Adventurer's Guide



What is Awakening/Ascensioning? 

- All of the classes can be either Awakened or Ascensioned (Update period may differ by classes).
- Awakened and Ascensioned classes use different weapons and each class performs unique combat actions.
※ Some classes are unavailable to be Awakened or Ascensioned. 


Awakened Class (Main Weapon/Sub-Weapon) 

Ascensioned Class (Main Weapon/Sub-Weapon) 

Berserker (Greatsword/Seal) 

Gladiator (Longsword / Shield)

Windbreaker (Kamasylven Sword/Feather) 

Huntress (Longbow / Dagger)

Invoker (Aad Sphera/Magic Tome) 

Archmage (Staff / Dagger)

Destroyer (Iron Buster/Cannonballs) 

Titan (Axe / Ornamental Knot)

Lancer (Lancia/Armband) 

Paladin (Longsword / Shield)

Reaper (Scythe/Soul Orb) 

Raven (Amulet / Talisman)

Phantasma (Vediant/Magic Blade) 

Void Knight (Amulet / Ornamental Knot)

Spritiwalker (Celestial Bo Staff / Sachet)

Lupa (Shortsword / Trinket)

Primrose (Kerispear / Banner)

Lotus (Blade / Horn Bow)

Warlord (Crescent Blade / Banner)

Blade Master (Blade / Horn Bow)


Grand Master (Gauntlet/Vambrace)


Hasashin (Shamshir / Haladie)


Nova (Morning Star / Quoratum)

Fletcher (Greatbow / Divine Piercer)

Archer (Crossbow / Ra'ghon)


Shai (Florang / Vitclari)


Kunoichi (Shortsword / Kunai)

Sura (Katanas / Sheaths)



Ascension/ Awakening Class Skills can be obtained after reaching certain levels. Ascensioned and Awakened classes have their own unique skill sets.