Adventurer's Guide


Table of Contents
01. Lightstone
02. Obtaining Lightstones


Lightstone allows an adventurer to gain access to various stat bonuses and other perks. 


There are 4 different kinds of Lightstones. Depending on the grade of the Lightstones, there are auxiliary effects on top of the specific effects that each kind of light stone will possess.


Lightstone Type:




Increase Black Spirit Rage Damage


Increase Dark Energy EXP gain amount


Increase High Grade Crystal Fusion Success Rate


Decrease Enhancement Cost

Additional Stat

One of following stats will be randomly applied.

- Increase Damage for each skill type

- Increase Critical Damage

- Increase Hunting EXP

- Increase Extra LT

- Increase MP Regeneration

- Increase MP

- Increase Max MP

- Increase AP

- Increase DP


You can obtain both lightstones and lightstone fragments-an item necessary for fusing light stone-in a variety of ways: Pearl Shop, Boss Rush, Ancient Ruins or field hunting.


Pearl Shop

Lightstone can be acquired by using auto filling feature of lightstone fragment in [Pearl Shop - Accessory Shop].

You can obtain a free Lightstone per day in Pearl Shop.

Also, you can fill up the gauge by spending Lightstone fragments up to 100%, you can randomly obtain a Lightstone.

※ Lightstone fragments can be purchased in Pearl Shop or obtained through in-game.


Blue Gauge

If you obtain a Lightstone lower than Epic grade, the blue gauge will be stacked.

Once the blue gauge reaches 100%, a random Lightstone (Epic grade or higher) will be given as a bonus prize.

※ If you receive the bonus prize by meeting condition or obtain an epic grade or a higher grade of Lightstone, the gauage will be reset.

※ A daily free Lightstone will not be accumulated to the gauge.