Adventurer's Guide

Boss Rush | Special Boss Rush | Boss Rush Dispatch

While progressing through the main quests in Black Desert Mobile,
you and other Adventurers will come face-to-face with numerous bosses that you will have to defeat to continue your adventures.

After the initial confrontation, you can take down these bosses again for various rewards through Boss Rush.

Defeating stronger bosses will give you better rewards!


Table of Contents
01. Rush Board
02. Starting Your Mission
03. Mission Completed
04. Special Boss Rush
05. Hadum Boss Rush
06. Black Spririt Mode: Auto-Rush
07. Boss Rush Dispatch
08. Boss Rush Revamp


① Challenge the bosses that you've defeated in the main storyline by going to [Rush Board] in your Camp.

Another way to enter is by going to the [Main Menu] (located on the top right of the screen) - [Rush] (located on the menu on the left sidebar menu).

You can get a Single Entry Pass or Group Entry Passes by using the “Single Pass Exchange / Group Pass Exchange” functions.
Both exchanges will grant passes for bosses at random.

✅ Boss Stamp

In order to start a Boss Rush, you will need to exchange 3 Boss Stamps for 1 Boss Rush Entry Pass.

You will get random Entry Passes when using the “Single Pass Exchange / Group Pass Exchange” functions.


You can also exchange 5 Black Pearls and 3 Boss Stamps to obtain an Entry Pass for a specific boss.
Press a Boss Rush you would like to enter, then press the [Exchange] button found at the bottom-left corner to complete the exchange.

※ Boss Stamps, Boss Entry Passes, and Special Boss Rush Passes are shared within your Family.

You can either enter a Boss Rush by going to the [Rush Board] in your Camp or by going to [Main Menu] - [Rush].

※ The badge above the [Enter] button is the total amount of Entry Passes that can be obtained with the current number of Boss Stamps in your possession.



You can see the details of each Boss Rush by going to the Rush Board. Here, you will see a list of available Boss Rushes that you can enter to battle against the bosses that you encountered previously in your adventures.

✅ Exchanging Boss Stamps

① Single Pass Exchange: Exchange 3 Boss Stamps for a random Entry Pass.

② Group Pass Exchange: Exchange a bundle of Boss Stamps for multiple Entry Passes.

③ Entry Pass for Specific Boss: Exchange 3 Boss Stamps and 5 Black Pearls for an Entry Pass for a specific boss.

✅ Set Difficulty

Press the [- / +] buttons to alter the difficulty of the Boss Rush. You can also check this pop-up for a list of rewards you can acquire upon completion.

You can immediately challenge up to +5 levels of difficulty conquered in Elion Boss Rush after Lv 10.
※ If you set the maximum difficulty to level +5, you can reach level 99 after 20 rushes.
- Challenge yourself and fight a higher level to automatically complete prior levels, receiving all relevant difficulty clear rewards!


The maximum entry multiplier that can be set for each knowledge level in Ellion Boss Rush and Hadum Boss Rush is listed below.

※ If you use “Combat Plus”, you can face the boss immediately on cleared difficulties and increase the multiplier limit by 10.

Multiplier Knowledge Level
1 1~6
2 7~13
3 14~20
4 21~27

✅ Starting a Boss Rush

Once you press [Prepare], you can set the difficulty and check the reward list for completing the Boss Rush mission. Press [Start] to enter the Boss Rush.

※ If you fail to defeat the boss, your Entry Pass will not be used.

You can also “AutoRepeat” Boss Rush missions if you have multiple amounts of Entry Passes for a single boss.

※ The difficulty will be adjusted automatically according to your CP. The difficulty will be one that you have already completed.

※ The missions will be set on the highest reward multiplier available.

※ AutoRepeat will be canceled if you fail to complete a Boss Rush mission.

✅ Difficulty Clear Reward

You can acquire a special reward each time you clear a new Boss Rush difficulty for the first time.


Each Boss Rush mission follows the main storyline’s boss mission.
The boss will appear once you defeat all the obstacles and monsters.



You can receive your reward after you’ve defeated the boss.

The rating next to the [Mission Success] message is based on how fast you cleared the mission.

Note that the rewards will not change based on your rating.

Upon completing a Boss Rush, you can take on the same one again on a higher difficulty.



