Adventurer's Guide

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■ What is Ascension?

After reaching level 60 and receiving the pass for Southwest Calpheon, Ascension will become available. The Ascension questline can be found in the Story tab. Ascension will be granted upon completing the questline. Classes will use the same weapons after Ascension, as well as stronger versions of their original skills.



Base Class (Main Weapon / Sub-Weapon)

Ascension Class (Main Weapon / Sub-Weapon)

Warrior (Longsword / Shield)

Gladiator (Longsword / Shield)

Ranger (Longbow / Dagger)

Huntress (Longbow / Dagger)

Witch (Staff / Dagger)

Archmage (Staff / Dagger)

Giant (Axe / Ornamental Knot)

Titan (Axe / Ornamental Knot)

Valkyrie (Longsword / Shield)

Paladin (Longsword / Shield)

Sorceress (Amulet / Talisman)

Raven (Amulet / Talisman)

■ Ascension Class Weapons

Classes will use the same weapons as their base class after Ascension.

■ Ascension Class Skills

- After Ascension, not all of the skills from the original class will be transferred to the Ascension class, though these skills will be more powerful than ever before.

- In addition to these skills, there will be five new Ascension skills. These skills need to be unlocked through skill quests.

- An additional skill will also become available after reaching level 70.

- Ascension Skillbooks have a rare chance of being acquired from the following regions: 

Omar Lava Cave (nightmare), Soldiers’ Grave, Soldiers’ Grave Depths, Hasrah Ancient Ruins, and Cron Castle Underwater Cave.



■ Ascension Skill Training

- After Ascension, the original Skillbooks will be used in Skill Training, though they will now increase AP, DP, and HP.