Adventurer's Guide



[Black Desert Mobile Guide]

01. Equip Crystals
02. Remove Crystals
03. Fuse
04. Dimensional Crystal
05. Chaos Crystal


Crystal can be obtained from loot, crafting or crystal vendor in the village.

Equip the crystal to gear and get additional effect or fuse them for more valuable crystal.



Select gear and select the crystal you want to equip. A certain amount of Silver will be spent.

The cost will vary depending its grade.



Crystals can only be deleted or extracted by spending Pearl.

Extraction fee will vary depending its grade.

※Deleted crystals will not be restored.


Fuse 3 crystals of the same grade to obtain a new crystal.

You can obtain a higher grade of crystal at very low chance.

You need silver to fuse.

Lightstone effect - Increase high grade crystal gain rate from the fusion


- Dimensional Crystals can contain power for the Aal, Labreve, Serrett, and Ahib branches.
- Dimensional Crystal extraction is only possible for gear lower than Primal grade, and cannot be done otherwise.
- Added a separate category on the craft menu for crafting Dimensional Crystals.
- You can craft Dimensional Crystals in the Alchemy Lab or Craft menu, under the Crystal category.
- Obtain Dimensional Fragments from feeding Abyssal-grade items to the Black Spirit and from Field of Valor.
※ Dimensional Fragments cannot be obtained by feeding the Delphad Main Weapon and Sub-Weapon event rewards to the Black Spirit.
- Use Dark Coins to purchase Empty Crystals from Gervaise's Shop.


Dimensional Crystal craft material



Where to Obtain


Dimensional Fragment x25

This fragment can be obtained by feeding Abyssal-grade Gear ot higher to the Black Sprit or Purchasing Dark Coin freom Gervaise.



Empty Cristal x1 

Use Dark Coins to purchase it from Gervaise.


Cron Stone x 1,000 

Purchase it from Pearl Shop or obtain it through Basis Craft from Lv 3 or above Alchemy Lab.


Abyssal Crystal Fluid x1 

Craft this with 15 Abyssal Magic Crystals from the Craft Material tab.


1,000,000 Silver 

It can be acquired by selling Loot Chest to village stores, completing requests and events, and Market Sale.

Dimensional Crystal cannot be extracted if they are mounted on equipment of an ancient grade or higher.

Modifications to deleted Dimensional Crystal are not recovered.

- Added Chaotic Crystals and Refined Chaotic Crystals.
ㆍ You can select the desired branch when crafting.

Item Crafting Materials
Chaotic Crystal Obsidian Crystal x1
Faded Chaotic Crystal x1
Chaos Core x20
Primal Crystal Fluid x1
Refined Chaotic Crystal Obsidian Crystal x1 
Faded Refined Chaotic Crystal x1 
Chaos Core x20 
Primal Crystal Fluid x1

- Chaotic Crystals can be equipped on gear, while Refined Chaotic Crystals can be equipped on accessories.

- The stats for each item are as follows, and the values and types of stats are determined according to the specified rate at the time of crafting.

Item Stats
Chaotic Crystal AP: 36 - 47
DP: 36 - 47
Crafted Crystal Branch Damage +7%
Black Spirit Skill Damage +1.2% or PvP Damage Reduction +0.6% 
Refined Chaotic Crystal AP: 22 - 30
DP: 22 - 30
Crafted Crystal Max Branch Damage +1.2%

- The Primal Crystal Fluid can be crafted using either "Dimensional Crystal" or "Ah'krad Crystal" x3.

- "Faded Chaotic Crystal" and "Faded Refined Chaotic Crystal" can be purchased from the NPC Gervaise in each town using Dark Coins.