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Mountain of Eternal Winter

The Mountain of Eternal Winter, also known as Everfrost, is located beyond Drieghan and always covered in white snow.


There are few who could hope to conquer the mysterious Mountain of Eternal Winter because of the incessant blizzards. Also on this land are the Okjinsini, bloomed from the tears of the Golden Dragon Labreska, and the legend that the warrior who overcomes the Trials of the Six Witches shall stand alone on the icy peak.


You embark on a whole new adventure to climb up the Mountain of Eternal Winter in search of the Holy Flame Ynix, also referred to as Labreska's treasure, as you encounter the villagers of Everfrost and new enemies to fight.


We are also planning an update that'll provide a more meaningful adventure experience by improving co-op content.

- Snow-chilled winds constantly blow in the Mountain of Eternal Winter, occasionally accompanied by blizzards, due to the region's climate, distinct from that of other regions.
- You must complete the quest "Ynix, the Holy Flame" from the Story - "The Mountain of Eternal Winter" to enter "Everfrost."
ㆍ Complete the Family Quest - "[Family] Register Family Name" to unlock the Story.
ㆍ Even new Adventurers can complete Family Quest - "[Family] Register Family Name" and unlock the Story - "The Mountain of Eternal Winter."
ㆍ There are five "Everfrost" Stories in total, and there is no CP requirement to access each of the Stories.
ㆍ New Adventurers can progress rapidly by completing all five "Everfrost" Stories, then push through the Main Quests quickly.
- 100%/200%/300% Hot Time item effects are not applied in Everfrost.
ㆍ [Flute of Unity] and [French Toast] buffs will be applied.
- You can find "Broken Winter Altars" in Everfrost.
ㆍYou can step on a "Broken Winter Altar" to activate it, and fast travel between altars that have been activated.
- You can ride horses in Everfrost.

- Citron Tea is essential in fending off the cold in Everfrost.
ㆍ Each Citron Tea grants you the "Warm Citron Tea" buff for 20 minutes, and as long as the buff is being applied, you can continue your adventure in Everfrost.
ㆍ [Citron Tea] expires within 24 hours upon obtaining it, and once it expires, you can sell it to vendors.
ㆍ Holy Vial of Light is not spent in Everfrost.
- If you enter Sleep Mode after the character doesn't do anything in a zone where Citron Tea is active, you'll automatically be moved to a safe town in Everfrost.
ㆍ The above feature will not be activated if Sleep Mode is off in settings.

Under persistently harsh conditions in extremely cold weather, Everfrost monsters have adapted to survive with their high HP and AP. They can also detect targets at a wide range, which means you may find yourself in a risky situation with the lack of HP potions or HP recovery effects.


With the high level of difficulty, you can also loot high tier items.


A unique aspect of Everfrost is that there are common base rewards lootable from monster zones ranging from 39,000 to 60,000 CP while there also are rewards specific for each monster zone.


[Voidsent Eye], a key material for crafting Eternal Accessories, can be looted across all monster zones of this new region, but you can also obtain loot specific to each monster type.


For example, you can loot a variety of different items from different monsters such as [Tangled Time] from Everfrost Bashims, [Eternal Bracelet] from the Okjinsini, [Supreme EXP Scroll] from the Winter Forest Ronaros, and Unknown Memory (Earrings) from Ice Trolls, and more.


Adventurers can obtain a much wider variety of rewards in Everfrost the more they progress!

- Monsters in Everfrost range from 39,000 to 60,000 CP.
ㆍ You can encounter various monsters in Everfrost, and your Knowledge level does not increase from defeating them.

- Some of the first zones you'll come across in Everfrost are Maslan's Citron Orchard, then Namar Basin, and Witchak Ruins.
- Monsters in the above zones range from 39,000 to 45,000 CP and include Snowfield Terrudas, Snowfield Ohonseys, Erekhantus, and Namar Golems.

- Eilton, Charbonneau Villa, Tripath Junction, Erethea's Belt, and other zones are located in the eastern part of the region.
- Monsters in the above zones range from 45,000 to 52,000 CP and include Winter Forest Ronaros, Kanditus, and Breukia.

- Snowstorm Guard Post, Jade Starlight Forest, Tori Woods, and Black Lake Encampment are located in the southern part of the region.
- Monsters in the above zones range from 52,000 to 56,000 CP and include Ice Trolls, the Okjinsini, and Winter Forest Ronaros.

- Erebjork's Realm, Shrine of Silent Prayers, Sherekhan Iron Mine, and other zones are located in the western part of the region.
- Frost Giants, Winter Cyclops, Murraskas, and other monsters appear in the above zones.

Erebjork, the Dreadwinter Guardian

- The Dreadwinter Guardian Erebjork, the powerful boss deep within the Mountain of Eternal Winter, spawns in Erebjork's Realm.

ㆍ You can summon Erebjork by using [Dreadwinter Heart] that can be looted from defeating monsters in Everfrost.

ㆍ You can summon Erebjork the Dreadwinter Guardian using [Dreadwinter Heart] and then interacting with the [Heart-melting Flame] in Erebjork's Realm.
ㆍOnly the top 30 participants can obtain rewards from "Erebjork, the Dreadwinter Guardian," and the user of [Dreadwinter Heart] can obtain additional rewards.
ㆍ The Knowledge level does not increase from defeating "Erebjork, the Dreadwinter Guardian."

- The summoner is guaranteed [Winter Dream Fragment] x1 upon defeating Erebjork, and other participants may receive Winter Dream Fragments, Shattered Earrings of Rancor, [Abyssal] Condensed Dark Energy Chests, Crimson Crowns, Chaos Crystals, and more, based on their inflicted damage ranks.
ㆍ [Shattered Earrings of Rancor] is used as crafting material for [Earrings of Frozen Rancor].
- You can acquire the title "Dreadwinter Guardian" if you deal the final blow and defeat Erebjork.


- You can craft the "Nouverikant Outfit" with [Winter Dream Fragment] x10, [Belucci Ruby] x3, [Premium Hardened Leather] x50, and [Artisan's Skein] x300.
- You can toggle the visibility of the cloak on/off for the Nouverikant Outfit.
- You can acquire the title "Dragon Descendant" by crafting the Nouverikant Outfit.


[Image of the Outfit Equipped]





- A "Mercenary Mission Board" from which you can accept [Mercenary Recruit] Missions is set up in Everfrost.
ㆍ You can accept [Mercenary Recruit] Missions after completing the Story - "Drieghan, the Land of Dragons."

ㆍ Complete the "Broken Winter Altar" quest and reach 39,000 CP to access the Mercenary Mission Board. (Updated on July 10th)
ㆍ You can complete up to 3 Mercenary Missions per week, and refresh once per day.



- In Everfrost, there is an ice fishing spot where Citron Tea is not consumed.
ㆍ You can catch the new [Crystal Smelt] from ice fishing.
- The character automatically creates a hole for ice fishing when on top of the ice.

Ice Fishing Available Towns
Camp Jargal
Snowstorm Guard Post
Sherekhan Iron Mine