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[Black Desert Mobile Guide]


In the world of Black Desert Mobile, you can obtain a variety of knowledge that are separated into different categories. By collecting knowledge, 

The more knowledge you collect, the more benefits and rewards will be given to help your journey.




Knowledge hidden all over the world in Black Desert Mobile can be obtained by completing specific tasks and meeting certain conditions. As you obtain knowledge, various benefits will be given to you and the maximum stamina will be increased.

If you obtain the Mathias Knowledge from Velia, Worker’s Workforce increases by 1.

Depending on what you obtain, the benefits you can reap are endless.


① Knowledge is divided into 5 parts. 

Each time you obtain knowledge, not only can your character grow, but also the abilities that help your workers gather faster can increase.


② More detailed information can be found along with a list of knowledge based on its subject If you click `Learn More. You can also get hint for any unobtained knowledge by clicking  [Tip].