Special Boss Rush features a much more difficult version of the original Boss Rush that is sure to provide a greater challenge for daring Adventurers!

✅ Special Boss Pass Exchange

Special Boss Stamps have a chance to be acquired while making exchanges with regular Boss Stamps.

When exchanging Special Boss Stamps into Special Boss Passes, a maximum of 50 can be exchanged at one time.

Max Multiplier for Speical Boss Rush is 50.

✅ Entering a Special Boss Rush

Once the exchange for the Special Boss Pass has been completed, the available Special Boss Rush stage will be highlighted in red.
The amount of Special Boss Passes held for a specific stage will be applied towards the multiplier when entering.

✅ Special Boss Rush Rewards

In addition to the large Boss Rush reward multipliers, other rewards will be much greater than a regular Boss Rush.



✅ Requirements to enter Hadum Boss Rush

Hadum Boss Rush is avaiable after you get the title for clearing Red Nose Difficulty 99 and complete the story quest [Hadum: Uneasy Peace].
You need to complete the family quest [Necessary Supplies] in order to play through Hadum content, including Hadum Boss Rush.
The family quest [Necessary Supplies] will be automatically accepted after you complete the Mediah main quest [The Rightful King].
The Elion (normal) boss rush is available to play after you unlock your Camp.
✅ Materials Required to Enter Hadum Boss Rush
Use 100 Boss Stamps and 1 Shadow Knot to gain 1 more entry to Hadum Boss Rush.
There is a chance of getting the Hadum Special Boss Rush whenever you gain an entry to Hadum Boss Rush.
You can get Shadow Knots from Hadum's Realm and Bounty Missions.


✅ Multiplier

The maximum entry multiplier that can be set for each knowledge level in Hadum Boss Rush is listed below.

Multiplier Knowledge Level
1 1~13
2 14~27
3 28~41
4 42~55



You can assign the Black Spirit to perform Boss Rush missions through Black Spirit Mode by using the Auto-Rush function. Select the boss you want to defeat and then tap the [Confirm] button. After that, the Black Spirit will automatiically carry out Boss Rush Missions until you run out of Boss Rush Passes.


※ Auto-Rush from the Black Spirit Mode cannot be performed if there is a Boss Rush in progress.

※ You can perform Auto-Rush faster when you use Combat Plus.


■ All Boss Rushes 

The number of times Boss Rush is performed will be based on the number of Boss Rush Passes you have for the selected boss when you press Auto-Rush.

Based on the completed difficulties of a Boss Rush, Auto-Rush will be set to the recommended difficulty and the max multiplier.

※ Black Spirit level must be 110 or higher in order for you to defeat all bosses.
The maximum entry multiplier that can be set for each knowledge level in Hadum Boss Rush is listed below.


■ Ending Auto-Rush

The Auto-Rush will stop when there are no more Boss Rush Passes or after 3 hours pass. With Black Spirit Plus, it will stop after 6 hours.

※ The Boss Rush on Black Spirit Mode will come to a stop if you don’t have enough Boss Rush Passes. We recommend that you have enough Boss Rush Passes to make the most out of this feature within Black Spirit Mode.



ㆍ When tapping "Normal," you can proceed with Boss Rushes with the character you're currently logged in with.
ㆍ When tapping "Character Dispatch," you can proceed with Boss Rushes after selecting another character within the Family.
- Another character will progress through the Boss Rushes for Boss Rush Dispatch.
ㆍ You can continue your adventure with the character you're currently logged in with while Character Dispatch is in progress.
ㆍ It will continue until all entries are spent.
ㆍ You cannot proceed with Boss Rush Dispatch with a character that needs to register a level up.
ㆍ Normal Boss Rush will not be available for the current character while Character Dispatch is in progress.
ㆍ You'll obtain the same rewards and Knowledge EXP from "Normal" Boss Rush and Character Dispatch.
ㆍ Completion rewards are obtained by the current character for Character Dispatch while the Character EXP is obtained the dispatched character.

- You can proceed with Character Dispatch with a single character at a time.
ㆍ Dispatch is only available for Boss Rushes completed up to the max level.
ㆍ You can dispatch a character for Boss Rushes only if the character meets the CP requirement for the highest difficulty level.
ㆍ Dispatch will take up to 4 hours, and you'll get rewards for Boss Rushes completed within the time.
- Dispatch is also available for Special Boss Rush, and the multiplier will increase by 10 when Combat Plus is applied.

