to create a Friendly Arena room and use it for 30 minutes after entering the arena.
※ The cost to create a Friendly Match will be deducted from the Adventurer who first created the Friendly Arena match.
※ 2,500 Silver will be spent for creating a new Friendly Arena match.
Friends or guild members can join the Friendly Arena match by accepting the invitation that gets sent out by pressing [Start Match].

ㆍA total of 30 Adventurers can join the room. Another user can join if an Adventurer in the room leaves.
ㆍYou first need to obtain knowledge on Calpheon in order to enter Open Arena.
ㆍIf your character falls in Open Arena, you can choose to revive on the spot or from a Safe Zone.