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Guild Rush: Elite Boss


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Guild Rush: Elite Boss

Once you and your guild members complete the regular Guild Rush, you will gain [Social Token] that you can use to take on Guild Rush: Elite Boss. Team up with your guild members to take on the Elite Boss! 


Table of Contents

  1. Social Token
  2. How to Participate
  3. Elite Boss


1. Social Token

500 social token is required to take on a Guild Rush: Elite Boss once a day.


Once you complete a [low-high] level Guild Boss mission, you will receive 5 [certificates of cooperation], plus an additional one for every guild member that participated. 


5 Social token can be acquired by completing the Guild Rush regardless of its difficulty.

Additional tokens will also be available to acquire by number of participated guild members.


Participated Guild Members

Total Reward


35 Social Token

5 Social Token (Completion) + 30 Guild Members (Participation)


Social token can be stored up to 2,000. You can still participate Guild Rush, but no additional social token will be acquired. 


2. How to Participate 

Guild Master or Guild Officer can switch the mode between Guild Rush and Guild Rush: Elite. The rest assured that are the same as the Guild Rush.

3. Elite Bosses

To take on Elite Guild Bosses, you will need to prepare adequately! Here are a few tips:


1) You won’t be able to attack a Berserk Ferrid.

2) Attack the 6 waterway switches to open the gate.

3) You can continue to attack Ferrid once all the waterways are opened.

4) You can ride on elephant to attack Ferrid effectively.


Successful missions will result in chances for accessories and high grade equipment drops!