- Merged Elion/Hadum Boss Rush into one mode.
ㆍ The content is accessible after completing Balenos - Defeat Red Nose.
- Simplified the difficulty levels for each boss from 99 levels to 10.
ㆍ As the difficulty level increases, Knowledge EXP and rewards will increase.


- Revamped the rewards for clearing difficulties due to the simplification of levels.
ㆍ After the update maintenance, you can obtain rewards when you clear the difficulty.
ㆍ The existing Difficulty Clear Rewards that were not collected before the update maintenance have been sent to your mailbox.
- When you complete the Boss Rush of each boss 10 times, you will obtain the title "[Boss] Judge/Punisher."
ㆍ All titles obtained from clearing the boss difficulty before the revamp will be deleted.
ㆍ Due to the above changes, the effects applied according to the number of titles owned may change.

- You need entries to enter the Boss Rush.
- Each Boss Rush entry has a cost of 100 Boss Stamps and 1 Shadow Knot.
ㆍ Shadow Knots can be obtained by defeating monsters in Hadum's Realm, and before entering Hadum, they can be obtained as a quest completion reward.

- Revamped the rewards obtained upon completing Boss Rushes.
ㆍ Increased the quantity of Ancient Gold Coins and Inscribed Glyphs obtained.
ㆍ Removed Lightstone Fragments and the Eternal Helmet from the rewards list.
ㆍ Added Obsidian Crystal, Abyssal Crystal, and Ancient Inscribed Glyphs to the rewards list.
ㆍ Obsidian Crystal can be used as a material for crafting Chaos Crystals and can be registered on the Market.

- The Family Name will no longer be displayed for the Highest Difficulty Cleared.
ㆍ Adventurers who had conquered the highest difficulty before the revamp have been awarded the "Conqueror" title.
ㆍ Even if you have conquered more than one type of boss, only one "Conqueror" title will be awarded.
- The Season Pass quest "Clear Difficulty 99 of a Specific Boss Rush" will be changed to "Complete Boss Rush of a Specific Boss 3 Times."
- Changed the story progress requirement for "Hadum: Uneasy Peace" to completing the Family Quest, "Necessary Supplies."
- Changed "Hadum Boss Rush" to "Boss Rush" for the "Boss Rush" in "Path to Power: Enhancement."
- The "Boss Rush: Character Dispatch" that was in progress before the maintenance has been canceled, and the resources used for it has been sent in a Reward Chest.

- You can proceed with Black Spirit Mode by using Boss Rush entries.
ㆍ It proceeds at a difficulty level that matches your current CP, not based on the completed difficulty level.

- As was mentioned previously, actions have been taken regarding the Boss Stamps, Shadow Knots, and other resources you owned before the update.



- Added Chaotic Crystals and Refined Chaotic Crystals.
ㆍ You can select the desired branch when crafting.

Item Crafting Materials
Chaotic Crystal Obsidian Crystal x1
Faded Chaotic Crystal x1
Chaos Core x20
Primal Crystal Fluid x1
Refined Chaotic Crystal Obsidian Crystal x1 
Faded Refined Chaotic Crystal x1 
Chaos Core x20 
Primal Crystal Fluid x1

- Chaotic Crystals can be equipped on gear, while Refined Chaotic Crystals can be equipped on accessories.

- The stats for each item are as follows, and the values and types of stats are determined according to the specified rate at the time of crafting.

Item Stats
Chaotic Crystal AP: 36 - 47
DP: 36 - 47
Crafted Crystal Branch Damage +7%
Black Spirit Skill Damage +1.2% or PvP Damage Reduction +0.6% 
Refined Chaotic Crystal AP: 22 - 30
DP: 22 - 30
Crafted Crystal Max Branch Damage +1.2%

- The Primal Crystal Fluid can be crafted using either "Dimensional Crystal" or "Ah'krad Crystal" x3.

- "Faded Chaotic Crystal" and "Faded Refined Chaotic Crystal" can be purchased from the NPC Gervaise in each town using Dark Coins.